Agutaynen - English


sanglitconjpalibhasaBecause; for a fact; after all. (This conjunction is a result-reason proposition which denotes mockery, disregarding, despising.)Sanglit malised ami, animan sigoro india mamangan tarin ong balay amen.For a fact we are poor, therefore perhaps you won't want to eat at our house.antpalibasayov syntotal
sanib1vUndergoer/Goal: -analihanTo be entered or possessed by an evil spirit.Asing nanoro tanandia don ong Kansila, sinaniban ta anday sayod ang ispirito, animan sigi ra lamang pagbitala pario ong taw ang gabeyeg.When he fetched water at Kansila, he became possessed with an evil spirit, that's why he is always talking like a crazy person.ov synteled 1terep 1
sanib2archaicvi., vtActor: Reduplication: mag--an Undergoer: papag--enFor things to stick together; to be doubled up; to stack, arrange things in close layers, touching each other.Aroy! Nagsaniban palá tang koarta ang sindol na ong yen, ba-long naliparao, ibaliko ong nandia.Oh no! The money that she gave me all stuck together, I just noticed it, I'll return the extra to her.Indi papagsaniben mo tang ayo, sia madaling anayen.Don't let the wood be stacked up touching each other, it will easily be infested with termites.ov syndepet 1dobli 1e-leb
santiar1nOne's estimation; opinion.Ong santiar mo, pirapa bato tang simbang tang baboy ang na?In your estimation, what is the weight of this pig?Onopay santiar mo, belag bato ta malangeb mandian?What's your opinion, aren't the waves rather big today?antkarkolo 1tantia 22vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enTo estimate or calculate something.Santiaren mo ngani mga pirapang sako tang magastoso ong pagpaboat ta kasilias.Please estimate how many bags of cement I will need to buy for having an outhouse built.antkarkolo 1tantia 1
santikvtActor: Reduplication: mag--an Undergoer: i-, papag--enTo strike two things together, as of stones, or even heads; to strike a matchstick using a matchbox; to make a toast by clinking drinking glasses together.Mga pagtongayan tang karabao makaeled mga pagsantikan tang tongay nira.When two water buffalo are horning each other, it's frightening when their horns strike together.Mga may doroang bato papagsantiken poiding magparet don ta apoy.If there are two stones which are struck together, a fire can be started in that way.Nani palá tang palito ra ka lamang, isantiko ra tenged magparēto rin ta apoy agod mapagdongkolo.This is the only matchstick left, I will strike it because I will start a fire so that I can cook rice.Mga may kasalen, ba-lo manginem tang irinemen, magsantikan kang lagi tang baso nira.When there is a wedding banquet, before drinking the wine, they will clink their glasses together in a toast.Ala, santik ita kang lagi tang baso ba-lo ita manginem!Okay, let's clink the glasses together (i.e. make a toast) first before we drink!ov synsagid 1batong santikan2der.n
santirmonA flickering light out at sea, said to be the burning soul of a dead person who died at sea, especially if the body has never been found.Ang taw ang gapatay ong talsi ig indi matoman pagdingkal ono ig ang goy tang mga mepet ay santirmo. A person who dies out at sea and isn't found gives off a flickering light and the old people call this santirmo. rel wdde-kal 1dingkalunspec. var. ofde-kal
santisimonThe small tabernacle-like box, Blessed Sacrament cupboard, right behind the altar in the Catholic church in which the communion wafers hostia are kept.
santovar. ofsantansantoSaint; statues of the saints in the Catholic church.ov synbolto1 1ribolto
Santo Interoprop. nThe large statue of Christ lying inside a glass box. (This represents Christ in the tomb and is taken along in the procession around town on Good Friday.)
Santo Kristoprop. nCrucifix; a small statue of Christ crucified on the cross.
Santo Niño1der. ofniñoA statue of the Child Jesus.
