Agutaynen - English


sebek1<Not Sure>1.1vtTo crowd a person; to lean, push up against a person, not giving them any space; to corner an animal or a person.India kay pasebek tani ong yen tenged maringet.Please don't push up against me because it is hot.Sinebeko ra ka nio animan nasilago ka ong nio.You crowded me, that's why I got mad at you.Para madaling madep tang baka dapat sebeken mong lagi.In order to catch a cow you should first corner it.2vt2.1adjClose friends; to be closely related. (This includes first and second cousins.)Oman, nagtay da tanandia, aroman tang mga kaparintian na ig mga masesebek ang tangay na ang pinangimbitar na.And then he left by boat, together with his relatives and close friends whom he had invited.Si Jose masebek pa ong yamen, animan indi poiding magkatawan tang anao.Jose is closely related to us, therefore he and my daughter cannot marry.antmasiek
seka1vtUndergoer: -enTo presume upon a person; to unexpectedly show up at a person's house without prior notice; to expect someone to do a job for you on that very same day.Indi sekaen mo tang taw, dapat magpatakoa kang lagi ba-loa paning ong balay nira.You should not presume upon a person, you should first let them know before going to their house.Pasinsia may pagobrano mandian, monopa sinekao da ka nio.I'm sorry, I'm already doing work for someone, and you only now have asked me to do something for you.Gamiten da palá andamal tang agpabedbed mo? Angay seka ra ka inated mo?You mean to say the item you will have me sew, you will use it tomorrow? Why did you just bring it here today without prior notice?2adjkaseka-sekaVery busy, rushing, as having a lot of work to finish up quickly.Ang mga opisialis tang barangay dorog kaseka-seka mandian tenged alenget da tang pista.The barangay officials are very busy with a lot work to finish up because the fiesta is soon.
sekebvtActor: mag- Undergoer: -en Beneficiary: -anTo measure out an amount of something.Agsekebeno tang belat ba-lo magpaotang.I'm measuring out the rice before giving it on credit.Sekeban mo kay si Lola ta tang basong ipon.Please measure out one cup of shrimp paste for Grandma.rel wdgantang 1taket 1
semsem1vtActor: mag- Goal: -anTo eat something along with an alcoholic drink; figuratively, to talk about a person behind their back in a scornful way.Magsemsem ita ta karning kiro para manga-sik tang sinangoni ta.Let's eat dog meat along with an alcoholic drink so that our bodies will be vigorous.Sia ong irineman yo si agsemseman mi.There in the drinking place I was once again being talked about scornfully by you (literally, being eaten with an alcoholic drink).ov syndimatlibak2nsemsemanFood to eat along with alcoholic drinks.
senget-sengetviActor: -om-For a wound or tooth to throb with sharp, on and off, or shooting pain, often occurring with the production of pus.Aroy! Pisan ang sesenget-senget tang isio piro napopod da.Wow! My tooth really throbs with shooting pain even though it is all worn down flat.Sesenget-senget tang kakayong natenek ta bantol-bantol.My foot that was pierced by a bantol-bantol thorn is throbbing with sharp pain. ov synlantok1
sepsēpvi., vtActor: -om- Undergoer: -enFor a liquid to soak into something; for something to absorb a liquid.Aroy, ang gik tang mola siminēp da ong moala.Oh dear, the urine of the little child has soaked into the pillow.Bongoton ta ta silopayn tang karton agod maski malbay indi sēpen ta wi.Let's wrap the box with plastic so even if it will get wet it will not absorb water.Ang wi ong baso sinēp da tang bintangong ispongha.The water in the glass has already been absorbed by the sponge that I place there.rel wdde-dek3
sesevtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enTo forcibly pull back the foreskin on a penis.Galiag si Jose ang patori asing mola pa, animan rinegas nang sinese tang botok na tenged anday magtori ong nandia, oman gi-yak da ong kasit.Jose wanted to be circumcised when he was still young, that is why he forcibly pulled back the foreskin of his penis because there was no one to circumcise him, and then he cried because it hurt.Young boys will do this to make it appear as if they are already circumcised.antleslesov synpo-litrel wdsopot 1tori1 1
se-sebvar. ofsebsebviActor: ma-To fall flat on one's face.Doro kadasig tang sikad na, animan nasebseb tanandia.He ran so fast he fell flat on his face. ov synke-keb 1so-sod3
se-sek1adjsiksikCompact, without airspaces; stuffed in tightly.Bakitaen ta tang tambalang ta osto agod se-sek.Let's press the dried seaweed in tightly so that it will be compact. 2vtUndergoer: i-To stuff things tightly into all corners of a bag with one's hand; to make something very compact.Ise-sek mo kay ta osto tang mga lambong mo ong bag para magigo.Stuff your clothes tightly into the traveling bag so that they will all fit.rel wdbakita 1banet 1
se-sepvar. ofsepsepvtActor: mag- Undergoer: -ensipsipTo sip on a drink; to suck something out.Agse-sepeno tang Coke ang aggamitan tang istro.I am sipping the Coca-Cola soft drink using a straw.Masabor ang se-sepen tang bobo.It tastes good to suck the meat out of the small, cone-shaped bobo shells.ov synileppi-pit
Setyembreprop. nSetyembreSeptember.
shilsvar. ofshellssyilsEngnEmpty shells found on a beach, without any meat or hermit crabs in them; seashells.There is no Agutaynen word for seashells. Live shells (snails) with the animal still inside are called pakinaten or isian, although some people also refer to them as shils. Empty shells can be inhabited by hermit crabs, komang. The term shils is a recent borrowing from English due to contact with outsiders who want to buy large shells or decorations made out of small shells.rel wdisianpakinaten 1
si1sg. pers. mkrOccurs before proper names, or before certain kinship terms (topic).Si Maria, may enem dang ana na.As for Maria, she has six children.Goyan mo kay si Jose, asia ong loa.Please call Jose, he is there outside.Anda tarin si Nanay, panalpo ong lansangan.Mother isn't here, she's washing clothes in town.
si2advulitAgain; once again.Matapos ang iprosisyon ibalik si ka tang bolto ong simban.After taking it in the procession, the large statue will be taken back again to the church.Kokoran si, talabi kiminoran ka.It is raining again, it also rained last night.Aria si paning, yading obra ta ong balay.Where are you going off to once again, we have much work at home.rel wdmoman
si31<Not Sure>1.1dem. prnThat (over there).Onopa si? What is that? 2dem. prn2.1adv. locThere (far).Si ra tang motor ong laod.The boat is already out there beyond the reef.
si4var. ofta siadvThen; so then.Si, ganing manilaw ono tanira.Then , hey said they would go fishing.Ta si, mandian sinopay nabo-wan ong balay mi?So then, now who was left at your house?rel wdoman 1
sia1var. ofasia1adv. locThere (close).Sia ra tang motor.There's the boat already.
sia2dem. prnThat. (Refers to what was mentioned, or happened, previously.)Sia miris mo!That is what you deserve.Kapeleg mo, animan sia nabo-loga!You are so rambunctious, that's the reason you fell!Ya kay sia tang nalipat ang rilō nontokaw.That one is my watch which was lost in the past.rel wdasia2
sia3adv., conjThen; if so; like that. (This is used like a reason-result proposition and shows a dependent or consequential relationship.)Mangalapa kay ta nioy, sia solana ka yen.Kindly pick some coconuts, then I'll pay you.Indi olomon mo tang igad mo, sia magdogo si.Don't pick at your sore, if you do it will start bleeding again.
sia4nsilyaChair.antsilyaov synkalarongan2 1der. ofkarong