Agutaynen - English


siek1<Not Sure>1.1adjCrowded, spaced very close together.Ang panloak na ta kamait siriek-siek, indi ra malinawa ta mo-ya.Her planting of the corn is very crowded, the plants won't grow big (lit. breathe well).Mga ang pangkatep ta paod siek-siek maboay kang mado-dot.If the way the nipa palm shingles are put on the roof is very close together, it will be a long time before they become shredded.antmalaka 11.2viFor people to be crowded together, elbow to elbow.Yading taw ang pamamakal ong palingki, pamagsiriek-siekan, indi ita ra malinawa.There are so many people shopping in the marketplace, they are elbow to elbow, we almost can't breathe.antmalaka 2.12vi2.1adjTo be closely related. (This includes first and second cousins.)Indi poiding magkatawan tenged masiek pa ong tata may tata.They can't get married because they are too closely related to each other.antmasebek
sigamvi., vtActor: ma- Undergoer: pa--annadalaTo be afraid to repeat, do something again; to have learned one's lesson; to teach someone a lesson so that they won't repeat what they have done.Ang molang panakaw dapat prison maski tang kaldaw lamang para masigam.A child who steals should be imprisoned even for just one day so that he will learn his lesson and not do it again."Paotangay ka." "Sigamo ra ong nio, india ka pagbayad!""Please lend me some money." "I've already learned my lesson regarding you, you never pay up!"Gasigam da si Maria ang magtay mga malangeb.Maria is now afraid to travel if there are big waves.Mga india masigam, mingarama.If you don't learn your lesson about something, you'll just keep on doing it.Ang bagay ong taw ang pelegan pasigaman ang potolan ta toldok na.What's appropriate for a person who takes things is to teach him a lesson by cutting off the tip of his finger.rel wdliksion 1
sigangnA kind of tree with large, dark-purple berries in a cluster.The berries are eaten by birds but can also be eaten by people. They are quite sour. The bark of this tree is mixed along with other bark and leaves in the bath water of a newly delivered mother.rel wdlomboyolitappamegat
sigariliovar. ofsigarilyo1nsigarilioCigarette, or something smoked in the shape of a cigarette.2vi., vtActor: maN- Undergoer: -onTo smoke a cigarette or something resembling a cigarette.Agbawalen da tanandia tang doktor ang manigarilio tenged may olser na.The doctor has forbidden him to smoke because he has an ulcer.ov synopot 1pino2 1sigay1rel wdtabako1
sigay1vi., vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -ensigarilyoTo smoke something, such as a cigarette or pipe.Aroy, kamola na pa piro gatako rang magsigay. Oh my, he is so young but already knows how to smoke. ov synopot 1pino2 1sigarilio 1rel wdtabako1
sigay2nSomething that is made of glass or china, such as a plate, bowl, or glass, and is easily breakable.
sigay3nA small cowry shell, similar to a baboy-baboy but smaller. (These are the shells used in the native game called songka.)
sigaya1viActor: -om-, ma-To lie flat on one's back; to accidentally fall backwards, onto one's back.Sisigaya tang molang ge-ley ong amek.The small child is lying on her back on the mat.Pagataliato ge-leyo lamang ang nasigaya. When I slipped I almost fell on my back. antke-keb 2.22vtUndergoer: pa--en, ipa-To turn someone over onto their back; to turn something right side up; turn something face up.Pasigayaen mo kay tanandia, tenged pirming keke-keb.Please turn her on her back because she is always lying on her stomach.Ipasigaya mo kay tang planggana para matalogan ta koran.Turn the washbasin right side up so that it will catch the rain.antke-keb 1
sigbak1viUndergoer: ma-bugbogTo strain a muscle, or a part of the body; to become very sore and bruised; for an injury to become worse; for fruit to become bruised, damaged.Nasigbak tang kakayo ong sobrang panaw.My leg was strained by much walking.Linaban na ta ayo tang kiro piro indi naporoan, nasigbak lamang.He beat the dog with a piece of wood, but it was not hit hard enough to kill it, it just became badly bruised.Indi pi-nit pi-niten mo tang pelta, asia masigbak. Don't squeeze your boil, it will become worse. Mga mangalap amo ta kawmanggang lotok, gamiten mi tang karokal agod indi mabo-log ong tanek, itaben masigbak. When you pick ripe mangoes, use the pole with a net so that they don't fall on the ground, they might get bruised.2statsigbak, kasigbakanTo be worn out by something, usually work.Indi ra nambael si Juan tenged sigbak tanandia ong obra.Juan didn't grow big because he was so worn out by work.Asing molao pa dorong kasigbakano ang pagtoang-toang ta wi.When I was still a youth I was always totally worn out by carrying water on a long pole.rel wdbalda 1kibit 1pokod 13vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enTo beat or pound on a person, usually causing bruises or injuries.Angay agsigbaken mo tang logod mo?Why are you beating on your brother?ov synbalda 1bogbogkaninigbak2der.adj
