Agutaynen - English


salsalvi., vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enFor a man or boy to masturbate.rel wdkotol 1
saltaarchaicvtActor: mag- Undergoer: -anTo let something loose, go free.Mandian ang labi saltāno tang bakao don ong plasa agod mamangan tang ibabawen tenged tagkikinit da anda ray mapangan na don ong bokid.Tonight I will let loose my cow there in the plaza so it can eat the grass because in the countryside he has nothing to eat anymore because it is dry season.ov synpalpat 1saltadoder.adj
saltadoder. ofsaltaFreely roaming, as of a pig or cow.
samang-samangvtActor: magpa- Undergoer: pa--anTo be careless with something; to neglect one's health, specifically by getting wet.Pinasamang-samangan mo tang salasios mo, animan sia nalipat.You were careless with your earrings, that's the reason they got lost.Mga agriglaena india ra kay magpasamang-samang. When you are having your menstrual period don't neglect yourself.India kay magpasamang-samang tang sinangoni mo tenged papanaw pa man tang trangkaso.Please don't be careless with your body because the flu is going around.Many women believe that when a woman has her period, she should not take a bath or even get her legs wet. She also should not eat anything sour.; Some people say that if a person gets wet in the rain, even just sprinkled on, they should immediately take a bath, otherwise they will get sick.antambligandamdanta-lingov syndamang1pabaya 1
samantalavtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enmapagsamantalaTo abuse, disregard someone who has been helpful or good to you; to take advantage of someone.Indi samantalaen mo tang kao-yan na, itaben mga nasilag india ra tabangan na.Don't abuse her goodness, it might turn out that when she gets angry she'll no longer help you.ov synaboso 1lokorel wdtobli3
samay1nColored thread which is woven into dark cloth, forming stripes or a cross-hatched pattern.rel wdgoray-goray 12vtUndergoer/Instrument: i- Goal: -anTo weave colored thread into dark cloth.Ang aggabelen ni Lola sinamayan na ta masinggi.The cloth that Grandmother is weaving, she has woven in red threads.
sambag11nSickness caused by the curse of an evil spirit.Kadagmitan mga may taw ang pagmasit, ganing ang lagi tang albolario, may sambag na.Usually when a person is sick, the folk healer will say right away that he has a curse on him from an evil spirit.Ganing tang doma, ang taw ang gatarakan ong talon obin ong kamalingetan, may sambag na.Some say that if a person attracts an evil spirit in the forest or brushy area, he has a curse that makes him ill.2vstatUndergoer: -anTo be cursed by an evil spirit resulting in becoming ill with stomachache, headache, etc.Angay pagsit tang sian mo? Sia taben agsambagana. Why does your stomach hurt? Maybe you are ill with the curse of an evil spirit. Mga may babay ang maboay dang pagpasit tang sian na mga mangana ra, ganing ka sia taben agsambagan da.When there is a woman who is in labor for a long time when it's time to give birth, it's likewise said that perhaps she's cursed by evil spirits.
sambag2viActor: -om-, mag-To butt into a conversation; to join in an activity that one is not a part of.India somambag ong mga mepet ang pamagarampang tenged molā pa.Don't butt into the conversation of the older people because you are still young.India ra kay magsambag ang magkanta, libag ka tang bosis mo.Don't join in the singing, your voice is off-key.ov synlabet 1
sambalilonsombreroWide-brimmed, woven hat for working in the fields; baseball-type cap.rel wdgora
samber1viActor: mag-harang, awatFor something to be blocking or obstructing something, getting in the way.Ang kawayan don ong landingan ipapotolo rin tenged pagsamber ong iroplano mga tomogpo.I'll have the bamboo near the airstrip cut because it gets in the way of the airplane when it lands.Indio mata-lib ong porta tenged may doroang taw ang pagsamber don.I can't pass through the door because two people are blocking the way.ov synabang 1arang 1sagang 12vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enhadlang, sagabalTo hinder or delay someone; to get in the way.Naori ami tenged may nagsamber ong yamen ang nagigistoria.We're late because someone delayed us by talking to us.Ang anao pirming pagsamber ong yen mga pagobrao.My child is always hindering me when I'm working.ov synatrassagang 1
sambitvtActor: mag- Undergoer: -en Goal: -anbanggitTo mention something; to happen to mention, remember someone.Indi sambiten mo tang aran na ong anday sasayod tenged anday ibidinsia ta.Don't mention her name with regards to bad things because we don't have any evidence.Asing namagbagat ami tang mga tangay ta nasambita ka nira.When we met up with our mutual friends, they also happened to mention you.Nasambitan mo ra si tatay mo tang natetenged ong tanek ang ipabakal mo?Have you already mentioned to your father about the land that you will sell?rel wdmitlang
samblengvtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enpunaTo rebuke, reprimand someone; to admonish; to tell someone to be quiet.Samblengen mo tang mamolang pamag-iningal.Reprimand the children who are making so much noise.ov synampang 1bogno1
samit1<Not Sure>1.1vtTo taste something.Samitan mo kay tang linotokong soman.Please taste the sticky rice I cooked.2vt2.1vi., vtTo experience something; to suffer something, as if to taste it; to cause someone to experience, suffer punishment.Indio pa gāsamit ta palo ong mga ginikanano.I haven't yet tasted (i.e. experienced) the whip of my parents.Ang gapatayan ong pamilia ay halos nasamitan da tang kada tata ong yaten.Almost each one of us has experienced someone dying in the family.Orasana yen, pag india maolik ang alas singko, pasamitena yen.I'll time you, if you don't come home by five o'clock I'll have you taste punishment.
