taw1<Not Sure>1.1nPerson; people; man; human, human being; mankind.Gailala mo tang taw ang asing kakarong ong baybay?Do you know that person sitting there on the beach?Nongapon may taw ang nana-loy tarin ang ganing pagdilem ono ong nio.Yesterday someone (lit. a person) came by here and said he was looking for you.Anday taw ang naita ong Dios.No one (lit. no person) has ever seen God.Dorong taw ang namansitelek ong programa ong plasa talabi.There were many people watching the program in the plaza last night.1.2nOne person.Bindoat tang Dios tang tanga tawan, ang yay ang pinagalinan tang tanan ang mga irinsia ta taw.God made one person, and that one become the origin of all races of people.1.3pl. nThe people under one's management or care; one's employees, workers; crew on a boat; supporters, people who belong to a political party; one's followers, disciples.Pira pay tawan tang pambot tang monisipio?How many are the crew members of the pumpboat of the municipality?1.4adjNo inhabitants; no one whatsoever (lit. no people).1.5nOne's fellowman.India magakig ong masig ka taw mo.Don't treat your fellowman cruelly.1.6nPersonhood; one's dignity, honor.India ra kay maginem para indi malangga tang pagkataw mo.Don't drink anymore so that your personhood won't be ruined.2n2.1viTo be born (lit. to become a person).Nataw tanandia asi pang timpo gira.He was born back during the war.antpinangana2.2n., adjA birth defect; "inborn", meaning to be born that way.Boray tanandia, sia kinataw na.He is blind, he was born that way. 3n., adj3.1viTo live independently; to take care of oneself without depending on one's parents or others.Ang ba-long magkatawa ay pagimpisa ra kang pagpataw-taw ong sadili nira.The new couple have begun now to live independently on their own.4vi4.1nThe inhabitant (an animal, bird, snail, etc.) of a place.Naitao ta mabael ang pakinaten piro anda ray taw na.I found a large shell but it no longer had an inhabitant. 5n5.1A figure carved or made into the image of a human; a figurine; something that resembles a person.Monopa bato bintang tang taw-taw ong teled tang botilia?How do you suppose the little wooden figure was put inside the bottle?Magāng taw-taw tang posporo.A matchstick resembles a little person.

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