Agutaynen - English


oto1nkutoAdult louse; lice.Sirakena yen para malobot tang oto mo.I will look through your hair in order to remove all of your lice.antkospad2vstatUndergoer: -onFor hair to be infested with adult lice.antkospadov synkayomadliket 1rel wdinitsiaysirak
otonanvi., vtUndergoer: ma-, -enFor a problem to become worse; to add to a problem, make something worse.Indi ra gamiten mo tang karo tenged may langga nang ge-ley, itaben maotonan pa asta mambael.Don't use the cart anymore because it is broken a little and perhaps it will become worse yet until the problem becomes big.Gerepan dang lagi si Nanay ong ni Manong, man inotonan mo si.Mother is already mad at Older Brother, and then you just added to it.
oto-otovtActor: maN-, mapa- Undergoer: -onTo lead a person on about something that is not true; to flatter a person insincerely, with ulterior motives; for a person to allow themselves to be led on or convinced about something; to be gullible, easily taken in.Angay kadali mo ka lamang ang oto-otōn? Why are you so gullible? (lit. Why are you so easily led to believe something?)Ang mga taw ang asi, ansianong mamangoto-oto para makomit nira tang galiagan nira.Those people are skilled at flattering others insincerely in order to get what they want.Angay napaoto-otoa ong yen? Intrimiso ka lamang, nagpareta ra?Why did you allow yourself to be led on by me? It was just a joke, yet you believed it?ov synbo-loy1intirimis 1konoari 1lokooloto-oton2der.olototōn2der.adjpaoto-otoder.adj
otro1conjNext; then; again.Nadagpao ong karsada, otro natampoko si ong bato.I tripped on the street and then I stubbed my toe again on a rock.ov synoman 12vtUndergoer: -anTo repeat something; to do the very same thing again.Nanakaw dang lagi tang taw ang asi, talabi inotroan na si.That person stole previously, and then last night he did the same thing again.ov synolit1oman 1si2
otsonumEight. (This is Spanish and is used primarily for money and time.)rel wdwalo 1
oyvar. ofhoy1<Not Sure>1.1interjOh!; Say there!; Hey!Oy! Onopa siang aggekelan mo?Say there! What is that you are carrying?Hoy! Nakiboto pa, kalaomo bato yawa pēled.Oh! I was startled, I thought maybe you were a ghost.Oy! Sinopay agdilemen mo?Hey! Who are you looking for?2interj2.1exprYes?; What?
o-yaunspec. var.pao-ya<Not Sure>11.1adjGood, nice; kind, helpful; morally upright.May mo-yang balita, napasar ono si Dodoy ong bord na!There's good news, Dodoy reportedly passed his board exam!Mo-yang panakon mandian, abonda ta pamangan.This is a good year, food is plentiful.Mo-yang taw tanandia.He is a good person.Kao-ya tang Dios! Pirmiong agtabangan na.God is so good! He is always helping me.antanday sayod 1malain1.2adjBetter; a bit better; improved.Mo-ya o-ya ra tang pagkabetang nira mandian.Their situation nowadays is a bit better [than before].antkasag1ikakao-ya2der.1n22.1adj., advBetter; more fortunate; It's a good thing; Thankfully.Mo-ya pa yawa, may obra tang katawa mo, ang yen anda.You are more fortunate than me, your husband has a job, whereas mine doesn't.Mo-ya ra lamang may ekelong payong, indio nalbay.Thankfully I had an umbrella along with me, I didn't get wet.33.1advTo do something well.Bantayan mo ta mo-ya tang kabantay.Guard the trap well. 44.1adjFor a person to be well, in good health; to be "fine".Balampa ong pagarisibi mi tang solato mo-ya ka tang mga sinangoni mi.When you receive this letter of mine, I hope that you are all in good health (literally, good bodies).4.2adjBetter; improved health.Mo-ya o-ya ra ka si Nanay.Mother is a little better now.4.3viTo become well; to recover, recuperate from an illness.Mga india magtomar ang sigi-sigi tang bolong, india mago-ya. If you don't continue to take the medicine you won't get well. 4.4vtTo heal a