samok1adjsamokantakawA person who is greedy, or eats a lot; a glutton.Anday sayod tang molang samokan.A child who is greedy is not nice.2viActor: mag-To eat a lot of food.Indi amo kay magsamok mga may kataposan.Don't eat a lot when there's a funeral feast.ov syndalok 1tabed1takab
samporavtActor: mag- Undergoer: i-, -en Goal: -anhaloTo mix things, ingredients together; to stir something in order to thoroughly mix in the ingredients.Isampora naning asokar ong gata para magimong arnibal.Mix the sugar with the coconut milk so that it will become syrup.Samporaen mo ta osto tang aglotokon mong soman.Stir well the sticky rice that you are cooking.antmikslarel wdtagel 1
samporadonsamporadoChocolate-flavored rice porridge.rel wdlinogaw2 1der. oflogaw
samsamvtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enFor a person to take possession of something that does not belong to him/her.Sinamsam na tang belag ta tanek na, madegdeg.He took possession of land that was not his, he is unfair.ov synkalawkamkamtakab
sanag1nA donation given for medical services by a local healer, masseuse, or health center; a donation given to the church upon the visitation of the statue of the Virgin to one's house.2vtActor: mag- Undergoer: i- Goal: -anDapat sanagan mo tang nangilot ong nio para madaliang mago-ya.You should give the one who gave you a massage a donation so that you will quickly get well.Pirapa tang isanag ta ong manigbolong?How much is our donation to the local healer?rel wdbolontad 1donasionsol 1
sanay1vtActor: mag-, ma- Undergoer: -en, ma-To get used to doing something; to train, accustom yourself to do something; to train a child, animal to do something.Sanayen mo rang lagi ang gomoy ta 'Nanay' para belag da ta makiwaw ong nio.Get used to calling her 'Mother' now so it won't feel awkward to you anymore.Agsanayen na ang mantaki tang mola ong rinola para indi ra mantaki ong kale-dan.She is training the child to defecate in the chamber pot, so it won't defecate inside anymore.antanad 22statsanay dasanay, bihasaUsed to doing something; good, skilled at doing something.Sanay da tanandiang magobra ong bokid.She is already used to working in the fields.Ang mga mepet nontokaw sanay ang mamagtayaw ta tango.The older people in the past were good at dancing the tango.antanad 1ov synayo2gamen 1maosay
sandartinestandarteA large placard with two poles and trailing ropes or streamers.Ang sandarti dadapit ong mga apostolada ang gapatay.The sandarti accompanies members of the Apostleship of Prayer who have died.This is carried by two people in a religious procession. In the case of a death, the coffin is carried along with this placard.
sangay1nTerm of address used by two women having the same name; a woman's namesake.2adjmagsangayTo have the same name.Ang doroang babay ang asi ay magsangay. Those two women have the same name.ov syntokayo 1
sanggavtActor: maN- Undergoer: -entanggol, harangTo shield or protect something, or oneself, usually from a blow; to deflect or block a blow, or something thrown.Mo-ya ngani nasanggao tang bato, ge-ley lamang na-pet tang kolō.It's a good thing I was able to deflect the rock, my head nearly got hit by it.Sanggaen mo lamang tang palo agod india ma-pet.Protect yourself from the whip so you won't be hit by it.Ang grapon ang agbetangan ta asokar sanggaen mo para indi daliten.The jar with the sugar in it, shield it so that ants don't get into it.This is understood to mean, put a saucer filled with water underneath the jar so that the ants can't climb up it.panangga2der.n
Sangguniang Bayanvar. ofSBprop. nSangguniang BayanMunicipal Council; member of this council.Naglansar din tanandia ong SB piro indi nandeg.He ran for the Municipal Council but he did not win.This is the council which, together with the Mayor and Vice-Mayor, pass local laws and resolutions for governing the municipality.rel wdkonsihomonisipio
sangkelvtUndergoer: i- Goal: -anTo be blocked, held back by something; to block or brace something, usually by wedging or jamming an object against it to prevent it from rolling; to be jammed against something; to be stuck, unable to move.Mga indio nasangkel ong bangko, may ge-ley nabo-logo rin ong aldan.If I wouldn't have been blocked by the chair, I would have fallen down the stairs.Ang molang gapoyat sangkelan mo ta moala, itaben mabo-log ong katri.The small child who is sleeping, wedge a pillow against him or he might fall off the bed.ov synbara 1sagang 1