tegat1adjmategatmatigasHard (food, wood); tough (food, meat); matured, aged (wood, fruit).Ang bayabas ang ilaw ay mategat ang panganen.The unripe guava are hard when eaten.antlastek 2lebed 2.1lemek 2malemekov synma-ten 12stattegat daHard; matured, fully developed (as of fruit, etc. or a person's mental and emotional development).Indi ra pioding lagaen tang kamait ang sindol mo, tegat da. I can't boil corn you gave me, it's already hard. Ang papa ta nioy ang adilien dapat tegat da. A coconut tree that will be used for a house post should be mature. Tegat da tang isip na.His thinking is mature.antilaw1 1lastek 1lebed 1ov syndeten 1ka-laglotok 1maslit3viActor/Undergoer: tengat, siminggatFor something to become hard, tough, or frozen.Siminggat da tang siakoy tenged naboay dang nalotok.The donuts have become tough because it's already been awhile since they were cooked.mategat tang popotokon3id.adjantmalemek tang popotokon1masine-bekanen1tegat tang kolo1id.adj

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