sigbinnThe form that a witch, mangalok, takes or changes into.Teta ono ma-kal tang sigbin tang mangalok.It's said that sometimes a snake is the form that a witch takes.Way may kosi, sia sigoro yay ang sigbin tang taw ang ganing-aningen.Look there's a cat, maybe that's the form the person who is considered to be a witch has changed into. rel wdkirit-kiritmangaloktanggar
sigbongvtActor: mag- Undergoer: -onTo cut down, chop off something with one quick swipe of a machete.Sigbongon mo kay tang potok, indio makabot.Please cut down this banana heart, I can't reach it.Sinigbongo tang kawayan, may ge-ley nabogsokano.I cut down the bamboo with one swipe, and I was nearly stabbed by the pointed end of it.ov syntagpas
sigemunspec. var. ofpasigem-sigem
sigi1exprOkay, okay then.Sigi mapoyata ra atan, yo mandigo pa.Okay, you sleep there, as for me I'll still take a bath.Ala sigi, poidia rang molik mandian.Go ahead, okay, you can go home now.
sigi21<Not Sure>1.1advContinuous, continuing.Sigi pa tang obra amen tarin mintras galiag ami pa.Our work here is continuing so long as we still like it.1.2advNonstop; to just keep on going or doing something.Sigi lamang tang koran, piro linaw.It just keeps on raining, but the wind is calm.2adv2.1Seldom; not continuous.
sigi lamang<Not Sure>
sigib1npaitChisel for wood.2vtActor: mag- Goal: -anTo chisel grooves in wood, which serve as locks, to hold two pieces of wood together crosswise.Ang bakalan sigiban mo kang lagi para makabit da ta osto tang balabag na.Chisel locks in the wall studs first so that the horizontal supports can be attached well.rel wdsinsil 1
sigidaviUndergoer: ma-, -enFor a person to succumb, be tempted to do something that previously he was avoiding or resisting; to be obsessed with doing something for a certain period of time.Nasigida na si kaman tang inem animan pagmasit si.Once again he succumbed to drinking so now he's sick again.Agsigidaen si nira tang ilaw tenged yading komit.They are again obsessed with fishing because they are catching so many fish.rel wdekel 1tokso 1
sigidiliasnsigarilliasA green pod-like vegetable, 15 to 20 centimeters (6 to 8 inches) long with four lace-like edges running lengthwise.
sigirarchaicvtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enpilitTo force someone to do something; to insist on something; to order, instruct a person to do something.Sigiren mo kay ang mamangan tang molang pagmasit, itaben le-men.Force the sick child to eat, he might become hungry.Ang taw ang may isip na ra, anda ray kaministiran ang sigiren.A person who has his own mind, there's no longer any need to give him instructions.rel wdmandoordin 1reges 1tobol 1
signosarchaicnkapalaranFate; good fortune; luck.Sigoro ang signoso indio intindien tang mga anao.Maybe my fate is that my children will not pay attention to me.antbirtodov synbirtodsoirti 1
sigonadvayon; batayAccording to; "it's up to you (him/her, etc.)".Sigon ong balita ong radio, naloa ra ka rin tang bagio.According to the news on the radio, the typhoon has already left the area.Ganing tang doma, ang maragoso ay bolong ong diabitis, piro sigon ong doma, belag ka.Some say that bitter-melon gourd acts as medicine for diabetes, but according to others, it's not.Sia sigon ong nio mga galiliagang tomabid ong yen obin indi.That's up to you, if you want to come along with me or not.ov synbāladipindikompormi
sigonda1nSecond; the second voice or alto voice.rel wdmaligo
sigonda2adjSecond class; second rate; least good looking.Ang nabakalong belat midio sigonda. The rice I happened to buy seems to be second class.Ong tanan ang mga ana ni Ana si Maria tang sigonda ong mga logod na.Of all of Ana's children Maria is the least good looking among her siblings.antpostoraprimiraov synparos
sigonda3vtGoal: -anTo second a motion.Ala, tokawan mong aningen oman sigondano. Okay, go first with what you will say and then I will second it.