tontōn1viActor: mā-nagkataonUnintentionally; coincidental; to occur by chance; "it so happened".Nātōn ang don ami ong balay nira pagsoay tanirang magkatawa.It so happened we were there at their house when the married couple were fighting.Asing pagpaning ni Ana tarin nātōn ang kakaldawano.When Ana came here it happened to be my birthday.rel wdinabotsamba 12vtUndergoer: -onTo schedule, arrange, or plan to arrive or do something at a certain time; to set a time for something.Paningo atan ong nindio, tōnono lamang mga maolik amo ra.I'll go to your house, I'll just plan it for when you are about to go home.Indi itōn ta tang kasal ong kasagsagan tang pista.Let's not set the time for the wedding during the busiest time of the fiesta.Napaningo ong kombida, tinōno lamang ang paranamal da.I went to the banquet, I planned it for when they were about to eat.rel wdenged2 1plano 1sadia 1tirmino 13vActor/Undergoer: ma- Goal: ma--anTo happen to come across something or someone; to find a person in a good or bad mood; to be lucky or unlucky; to become sick due to bad luck, bathing at a wrong time, etc.Mga matōnan mong mo-ya tang kinaisipan na, sia mapa-dola ta kamosi.If you happen to find him in a good frame of mind, then you'll be able to ask for some cassava and be given it.Balampang palbetena ka nandia ta bilog mga matōna. Piro mga india matōn, india malbet.Hopefully he'll loan you the boat if you are lucky (i.e. to find him in a good mood). But if you aren't lucky, then you won't be able to borrow it.Natōnan nang may sapat sigoro don, animan sina-bolan.It was her bad luck that there was perhaps an evil spirit there, and that's how she was cursed with an itchy skin rash.Balampang matōnan ming alian ang wi anday bato na.I hope you are lucky in that where you dig for water there won't be any rocks there.Matōn ang kabotona ta masit mo ong teled ta pitong takon, india mago-ya asta mapataya ra lamang.If you happen to have your disease for seven years, you won't get well, you will just die.Natōnan tang sinangoni mo ong pagpandigo mo ang anday sayod ang oras.Your body happened to get sick because of bathing at a bad time.Indi natōn ong mo-yang kaldaw, animan indi na-led.It didn't happen to be a good day for her, so she didn't come to work.4advkatōntōnIn the mood.Katōntōn lamang tang nandiang paragobraen.He just works when he is in the mood. rel wdsoirti 1

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