Santo Niño2prop. nA statue of the Child Jesus.It looks like a little boy and is dressed in a red robe. There is a crown on his head and he holds a cross in his hand. The original statue was brought to the Philippines by Magellan and is the oldest religious image in the country. Since then many replicas of the Santo Niño have been made and can be seen in Catholic churches and in peoples' homes and businesses.
santo tomasnA kind of banana, small in size, known as señorita in Tagalog. (It has a nice smell.)
santolnsantolThe sandor tree or its fruit. (This is also called santol in Tagalog. The fruit is round with a large pit and is a bit sour.)
saolovtActor: mag- Undergoer: -on, ma-saulo, kabisadoTo memorize something. (Literally, to put into one's head. The root of this word is the Tagalog word ulo, 'head'. The Agutaynen word is kolo.)Saolon mo tang kantang na para ong programa ta ong Biyernes.Memorize this song for our program on Friday.Ang molang nagkanta indi nasaolo na tang kanta na, animan napirdi.The child who sang wasn't able to memorize his song, that's why he lost.
saopnA sleeping mat made of woven bori leaves on the underside and pandan leaves on the topside.ov synamek 1
sapakvi., vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enFor excess to be smeared or sloppy, or go over the edge or out of the boundary, as with a child's food on its mouth, or paint on trim, or lipstick; for something to be uneven or thick in some places.Nagsapak tang pamintorao ong aparador animan anday sayod ang pa-dekan.My painting of the cupboard was uneven so now it is not nice to look at.Sinapak mo ra tang pambetang mo ta lipstik ong bibil mo.The way you put on the lipstick you smeared it over your lips.ov synipok-ipok 1
sapat1nInvisible little people, evil spirits, or demons; a large, frightful beast.Ang mga sapat gistar ong kamalingetan.Evil spirits live in places with lots of underbrush.Pirming galipat ong bokid tang soltiros ang asi, ganing tanira agtangayen ono ta sapat. That teenage boy is always being lost in the hills, they say that he is being befriended by little invisible people. Indio magparet ong inaning na, na inita na ono ang limintaw tang tatang mabael ang sapat ong talsi.I don't believe what he said, that he saw a huge beast appear out of the sea.Sapata! You are an evil spirit! Older people say that these beings live in the forest, sometimes in large trees or near water. They like to tease people, befriend them, or make them sick, particularly with skin diseases.; This is a rude expression used when angry at someone, similar to calling them a devil.ov syndoindiimpilisrel wdmalignosorab2 1
sapat2nsapat, sarapatanGenitals.Gitaen da tang sarapatan mo tenged boloat tang karsonsilio mo!Your genitals can be seen because your undershorts have a hole in them!rel wdbotok1terenAnda kay sapat mo!id.expr
sapatos1nsapatosShoes.2vi., vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -onTo wear shoes.Onopay galiliagan mong sapatoson? Naning kolit obin ang lagem?Which do you want to wear for shoes? These white ones or the black ones?ov synatoy 1rel wdbakiarapak 1
sapayvtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enTo insist on something; to force or coerce someone to do something; to pressure a person to do something.Indi ra sapayen ming magobra tenged malolobay ang pirmi tang sinangoni na.Don't force him to work, his body is always weak.Indio ra sapayen mi ang paning ong baili tenged mepeto ra.Don't insist that I go to the dance because I'm too old.Belag da ta sarapayen tang mepet ang asia, olibata ra.That person can no longer be made to do anything, he's already senile.ov synreges 1tobay
sapetvtActor: mag-, maN- Undergoer: -enpansinTo pay attention to someone, something; to respond to a person; to entertain visitors, care for their needs.Indi nagsapet tanandia ang nagboat ta prohikto na animan nabagsak.He didn't give attention to making his project therefore he failed.Indi sinapeto tang taw ang asi, gerepano doro kabo-li.I paid no attention to that person, I'm irritated because he is such a liar.Indio nabasi, animan indi nasapeto tang taw ang asi.I was not able to hear, so I did not respond to that person.Sapeten mo kay tang mga bisita ta.Please entertain our visitors.antpabaya 1ov synintindi 1pa-tekrel wdamoma
sapin1nsapinCloth or leaf used to protect the surface of something, similar to a hot pad.Betangan mo kay ta sapin tang kaldiro agod indi mapongitan tang lamisan.Please put something underneath the pot so that the table won't get dirty.antdamdam2vtUndergoer/Instrument: i- Goal: -anTo place a pad, cloth or leaf underneath something, between it and the surfact it will come in contact with; to use something as a protective underlayer.Sinapinano ka rin ta daon ta ponsi tang dinongkolo, piro nakanteng pa enged.I placed a banana leaf under the rice [pot] I had just cooked, but it [the rice] burned on the bottom anyway.antdamdamov synampilo
sapio1nkatamPlane; carpenter's tool for smoothing and leveling wood.antkatam 22vtActor: mag- Goal: -anTo plane wood.Sapioan mo kang lagi nani agod ikabito ra tani ong gobraeno.Plane this first so that I can attach it here to what I am working on.antkatam 1rel wdlabra