Agutaynen - English


sa-sakvar. ofsaksak1<Not Sure>1.1vtTo stab a person or animal with a knife; to knife a person.Ang baboy mga agpatayen agsa-saken ong may tetenlan na.When a pig is killed it is stabbed in the throat with a knife.Pagintirimis ka rin ang pagpayoyo tang ta-bat piro nadayonan ang nasa-sak. He was pretending to threaten his companion with a knife but then he proceeded to accidentally stab him.2vt2.1To plug a cord into an electrical outlet.Isa-sak mo ngani naning plantsan don ong saraksakan. Please plug this electric iron into the electrical outlet.
sa-sakan2var. ofsaraksakan2nElectrical outlet.
sastrinmananahiTailor; dressmaker.Ang tatayo sastri asta ang nanayo yaka.My father is a tailor and my mother is also a dressmaker.antmanigbedbed2ov synmodista
Satanas1<Not Sure>1.1prop. nSatan.2prop. n2.1nDemons, devils.
satsatvtActor: mag-tsismisTo be very talkative, usually spreading gossip.Ang taw ang naka pagsatsat lamang ong kamalay na, ong matod indi gatako tang papa na may ang kapotan tang istoria.That person is just spreading gossip to her neighbor when in fact, she does not know the beginning and the end of the story.ov syndiwal 1poak-poaktsismis 1satsatirader.n
satsatirader. ofsatsatA person who spreads gossip.
sawavstatUndergoer: -ensawaTo be tired or sick of something, e.g. eating the same food, doing the same activity all the time; to become bored with something.Agsawaeno ra ta golay, yara ka lamang ay pirming tera.I'm sick of vegetables, it is all we ever have for our viand.Agsawaeno ra tang bedbed, mabedlay.I'm tired of sewing, it's very tiring.Indi amo ra ka sinawa tang telek ta TV labi-labi.You haven't gotten tired of watching television every night.ov synsoramtaka 1
sawalinsawaliWoven, split-bamboo walling material. (It is made from bolok, a kind of small-diameter bamboo. The poles are split open, cleaned, and then flattened before being woven. This type of walling is thicker and stronger than amakan walling.)Pagta-tad tanandia ta bolok para boaten ang sawali. He is splitting the bolok bamboo in order to make sawali walling material.rel wdamakan
saway2vtActor: maN- Goal: -anpintasTo criticize a person; to speak disdainfully about someone; to find fault with things; to find, regard someone as being disgusting or repulsive; to be "turned off" by someone or something.Agsawayan nira tang molang lagem.They are speaking disdainfully about the child with dark skin.Ang kamalayo mareges ang manaway. Ganing maboling ono tang balay amen.My neighbor is fond of finding fault. She said our house is dirty.Angay kikiwia, agsawayano nio?Why are you screwing up your mouth, do you find me disgusting? ov syndispisiarlāway 1masinawayen2der.nsarawayen2der.nOng matod, may sarawayeno ka ong nindio ong pirapang bagay.In truth, I have some criticisms of you in a few matters.Mato-lid tang taw ang asi, andang pisan ay sarawayen ong nandia.That person is righteous, there is indeed nothing at all that he can be criticized for. sawayander.
sawsawvtActor: mag- Undergoer: i- Goal: -ansawsawTo dip food in a sauce, liquid, or salt when eating; to dip or rinse one's hands in a container of water.Masabor ang isawsaw tang paomangga ong kasin.It tastes good to dip a mango into salt.Indi ra kay sawsawan mo tang kalima mong maboling siang wi atan ong baldi.Please don't rinse your dirty hands in that water there in the bucket.antteltel1ov synte-me
sayvstatUndergoer: ma-kakaibaTo be unique; to be different, unusual in manner or appearance; distinctive, to "stand out".Ang tok na gasay ong tanan ang mga prinsisa.Of all the princesses, her outfit is unique. Gasay si Maria ong mga logod na tenged tanandia lagem.Maria stands out from her sisters because she alone has very dark skin.Yawa lamang tang nasay ang kerenget ong nindiong mamaglogod.You alone turned out to be distinctive among your siblings by having curly hair.anta-wayrel wdparti1
saya1nA type of long, traditional skirt often worn for cultural events.It differs from a traditional gimay or tube skirt in that its waist has a waistband or is gathered, whereas a gimay is folded over at the waist.2viActor: mag-To wear a long skirt.Kada pista tang San Juan, ang mga apostolada pamagsaya ang pamagsimba.Every fiesta of Saint John [the Baptist], the women of the Apostleship of Prayer wear long skirts when they attend mass.rel wdgimay 1palda2 1saya-saya 1
sayag1<Not Sure>1.1adjNice, clearing weather following bad weather, when the sun comes out again.Masayag da tang kaldaw, animan poidi ita rang magpakaldaw ta paray.The day is already clearing up, therefore we will be able to dry rice now.2adj2.1viFor a person's thinking to be cleared up, straightened out; for a story or gossip to be cleared up.Mo-ya! Nasayagan tang isip na tenged ong sirmon tang padi, animan nagba-lo ra tang ogali na.Good! His thinking was cleared up because of the priest's sermon, therefore he has changed his ways.
