Agutaynen - English


sagesevtActor: mag- Reduplication: mag--an Undergoer: -enTo press up against another person; to push up against each other, usually in a crowd.Angay agsagesen mo ra ka tang pamansitelek ong programa?Why are you pressing up against those watching the program?Indi amo mamagsagesean, itaben malaba ita.Don't push against each other or we might tumble over.ov synkaliegdeg2var.taliegdeg2
sage-sep1vstatUndergoer: -en For a person to feel pain in a their teeth and gums when they come in contact with something sweet or cold; for a wound to swell and become infected from being exposed to water or to heat.Agsage-sepen tang isio mga pamangano ta māmit.My tooth hurts when I eat something sweet.Ang igad mo indi pabaya-bayan mo, itaben sage-sepen ta wi ig matitanosa.Don't neglect your wound, it might become swollen and infected from contact with water and then you'll get tetanus.Panimpeng da tang igad mo, sia sigoro sinage-sep da ta kinit.Your wound is swollen, perhaps it has become infected by overexposure to the sun.2vActor: maN-For something to cause teeth or a wound to be painful, hurt.Panage-sep tang wing malamig ong isio.Cold water makes my teeth hurt.
sagidvar. ofsa-gid1viActor/Undergoer: mā- Goal: ma--ansagiTo sideswipe; to brush against something.Nakomit tang pintora tang motor ang nāsagid ong bato.The paint was scraped off the vehicle which sideswiped the big rock.Ang taw ang napaso dapat indi magtok ta māboat agod indi masagidan tang paso na.The person who is burned shouldn't wear long clothing so that it won't brush against his burn.2vtUndergoer: i-To intentionally scrape skin against something; to strike a matchstick.Naigadan da tang boko-boko tang baboy ang agsasagid na ong bato.The back of the pig has a sore spot due to him scraping it against rocks.Isagid mo tang palito ong saragidan tang posporo para dengkal.Strike the matchstick against the striking part of the matchbox to light it.ov synbaged 1santiksaragidan1der.n
sagi-rot1nThe scuffing or shuffling sound of feet.May mga sagi-rot ta tsinilas ang paglibot ong balay, oman mga telekan anda kay taw.There is the shuffling sound of rubber slippers outside around the house, but then if you look there is no one there.2vtActor: magpa- Undergoer: pa--onhumilahodTo shuffle one's feet when walking; to scuff one's shoes, rubber slippers on the ground.Angay mga papanaw tang taw ang asia pisan ang pagpasagi-rot? Why is it that when that person walks he shuffles his feet a lot?Indi kay pasagi-roton mo tang tsinilas mo tenged makolapok.Please don't scuff your rubber slippers because it creates dust.rel wdkiang
sagmaw1nA small amount of fish or meat added to vegetables or beans (legumes).2vtUndergoer: i- Goal: -anTo add or include a small amount of fish or meat in a vegetable dish, or in with beans.Ang agpataletay mong lomabeng sagmawan mo ta yan.The lomabeng beans that you are boiling for a long time, add a small amount of fish to them. Anda kang pisan ay masagmaw ta ong kalabasang ginatan.We have nothing (i.e. fish or meat) whatsoever to add to the squash cooked in coconut milk.rel wdlonsan
sagodvtActor: mag- Undergoer: -onalaga; kalingaTo care for a person, animals.Yading agsagodon amen ang baboy.We have many pigs we are caring for. Indi sinagod mo ta osto tang mano mo, animan napirdi ong bolang.You didn't take good care of your rooster, that's why it lost in the cockfight.Yo, tenged anday anao, sinopa bato tang magsagod ong yen mga mepeto ra?As for me, because I have no children, who do you suppose will care for me when I am old?ov syntogonrel wdasikasoepet1 1manigsagod2der.n
sagpon1adjA person who has the responsibility of small children to care for, or a baby to nurse.Doro kapigado tang yen ang pagkabetang tenged sagpono. My situation is very difficult because I have small children to care for. 2nsaragpononSmall children to care for.Indio mapagalin ong balay, dorong saragponono. I cannot leave the house, I have so many small children to care for. rel wdsagod
sagradoadjbanalHoly; sacred; sanctified.Si Jesus tang Sagradong Ana tang Dios.Jesus is the Holy Son of God.Ga-tang ong Sagradong Kasolatan, ang balay tang Dios logar ang parangadian.It says in the Holy Scriptures, the house of God is a place of prayer.rel wdlimpio2var.malimpio
sagsagvar. ofsa-sagadjpanahon, orasThe busiest season for something; a time when there is an abundance, a lot of something.Sagsag tang ayeg ong San Vicente mandian ang Enero.The busiest season for harvesting in San Vicente is this January.Mga bolan ta Hulyo, sa-sag tang koran.During the month of July, that's when there is a lot of rain.ov synabondakasagsagander.nDon ong Agutaya kasagsagan da mandian ta paomangga.There on Agutaya right now mangoes are plentiful. Indi itōn ta tang kasal ong kasagsagan tang pista.Let's not set the time for the wedding during the busiest time of the fiesta.Asing kasagsagan tang masito, magang lipengo.When my illness was at its worst point, it seemed like I would lose consciousness.Aroy! Ya ray ang kasagsagan tang bagio mandian.Oh! This is the height of the typhoon right now.
