Agutaynen - English


saladEng1nsaladSalad.This does not refer to lettuce salads but rather to macaroni fruit salad, or radishes called rabanos which are sliced up with bamboo shoots, vinegar, and spices, or to atsara made of green papaya, carrots, vinegar, and spices.2vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enTo make a salad.Ong Pasko magsalad ita ta makaroni tenged yay ang masabor ang panganen.For Christmas let's make macaroni fruit salad because that is delicious to eat.
salakot1nsalakotConical shaped hat with a high, pointed crown and no brim, which helps to keep the head cool.2vi., vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -onTo wear this conical-shaped hat.Magsalakot ita ang mangayeg tenged dorog kakinit mandian.We should wear a conical-shaped salakot hat in harvesting because it is very hot today.
salamat1nsalamatThanks, thanksgiving; Thank you.Mabael ang salamat ong tabang mo ong yen.Thank you very much for your help to me.Aningen mo si nanay mo salamat ong pagpalbet na tang plantsan.Please tell your mother thank you for lending her iron.2adjpasalamatThankful.Dorong pasalamat ni Jose tenged kinabotan tanandia ta koarta.Jose was very thankful because he got some money.3npasalamatA thanksgiving party, usually given when a person passes a board exam or for some other noteworthy event.Nongapon nangombida ami don ong pasalamat tang ana nirang napasar ong bord iksam.Yesterday we attended the banquet here at their thanksgiving party for their child who passed the board exam.4vtActor: magpa- Goal: pa--anTo give or extend thanks; to thank someone; to be thankful.Pagpasalamat ami ong nindiong tanan ong pagimbitar mi ong yamen para ong programa.We extend thanks to all of you for inviting us to your program.Dapat pasalamatan ta tang Dios ong tanan ang mga grasiang agto-dol na ong yaten.We should thank God for all the blessings he gives to us.Pagpasalamato ong Dios, maski ge-ley lamang tang lamango, na-ledo pa ong SB.I'm thankful to God, even though my advantage was small, still I won one of the Sangguniang Bayan positions.
salamin1<Not Sure>1.1nGlass; mirror; eyeglasses.1.2vi., vtTo look in a mirror; to primp in front of a mirror.May pagpariaw da ong nandia, animan pirmi ra lamang panalamin. Someone is interested in her, that's why she is always primping in front of the mirror. Salaminen mo kay lagi tang itsora mo, may pongit na.Look at your face in the mirror, it has some dirt on it.2vi., vt2.1vtTo imitate someone's conduct or character.Yawa enged ay panalaminan tang mga ari mo.You are the one your younger siblings will imitate. paranalaminan2der.nAng masinlong ogali ang pinaita tang mga maistra ay magsirbing paranalaminan tang mga iskoila.The good character which the teachers demonstrated will serve as a model for the pupils.
salapiarchaicnsalapi, peraMoney.antkoarta 1
salarapender. ofsarapFish to be caught in a sarap net.
salasnsalaLiving room in a house.ov synalalan 1
salasios1nhikawEarring.2viActor: maN-To wear earrings.Mola pa panalasios da, sia madali rang katawaen.She is still young to be wearing earrings, she'll soon be married.
salay-salaynA type of slender mackerel fish, steel gray with thin scales. (They are caught by commercial fisherman, along with the similar looking galonggong fish.)rel wdgalonggongmatambaka
salbavtActor: mag- Goal/Beneficiary: -anbabalaTo fire a gun as a warning; a gun salute for a deceased official or policeman.Sinalban tang polis tang doroang maglogod ang parihong pagbiot ta ged.The policeman warned the two brothers that were both holding machetes by shooting a gun into the air. Mga may gapatay ang opisialis tang monisipio mga don da ong simintirio ang lelbeng agsalban tang mga polis.When an official of the municipality dies, when he is about to be buried there in the cemetery, the police give him a gun salute.rel wdlopok 1
salbabidanLife jacket.
