tambek1ntabaFat.ov synlirek 12adjmatambekmalusogFatty, as of a cut of meat; to be fat and/or healthy (people, animals, plants).Matambek tang mga sagod nirang baboy tenged matakab ang mamangan.The pigs they take care of are fat because they eat a lot.Matambek pa tang tanek ang asia, animan ang mga iloloak atan poros ka matatambek. That soil is still good (lit. fat), therefore the plants there are all very big and healthy (lit. fat).3viActor: maN-To become fat or healthy; to gain weight.Madaling manambek tang baka na komo pirming agbadbadan.Her cow will quickly become fat because it is always taken out to graze.4vtUndergoer: pa--enTo fatten up an animal.Patambekeno pa tang baboyo ba-lo ipabakalo.I'll fatten up my pig some more before I sell it.antmaniwangniwang 1tomalambekder.n

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