person; to cure someone of a disease (literally, to cause a person to become well).Si Jesus lamang tang mapagpao-ya. Only Jesus is able to heal. Pagpareto ra ong albolariong asi, napao-ya na tang taw ang gabariado ra rin.Now I believe in that folk healer, he was able to heal a person who had been crazy.55.1vtTo fix, mend, or repair an object.Si Tatay don ong dobali, pago-ya ra tang kodal ang nalangga.Father is there on the other side of the house, fixing the fence that is wrecked.Ipao-yao rin tang rilōng nalangga.I want to get my broken watch repaired.5.2vtTo reconcile with another person; to reconcile, literally, to fix or mend, a situation between people.Pinapago-yao tang mga tangayo ang nagsoayan.I reconciled my friends who were fighting.kao-ya2der.nkao-yan2der.nantkalainan1
oyawvtActor: maN- Undergoer: -enTo laugh at something concerning an animal, and then be struck by lightning, as if it is revenge by the animal.Pangoyaw tang kosi mga imodan.Cats take revenge with thunder and lightning if laughed at.Animan pinangoyaw tenged inimodan nira tang kirong babakang-bakang.The reason they were revenged with thunder and lightning was because they had laughed at the dog walking with his legs spread apart.Ganing tang mga mepet mga inoyaw tang tatang taw dapat magara ong tanek.The old people say that if a person has been thundered on he should scratch the sign of the cross in the dirt and then kiss it.Some people believe that if an animal is laughed at or mocked, the animal will take revenge by sending loud thunder or lightning towards the person who insulted them. See ara and bolog1.
oyog-oyog1vtUndergoer: -onTo intentionally shake or push something back-and-forth.Oyog-oyogon ta ra lamang tang kasoy para indi ita ra magkalawit tang borak na.Let's just shake the cashew tree so that we won't need to pick the fruit with a long pole.antasintado2viActor: m-For something to shake or wiggle back-and-forth, for example, a poorly made chair or a house in a strong wind.Aroy! Goyog-oyog tang balay asing nagbagio.Oh! The house was really shaking back-and-forth during the typhoon.3statgoyog-goyog daFor something to be wobbly, unsteady.antasintadoov syneyeg-eyeg
oyon1unspec. var.gaoyonvtActor/Undergoer: ma- Goal: ma--anTo like the taste of something; to like, find something agreeable.Oldana yen ta maragoso, gaoyona ka?I'll give you some bitter-melon gourd, do you like the taste of it?Indio maoyon ta yan tenged pagabdeto.I don't find fish agreeable because I'm pregnant.Onopay indi gaoyonan mong karni?What kind of meat don't you like? Mistar da sigoro tanira ong Brooke's mga maoyon don tang katawa na.They will most likely live in Brooke's Point if his wife finds it agreeable there.ov syndonong 1galiagunspec. var. ofliag
oyon21<Not Sure>1.1viTo agree together about something; for a group of people to be agreed, united, unified in a decision.Nagoyonan tanirang magkatawa ang magpa-let tang rilihion nira.The married couple agreed together to change their religion.Pamagoroyonan da tanirang mamaglogod ang magpabakal tang tanek ang toroblien nira.All the siblings are united in the decision to sell the land they inherited.1.2vTo agree to something; to consent; to agree with.Paoyona kang ita'y boaten ang kosiniro ong kataposan?Do you also agree that we will be the cooks for the dinner at the end of the wake?Paoyonan ta ra lamang ang padalan, itaben mabeyeg ong sobrang konsimision.Let's agree to send her to college, otherwise she might go crazy with disappointment.2v2.1To become the same blood type, resulting in contracting an illness.Nagoyonan tang dogo nira asing nagbagatan ong karsada, animan natalidan tanandia tang kamata.Their blood became the same type when they met on the road, and that's how she contracted sore eyes.