Agutaynen - English


sapsapnA type of silver-colored fish, small in size, shaped like the bowl of a tablespoon.
saravtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enTo strain something with a sieve; to filter a liquid.Saraen mo tang nioy ba-lo igata.Strain the coconut milk before using it for gata.Sinara mo ka ta osto tang teba?Did you strain the rice wine well?rel wdtalatsaran1der.n
sarabiennkasabihan, kawikaanSaying; proverb. (The root is Tagalog sabi, meaning to say or speak.)
saragidan1der. ofsagidRough side of a matchbox for striking a matchstick.
saragidan2nRough side of a matchbox for striking a matchstick.
sarak1nputa, patototProstitute; a promiscuous female; a loose woman who goes around with different men.Ang babay ang naka mga maginimod midio ta sarak. When that girl laughs she sounds like a prostitute.Aroy! Ang sarak ang asi, way tatabid si ong domang lali.Oh my! That loose woman is going around again with a different man.Ang babay ang naka anda ong tata may tata, sarak! That woman doesn't just stick with just one, she is a prostitute! Sarak ita kaman!We really are loose women! (But in this case the inclusive 'we' only refers to the person being spoken to, not the one speaking.)2n., adjsarak-saraklandi, malandiA woman or girl who acts like a prostitute; to flirt inappropriately.Ang babay ang naka nanobli ka ong nanay na ang sarak-sarak. That girl inherited from her mother her flirtatious character.ov synaras-aras 1bisiosapo-wittekag1rel wdabog-abog 1pasarak ta angaid.expr
saraksakan1var. ofsa-sakan1nElectrical outlet.
saralodonder. ofsalodThe amount received as a salary.
saran1der. ofsaraStrainer; sieve.
saran2nA sieve; strainer. (These can either be made of aluminum, plastic, or cloth.)Agboaten ang saran ta teba tang tala tang mga manigtangget.Gatherers of coconut wine use the coconut burlap to make a sieve for coconut wine.
sarang1<Not Sure>1.1nMoney to spend; means.Anday sarang amen, belag ami ta manggaden.We have no means, we are not rich.1.2vi., vtTo be able to afford something; the amount that one can afford to spend.Bato māsarang aming mamakal ta motor para ibiahi amen ong Cuyo?Do you think we'll be able to afford to buy a pumpboat to use for traveling to Cuyo island (i.e. as a business venture)?2vi., vt2.1vtTo be able to do something; to be able to endure or bear something.Indio ra māsarang tang lamig mga labi.I can no longer endure the cold at night.Indi masarangano tang kaliwagan ang maning ta na.I won't be able to endure hardship like this.
sarap1nA large Y-shaped fishing net with small holes and a short middle leg section, poyo-poyo, where the fish are caught. (The net is used in shallow water and is pulled through the water by several people in order to trap the fish inside.)2vi., vtActor: maN- Undergoer: -anTo fish with this kind of net; the fish caught in this net.Monopag kayadi tang sinarapan mi?How many fish did you catch in the sarap net? rel wdbitanapanti1 1salarapender.nYading salarapen mga bolan ta Disyembre.There are many fish to be caught in a sarap net during the month of December.
sarawayen1nFaults in a person; criticisms; things that a person can be criticized for.Ong matod, may sarawayeno ka ong nindio ong pirapang bagay.In truth, I have some criticisms of you in a few matters.Mato-lid tang taw ang asi, andang pisan ay sarawayen ong nandia.That person is righteous, there is indeed nothing at all that he can be criticized for. ov synkakorangan2der. ofkorang
sarawayen2der. ofsaway2Faults in a person; criticisms; things that a person can be criticized for.
sari-sariadjsari-sari; iba-ibaDifferent kinds; assorted; various.Sari-saring paninda tang binakal na ong Cuyo.Various kinds of goods was what she bought in Cuyo.ov synlaket-laket
sarovtActor: mag- Goal: -an Undergoer: pa--onsaloTo eat from the same bowl or plate; to share the same bowl or plate.Aroy, ang molang pamangan sinaroan da tang kosi!Oh my, the child who is eating has the cat eating from his plate!Angay indi pasaron mo tang ari mong mamangan?Why don't you let your younger sibling share your bowl when you eat?kasaroder.n
saroksārokvi., vtActor: -om- Goal: -anFor a bird, plane, kite, etc. to swoop down on something; to "dive-bomb" or take a "nose-dive".Ang boradol don siminarok ong baybay, indi ra nabongkarat.The kite nose-dived onto the beach, it didn't recover and go up again.Dorong eled tang ogak ong kalaki-kit, mga agsarok-sarokan na pisan ang ge-meng.Crows are very afraid of the small kalaki-kit bird, when they are dive-bombed they really scrunch themselves up.May tatang tayaw ang kalima magang sasarok. There is a folk dance in which the arms seem to be swooping down (i.e. like wings of a bird).
saro-sodviActor: -om-, ma-To stagger and stumble around, falling down and getting up again.Sasaro-saro-sod tang taw ang asi ong sobrang inem na.He is staggering and falling down because he drank so much.ov syndildigrel wdlaba1 1
sarot1adjmasarot, kasarotsalotAn epidemic amount of sickness and death.Asing pirapang takon dang nata-lib, aroy! Doro kasarot ong logar nira tenged dorong taw ang nagmasit ig napatay.A few years ago, oh my! There was a severe epidemic in their place because so many people became sick and died.2vstatUndergoer: -anFor plants to sicken and die.Ang lindoakong ponsi sinarotan da monopa inorab tang kambing.The bananas I planted all sickened and died because they were chewed up by goats.rel wdpisti 1
sarsansarsaGravy; sauce.
sa-sad1advUp to; until; as far as a certain point. (With reference to time or location.)Tarino ong Puerto sa-sad ong kataposan tang bolan.I'm here in Puerto [Princesa City] up until the end of the month.Sa-sad ong aripa toga ita paning?Up to what place will we go?Pagoliko, inatedo nandia sa-sad ong kanto.When I went home, he escorted me as far as the corner.ov synasta2 1tegka 1rel wdlampas 12viActor: -om-, maN-, ma-To reach a point.Iparoros mo lamang tang teked tang pondo para soma-sad ong adalem.Just let out the rope on the anchor slowly so that it will reach to the bottom.Indi ra mana-sad tang tamsi ong adalem, monopa malakan tang pamato na.The rope won't reach to the bottom, the anchor is too light in weight.Indi gasa-sad don ong ogat tang isio, animan agliwagan ang magbonlok.The roots of the tooth can't be reached, therefore it is hard to pull it out.3nsa-sadThe limit or end point reached.Mga pagepeng tanandia, ang sa-sad na mga tampolok ang depa.When he dives, his limit is a depth of ten arm-span-measures.kasa-sadan2der.n