Agutaynen - English


siakoynA native pastry like donuts, twisted into the shape of a figure eight. (This is a Visayan word. The Agutaynen word is lobid-lobid.)Masabor ang panganen tang siakoy mga makinit-kinit pa.Siakoy donuts are good to eat when they are still warm.antlobid-lobid 1lobid-lobid 2
siam1card. numsiyamNine.2ord. numyasiamNinth.3dist. numtagsisiamNine each.kaboton ta siam-siamid.exprKalobay mo kang panaw, kabotan ita na ta siam-siam. Your walking is so extremely slow, it will take us forever (lit. will reach ninety-nine).
siam ang polokcard. numNinety.
sianntiyanStomach; abdomen.Mga pamangan ita ta kamait ang ma-ten, sia pagpasit tang sian ta.When we eat hard ears of corn, that causes our stomachs to hurt.The sian is the abdominal area in general, referring to the stomach and intestines. The stomach itself is the balangan.rel wdbalanganpo-kon 1torok-torokanmasianender.adjAng baboy ang agsagodon amen belag ta masianen. The pig we are raising doesn't have a large stomach.
siaw1adjmasiaw, kasiawFor a person to regain color in their face after being sick; for an item of clothing to become bright once again after being laundered.Masiaw-siaw dang pa-dekan tang emet mo tenged pago-yao-yā ra.It looks like your face has regained its color now that you're a little bit better.rel wdlespad 12vtUndergoer: pa--onTo brighten, whiten a white item of clothing by washing it well.Pasiawon mo tang panalpo mo tenged ang T-shirt ang asia gamiteno ang magparada ong Palarong Bayan.Brighten your washing because I'll use that T-shirt for parading in the District Sports Meet.rel wdkola2
siayvtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enhingutoTo look for lice by parting the hair; to push, brush things aside to look for a lost object.Siayen mo kay tang kolō, sigoro doro rang oto.Please look for lice on my head, maybe I have many lice.Siayen mo kay tang koartao ang nabo-log tani ong kenay.Please look for my money that dropped here in the sand by lightly brushing away the sand.Agsiayen amen tang mga alibotod ta kasoy ong sirong tang papa na.We are brushing aside leaves looking for cashew nuts underneath the tree.ov syninitsirakrel wdoto 1
sibadanBarley plants or grain.
siba-lantipaklongLarge grasshopper or locust.rel wdalasoysoy
sibat1<Not Sure>1.1vtTo stab, cut, or slash with a machete.Sibatana yen mga india pa magalin atan.I'll slash you with a machete if you won't go away from there.Sinopay nanibat ong taw ang asia?Who stabbed that person with a machete? 2vt2.1To pound on the back repeatedly with the edge of the hands to relieve tired muscles or pain or to bring up phlegm.Sibat-sibatan mo kay tang boko-bokō tenged masit.Please pound my back with the edge of your hands because it hurts.
sibinkantilEdge of the reef, made of dead coral and large black rocks. (This is where octopus, cuttlefish, large crabs, and squid live.)Mga pela maingal tang talsi tenged ang langeb lalampa ong sibi. At low tide the ocean is loud because the waves lap against the edge of the reef.Don ami nākomit ta olita ong sibi. We caught an octopus there at the edge of the reef.
sibiknA type of large, reddish, wide-bodied fish, smaller than the talisiten fish. (They are caught out in deep water with large hooks and lines.)
sibonFull moon.antbilog3 1bilog3 2.2rel wdbolan1
si-bo si-boviActor: -om-For a person to gasp for air, as of a drowning person or someone who is about to die; for the soul of a dead person to flicker on and off, or flame up and down, in a coconut palm grove or out at sea.Mo-ya inita amen tang molang galmet, sisi-bo si-bo ra lamang.It's a good thing we saw the child drowning, he was already gasping for air. Si Lolo grabi ra, sisi-bo si-bo ra lamang.Grandfather is very serious, he is already gasping his last breath.Inita amen tang pagdingkal, pisan ang sisi-bo si-bo don ong kanioyan.We saw the soul of a dead person flickering, it was really flaming up there in the coconut palm grove.rel wdpakamo-kamosantirmo
sibokawnA type of tree with red wood. (The wood can be used for carving homemade wooden goggles for spearfishing and handles for tools.)
sibolvi., vtUndergoer: ma-, -onbuhul-buholFor thread or line to become all tangled up.Ang agporononong ilo agbetangano ta kenay agod indi masibol. The thread I'm rolling up, I weigh down with sand so it won't get tangled up. Aroy, sia sinibol mo ra tang tamsi, indi ra sia maosay.Oh dear, you have tangled up the monofilament line, it will no longer come untangled.rel wdosay2
sidsīd1viUndergoer: ma- Goal: ma--ansimotFor something to be all gone, completely done away with, used up, or consumed; to be completely out of something so that not even a little drop or crumb is left.Taraban mo tang kambing ta mo-ya agod masīd tang tanan ang bolbol na.Singe the goat well so that entirely all of its hair will be completely gone.Nasīdan da ta wi tang banga ta.Our clay water jar is completely out of water.2vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enTo intentionally use something up; to "finish off"; to thoroughly clean up remaining pieces of something.Sīden mong panganen tang anen ong platon mo tenged anday manobli.Finish eating up all the rice on your plate because there is no one to inherit it.ov synlobot 1tepet 1todas 1sirīdender.nMay tera pa kang nabo-wan piro sirīden da lamang.There's still some viand left-over, but it's just a smidgen.
sidanSilk cloth.
si-dabviUndergoer: -om-, ma-For something to catch on fire.Ipalawid mo tang kingki ong kortina, itaben masi-dab. Move the small kerosene lamp away from the curtain, it might catch on fire. ov synsilab
si-dat1ntipdasMeasles.2vstatUndergoer: -enTo have measles.Dorong kinit na, tenged agsi-daten tanandia.He has a high fever, because he has measles. rel wdbolotong 1tolilem 1
sidolansedulaResident certificate.
sidsidan1nThe finished hem in a garment.Nabegtat da tang si-sidan tang lambongo.The hem of my skirt has come out.
sidsidan2der. ofsi-sidThe finished hem in a garment.