saisvar. ofseisnumSix. (This is Spanish and is used primarily for money and time.)rel wdenem 1
sakep1<Not Sure>11.1n., adjUnder authority or jurisdiction, such as an area of land, or a citizen; under another person's care, authority, or responsibility.Ang Agutaya ay sakep tang Palawan.Agutaya is under the jurisdiction of Palawan.Pirapa tang sakep mo?How many children do you have? (lit. How many are under your care?)Ang mga istodianting pamagadal, sakep amen ta pamangan.The kids who are studying, their food is our responsibility. sinagpan1der.1n22.1vtTo conquer; to put under one's control or jurisdiction; to colonize.Ang primirong nagsakep tang Pilipinas ay ang mga Kastila.The first ones to conquer the Philippines were the Spanish.Asing tokaw, ang mga isla tang Panay, sinakep tang mga datu.In the past, the islands of Panay were controlled by the tribal chieftains.Nasakepan tang mga ribildi tang Makati.All of Makati was under the control of the rebels.2.2viTo put oneself under another's authority; to obey the rules and regulations of a figure in authority.Ang mga soltiros dapat magpasakep ong tatay nira.Teenage boys should put themselves under the authority of their fathers.33.1vtTo accommodate a person, be responsible for their needs; to include oneself in something.Ang mga bisita amen sinakep tang Mayor ong pamangan.Our visitors were accommodated by the Mayor for their meals.Tarino ra lamang pasakep ta iramal ong nindio.I'll just include myself here in eating lunch with you.44.1vTo attend a workshop, seminar; to attend or be present for an event, holiday.Magpasakepa ta siminar?Will you attend the seminar?Ba-lō lamang nasakepan ta Pasko tarin.This is the first time I've been present here for Christmas.sinakepan1der.
sakep2vi., vtUndergoer: ma-, -entamaTo be hit, struck by something; to hit, make contact.Pagbanggilo tang mano nasakep tang kolo na.When I threw a rock at the chicken it was hit in the head.Asing pagpalo na kasoay na, ge-ley lamang yo tang sinakep. When he hit his enemy, I was nearly the one who was struck. ov syna-pet 1tama2 1
sakitvtActor: maN- Undergoer: -enTo hurt a person or animal; to cause pain by whipping or hitting.Naglayas tang ana na tenged pirming agsakiten tang tatay na.The child ran away because he was always being hurt by his father (i.e. being whipped).antsit 1
saklay1nCrutches.2viActor: mag-To walk using crutches.Pagsaklay tanandia tenged nalapik tang bisit na.He is using crutches because his lower leg was broken.rel wdbaston 1toyod 1
sako1nA large sack holding 50 kilograms of milled rice; plastic woven material, the kind used for rice sacks or awnings.Ang teled tang tang sakong belat ay limampolok ang kilo.The capacity of one sack of milled rice is fifty kilograms.rel wdbolto2kaban2pasong2vtUndergoer: i-To put something into a large sack.Isako mo kay tang mga abel ang loma ra.Please put the worn-out clothing into a large sack.
sakolvtActor: mag- Undergoer: -onA method of cooking similar to steaming; to make cassava cakes by this method.A mixture of grated coconut, cassava, and sugar is put into small cans which have holes punched in the bottom. These are then placed over water in an earthen cooking jar that is covered with a banana leaf which has a hole cut it for the steam to escape.antlobongsinakol1der.n
sakramintonReligious sacrament.
sakripisioarchaicviActor: mag-sakripisyo; pagpakasakit; pagdurusaTo suffer, endure extreme hardships.Mga timpong kambian pagsakripisio ita ong lamig.When it is the time of the northeast wind we suffer from the cold.ov synpinitinsia 1rel wdagoantapinitinsia 1
sakristan1nsakristanThe man or boy who attends to the inside of a church and assists the priest during mass.
sakristan2nA type of snail with a small, flat, round shell with scalloped edges all around which clings to rocks. (These are similar to langka-langka shells but are smaller and thinner.)rel wdlangka-langkatolit-tolit