boat1ngawaA deed; something done; good works.Anda ray sayod siang boat mo, anday galang mo.That thing you did was not nice at all, you have no respect.Ang mo-yang mga boat ta, balten ka tang Dios.Our good deeds will be repaid by God.Gamiten mi tang mga abilidad mi ong tanan ang mo-yang boroaten. Use your abilities for all good works. 2vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -en, ipa- Beneficiary: -anTo do something; to make, create, build, construct something; to ask or have someone else do or make something; to make something for someone.Onopay agboaten mi ong balay mi mga bengbeng?What do you do at home when the weather is too bad to go out?Mandian ang Mayo magpaboato ta ba-long lamisan ig mga kalarongan na.This May I will have a table and chairs made.Nataposo tang tanan ang pinaboat na ong yen.I finished everything that he had me do.Mga indi tanandia mamasi, anda ray maboat ta.If he won't listen, there's nothing more we can do.Boatano ni Tatay ta posil-posil.Father will make me a toy gun.Ang palangogatan kaministiran boatan ta lawagan.The area for washing dishes needs to have a bamboo drainpipe made for it. 3vtUndergoer: -enTo make something out of something else; to use something to make, build something; to appoint a person to a position; to make a person into something, i.e. the one in charge, a joke, etc.Ang mga ayong nani boatenong katri.I'll use this wood to make a bed.Midio agboateno nindiong torobolon mi!It's as if you are making me into your servant!Ong dipot ang timpo, bindoat tanandiang ingkardo ong lantsa, tenged pagmasit tang kapitan nira.For a short period of time, he was made the one in charge of the fishing boat, becasue their captain was sick.4adjboat ongFor an item to be made of something, some sort of material.Ang sambalilō, boat ong bori.My hat is made of woven bori leaves.5adjboat ong nmanigboat1der.nSi Tay Juan maosay ang manigboat ta loatan.Uncle Juan is a skilled maker of coconut-wine containers.

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