sayang1exprOh, too bad!; Oh, what a waste!Sayang, anday kalaomo ang pa-Cuyo tanira, tomabido rin.Oh, too bad, I didn't realize they were going to Cuyo, I would have gone along.2adjsayangWasted, wasteful.Sayang pa tang terang asi mabanglet da.That viand is wasted, it is already spoiled.ov synarangan 13viUndergoer: ma-For something to be wasted, go to waste.Indi loboton mong lotokon tang yan, itaben indi malobot oman masayang si ka lamang.Don't cook all the fish, it might not all be consumed and then it will just go to waste. 4vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enTo waste something.Sinayang mo ra tang oras mo. Nagpoyata!You wasted your time. You slept!
saya-saya1npaldaSkirt. (This type of skirt is knee- or calf-length, as compared to a saya, which is a long skirt.)antpalda2 22vi., vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enTo wear or put on a skirt.India magapora, magsaya-sayā ra ka lamang.Don't be in a hurry, just put on a skirt. antpalda2 1
sayawnTraditional dance performed by women wearing tall headdresses on the fiesta of Saint John the Baptist, the patron saint of Agutaya.Mga bispiras tang pista ang pamagsayaw ang agtokon nira bistidang kolit ig pamagto-lob. Ong simban mga pista ra pamagtok da tanira ta binabay may saya ig pamagto-lob ka. Ig may ta-leng ang agkokompas nira mga pamagtayaw.On the eve of the fiesta, the women performing the sayaw dance, what they wear are white dresses and tall headdresses made of colored tissue paper. In the church when it's the day of the fiesta they wear native blouses with puffed sleeves and long skirts along with the headdresses. And they each have a handkerchief which they swish around while they dance.Old people say this dance is done in honor of the municipality. It must be performed every year at the fiesta of Saint John the Baptist because this is what makes the statue of the saint happy. Old people also say that if the sayaw dance is not performed, the island will not enjoy a good rice crop because Saint John was not pleased.ov syntayaw 1rel wdto-lob
saydvar. ofsaid1nThe time for land crabs, koday, to come out of their holes and go to the beach to lay their eggs.This happens at the full moon, when the moon is low on the horizon, shedding its light across the beach. This term also applies to the season when eels, balakasi, come out, which is in the month of December when the northeast wind blows. They come out covered with their eggs. Snails, pakinaten, come out and are seen on the beach when the weather is calm.2vtActor: magpa- Undergoer: pa--anTo watch for land crabs coming out on the beach in order to catch them.Malagat-lagat ang labi pabilogon da tang bolan, animan magpasaydo rin ta koday.Later tonight it will be full moon, therefore we will go out to catch the land crabs coming out onto the beach. Yading pinasaidan amen ang koday talabi tenged bilog tang bolan.We caught many land crabs last night because the moon was full.rel wdsagsagtalaring 1
sayodvtActor: ma- Undergoer: i-alaminTo tell someone a story or information; to explain something; to hear, come to know the news about something.Isayod mo kay ta osto tang balitang naba-yan mo.Please tell me exactly about the news that you heard.Oman sinayod na ong yen tang monopa maggamit tang plantsan ang di korinti.Then she explained to me how to use the electric iron.Nasayoda ra na ganing may kiong-potol ang pamangan ta taw?Have you already heard what is said, that there is a cut-off shark that eats people?ov synbalita 1paintindisaysay
sayotinsayoteA pear-shaped vegetable, light green in color. (It is spelled sayote in Tagalog, and chaiote in Spanish.)
saysayvtActor: mag- Undergoer: i- Goal: -ansalaysay; lahadTo relate or narrate an incident that happened; to explain something to a person.Isaysay mo kay ong yen tang natetenged asing nagke-keb amo.Please relate to me about when you capsized.Ang taw ang polpol masking saysayan pa teta maboay ang maintindi.A person who is not smart, even if you explain something to him, sometimes it takes a long time before he understands.rel wdpaintindisayod
sebearchaicviActor/Undergoer: mag-dalamhati, hapisTo grieve; to feel sad about something.Pagsebe tanandia tenged napatay tang lola na.She is grieving because her grandmother died.Pagsebe tanandia tenged indi tanandia mapagadal mandian.She is feeling sad because she is not able to study now.ov synsinti1 1yegte