dayaw1vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enpurihinTo praise or think highly of a person; to praise or glorify God.Ang taw ang asia agdayawen ta mga taw tenged mo-yang ogali na.That person is praised by people because he has a good character.Angay dinayaw mo tang ana mo ang masinlo tang project na oman belag ta tanandia tang nagboat?Why did you praise your child saying that his project was nice when he was not the one who made it?Kaministiran pirming dayawen ta tang Dios.We need to glorify God always.2adjdalayawenPraiseworthy, as of actions, people, or God.Ang tanan ang kao-yan pagaling ong kaliwagan ig dalayawen ang Dios!All goodness comes from the high and praiseworthy God!ov syngalang 1padengeganunspec. var. ofdengeg

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