pikavtActor: mag- Reduplication: mag--an Undergoer: -anTo "go after" something, for example to really beat up another person in a fight; to do something relentlessly; to work hard and fast, to "jump right into" a task; to really "dig into" one's food; to overdo something.Nagpikan tang doroang mamola nongayna tenged ong tobol-tobol tang mga soltiros.Earlier those two boys really went after each other at the urging of the teenage boys.Pinikano tanandia ong tōto na animan natomba, lipeng.I hit him hard on the forehead, so then he fell over, and lost consciousness.Sigoro pinikan mo ra tang pangan tang ginatan ang sikad-sikad, animan nagsit da tang sian mo.Maybe you really dug into eating the shells cooked in coconut milk and that's why you got a stomachache.Maski soko ra tang tambilog ang mano sigi pang pika tang alat tang kabatok na.Even though one of the roosters had already surrendered, his opponent continued to peck him relentlessly. Pinika-pikanong lagi tang galo tang siminto, indi lamang naboay tapos ang lagi tang posti.I immediately jumped into mixing the cement and it wasn't long and the cement post was finished.ov synpaleg 1todo-todo

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