Agutaynen - English


sosonA kind of banana, small to medium in size.
so-sod1var. ofsodsod3unspec. var.sodsod1nsodsodA species of shark with a long pointed nose. (They are used for shark fin soup.)rel wdkiw 1
so-sod2var. ofsodsod4unspec. var.sodsod21nA triangular-shaped net like a big scoop with a long bamboo handle. (It is pushed like a push broom through shallow water to collect edible snails and small fish.)2vi., vtActor: maN- Undergoer: -anTo push the so-sod net through shallow water to get, collect snails and small fish; the things collected in the net.Mano-sodo rin lagat-lagat mga pela ra.I'll push the sod-sod net later when it is low tide.Yading sino-sodan amen ang sikad-sikad.We got many sikad-sikad shells in our so-sod net.ipano-sodder.nMasinlong ipano-sod mga ang pela latawon da.A good time to go out with the triangular so-sod net is when low tide is a little bit deep.
so-sod3viActor: ma-To fall face down, onto the ground.Naso-sodo tongayna tenged natampoko ong bato.I fell face down on the ground earlier because I stumbled on a rock.ov synke-keb 1se-seb
so-sok1<Not Sure>11.1vtTo insert or stick something inside a space; to weave something in and out to secure it.Sino-soko tang papel ong aroman na para indi malipat.I inserted the piece of paper in with the others so it would not get lost.Naso-soko ra tang karton ong boloat tang katep para indi tomorok.I have already inserted the piece of carton in the hole in the roof so it won't leak.Indi baya mabo-log tang lapis ang soso-sok na ong boa na.The pencil she has sticking in her hair really won't fall out.Mga masi-lito tang agboatenong tamping oman yawa ray magso-sok. When I weave the opening of the basket, then you be the one to weave the last strip in and out.soro-sokan2der.1n22.1nStep-in or slip-on slippers without a rubber thong between the toes.Mamakalo rin ta tsinilasong so-sok. I'll buy myself a pair of step-in slippers.
so-sok2<Not Sure>
sospitsa1nSuspect.2vtActor: mag- Goal: -anbintang, hinalaTo suspect someone.Tanandia tang agsospitsan ang nagkomit tang koarta ni Jose.He is the one suspected of taking Jose's money.ov synbandan
sostansia1nSustenance; nutrition.2adjmasostansiaNutritious.Mamangan ita ta masostansiang pamangan agod madaling manga-sik tang sinangoni ta.Let us eat nutritious food so that our bodies will quickly regain their strength.
sostintoarchaic1nikinabubuhayFinancial support.antsoporta 22vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -anTo support someone with money, food, shelter, etc.Indi ra pagsostinto ang mga ana na tenged anda ray obra na.He is not giving support to his children anymore because he has no job.Tanandia maski ana ong poira, piro agsostintoan tang tatay na.Even though he is an illegitimate child, he is supported financially by his father.antsoporta 1
sotananThe long robe worn by religious leaders in a church during religious ceremonies.
sotil1adjmatigas ang uloStubborn; naughty; hardheaded; disobedient.Doro kasotil tang lolo nirang mandigo tenged mepet da.Their grandfather is really hardheaded about taking a bath because he is already old.2viActor: magpa-To throw a tantrum; to disobey, disregard an order; to not care whether one does wrong or not.India magpasotil para india mapalo.Don't throw a tantrum so you won't be whipped.Pagpasotil tanirang magboat ta kasilias, animan nangamoltan.They are disregarding the ordinance to make an outhouse, therefore they were fined.ov synsoplada 1tegat tang kolo2 1
soyaknA type of small, round, green citrus fruit. (The juice is used to make a dish taste sour.)rel wdkānotamalarong
soyodnsuyodHarrow, a farm implement used to break up plowed ground.
stil barEngnSteel bar; re-rod.This is the colloquial term for the iron rods used in building the foundations of cement houses. These bars have other uses as well, such as being bent into large S-shaped hooks on which pressure lanterns can be hung.