salbarvtActor: mag- Undergoer: -en, ma-ligtasTo save or rescue a person, animal, or possessions.Asing pagtalmed tang barko, tampolok lamang tang nasalbar tang nabal.When the boat sank, the naval boat was only able to rescue ten people.Bolongon mo kay, balampang masalbar pa tang kaboi na.Please treat him, maybe his life can still be saved. ov synlibri 1
salbovtActor: mag- Reduplication: mag--an Undergoer: -onTo confront a person about something they said, or something that was heard through another source.Salbono si Maria tenged may binalita na ong tangay na ang ganingo ono sarak, ong matod anda kay limindoa ong angao.I will confront Maria because there was something she told to her friend, that I had said she was a prostitute, but in truth nothing came out of my mouth.Nagsalboan ami ra, ayos ami ra.We confronted each other, we are okay now.anttokot2ov syntepet-tepet2
salimagionProlonged bad or stormy weather; typhoon (bagio) season. (Typhoon season starts in June and lasts until October, but the height of the season is July and August.)rel wdbagio 1mapalet
salimborawnA type of fish similar to the species of salmon found around Agutaya.rel wdsalmon
salinvtActor: mag- Undergoer: i- Goal: -ansalinTo pour a liquid into another container; to transfer something to another container or plate; to translate something into another language.Isalino kang lagi tang mantika ong grapon ba-lo ibaliko ong nio tang beretangan na.I'll first pour the cooking oil into a jar and then give the container back to you.Isalin mo kay tang na-dang anen ong taperwir.Please transfer the leftover food to a Tupperware container.Ponok da tang banga, anda ra kay masalinan tang wi.The clay water jar is already full, there's nothing else to pour water into.ov synla-ted 1tayon
salinti1nReplacement, substitute; representative for another person; proxy.2vtActor: mag- Goal: -anTo serve in place of another person; to represent another person; to be a proxy for a sponsor at a wedding or baptism.Sinopay kinampang mo ang magsalinti ong nio ang magninong?Who did you request to be your proxy as a godfather?Indio mapagatindir ta miting, salintiay ka.I won't be able to attend the meeting, please represent me.Salintian mo kay si nanay mo ang magornal.Please serve as the replacement for your mother in cleaning the road.ov synkateletriprisintar
saliot1<Not Sure>1.1nThe bill or visor of a cap.2n2.1vtTo salute.Kada damal-damal agsaliotan tang mga polis tang Mayor.Every morning the police salute the Mayor.
salmonEngnA type of salmon found around the Agutaynen islands, similar to a mackerel. (The flesh is white or pinkish in color.)rel wdgalonggongmatambakasalimboraw
salobang1nA long fishing spear with a large barbed end.There are several barbs on the end and when the fisherman stands in shallow water and throws the spear into a school of fish, he can spear several at a time. These spears are not used anymore.2vtActor: maN-To spear fish with this method.Mandian anda ray panalobang ta bilan, agpantien da lamang.Nowadays there are no longer any people who spear bilan fish in shallow water, they are now just caught in large nets.rel wdbangkaw 1tilador 1
salod1nsuweldoSalary; wage.antsoildo 22vtActor: maN-, magpa- Undergoer: -on, ipa-sahodTo collect or receive a wage; to pay a wage, salary.Yo ra lamang tang manalod tang soildo mo andamal.I'll just be the one to go and collect your wage tomorrow.Ang sinalod na asing tatang bolan ay pinekel na ong logod nang pagadal.The salary he received last month he sent to his brother who is studying.Walong gatos tang agsalodon na ong teled ta tampolok ang kaldaw.Eight hundred pesos is the wage he receives for ten days.Tanopa bato magpasalod tang tisoriro?When do you suppose the treasurer will pay the wages?antsoildo 1ov synsol 1igparasalodder.nsaralodonder.n
salodo1<Not Sure>1.1vtTo salute; to greet with a salute or a bowing gesture.Kada mabagat tang mga iskoila tang maistra nira, agsalodoan nira.Each time the pupils meet their teacher they bow and greet her.2vt2.1vDancing and bowing as a greeting in a traditional wedding ceremony or folk dance.Mga may aliog, ang mga pamansisolong pamagsalodo ba-lo paka-yaten.When there is a traditional wedding ceremony, the ones walking towards the house keep on bowing and dancing before they are invited up into the house.Ang mga komidia pamagsalodo ong mga balay kada bisperas ang ko-to. Narin midio pagpāman ang magbalik tanira ig magpasōl ang mamagtayaw ong pista.The ones who perform the komidia folk dance, they go around and dance and bow in front of houses at noon, the day before the fiesta. This warns the owners that they will return to dance and ask for a donation on the day of the fiesta.3v3.1nA small roof-like cover over the entrance of an outside door, to help keep the rain out.
salonpasvar. ofsalompasnsalonpasBandage with medication on it.Pa-petan mo ta salonpas tang amipiten mo mga pagsit tang kolo mo.Put the bandage with medication on your temple if your head hurts.