Agutaynen - English


osay1<Not Sure>11.1advSkilled or good at doing something.Maosay si Maria ang mamedbed ta bistida.Maria is skilled in sewing dresses.kaosayander.1n2n33.1adjPeaceful thinking; peace of mind.Balampa oldan amo tang Dios ta maosay ang kiniaisipan. May God give you peaceful thinking.
osay2vtUndergoer: -en, ma-To untangle and make straight, as of thread, nylon rope, monofilament line.Osayen mo kang lagi tang ilong nagsibol ba-lo poronon mo.First untangle the thread that's tangled up before you wind it on a spool.Aroy, sia sinibol mo ra tang tamsi, indi ra sia maosay. Oh no, you have tangled up the monofilament line, it will no longer come untangled.rel wdsibol
osbong1viActor: m-For boiling water to produce steam; for something that is very hot to release heat, as if it is literally steaming.Ba-long kiminoran, pisan ang gosbong tang kinit ong tanek.Before it rained, the heat in the ground was really steaming.Ang kinit tang mola pisan ang gosbong. The child's temperature is extremely high (i.e. as if steam was escaping).2vtGoal: pa--anTo direct the steam of boiling water onto one's face, in order to treat an illness.Ang domang sinoldok tang BHW, ang monopa tang taw paosbongan ta wing makinit mga aggalobangen.Another thing the Barangay Health Worker taught was how a person can steam themselves with hot water when they have a cold.
osgadoder. ofosgarA judge of the court.
osgarvtActor: mag- Goal: -anhatolTo try a legal case; to judge or pass judgment on another person.Ong damal osgaran da tanira tang kaso nira.Tomorrow they will be judged regarding their case.Ang nagosgar tang kaso nira may agtabangan na.The one who judged their case had one party he was helping.ov synokom1rel wdsintinsia 1manigosgar2der.nosgadoder.n1anthois2Day of Judgment.Ong Kaldaw tang Pagosgar, osgaran tang mga patay sigon ong mga bindoatan nira.On the Day of Judgment, the dead will be judged according to their deeds.Indi ita mapagosgar ong tatang taw tenged ang kalibotan teteyeb.say.
osiaconjoOr.Ang taw ang asia indi gata-wanan ta mga may katawa na ra osia anda.We don't know if that person has a spouse or not.ov synobin
osiosiroder. ofosiosoA prying, nosy person.
osiosoviActor: mag-To be curious to the point of prying or interfering with what others are doing; to listen in on other's conversations; to eavesdrop; to be quick to run to see what is going on; to be nosy, "stick your nose in".Tanandia pagosioso don ong balay ang asi, pagtelek tang mga ba-long gamit nira.He is being nosy there at that house, looking at their new things.Ang talinga na agpadepet na ong lebleb para magosioso tang aggampangen tang magkatawa.She is putting her ear on the wall in order to listen in on what the married couple are discussing.osiosirader.osiosiroder.n
osisavtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enusisaTo investigate; search, research; examine; question; interview.Osisaen mo kay ong mamola mga sinopay nangomit tang koartao.Question the children to find out who took my money.Ang Dios, aggosisaen na tang ga-tang ong mga popotokon ta.God, he examines what is placed in our hearts.ov synimbistigarsitartatap
oso1adjuso, modaFashionable; in style.Tanopasia oso ra ong mga lali tang boang māboat.Formerly it was fashionable for guys to have long hair.antmepet 3minepet
oso2nA bear.
osog1nDiarrhea and vomiting caused by a person who has power to inadvertently curse people.2vt., viActor: mag- Undergoer: -on, ma-To cause someone to become ill with diarrhea and vomiting; to become ill in this way.Bigla tanandiang tataki-totoka, itaben naosog. She suddenly became sick with diarrhea and vomiting, maybe she became sick from being cursed. 3nkangongosogThe person who has the power to cause this osog sickness.This is not done intentionally. The phenomena occurs when the kangongosog person is sweating noticeably. The blood of the person who is sitting near him, or talking to him, becomes the same as his blood type. The person then goes away and becomes very ill. The only cure is to have the kangongosog blow on his belly button with ginger. Then the vomiting and diarrhea will stop immediately. The person must take a bath the next day. If not, he too will have the power to cause this sickness.rel wdbogno3 1
osoy1<Not Sure>1.1vtTo follow a road; to follow after, to look for someone; to follow up on something; to trace a person's origin.Osoyon mo lamang tang dalan, tapos pirming patō tang liko mo.Just follow the road, then always turn to the right at each intersection.India magosoy ong nandia, pabayan mo lamang ang molik.Don't go looking for him, just let him come home on his own.Osoyono tang inaning na natetenged ong yen tenged belag ta matod.I will follow up on what she said about me because it is not true.antbalabag 1.22vt2.1viFor something to be positioned the same direction as the length of a house or beach, i.e. parallel to a house or beach.Mga gapoyata, india mosoy ong balay.When you sleep, don't lie parallel with the length of the house.Dapat ang balay ang boaten gosoy ong banoa.When a house is made, it's length should be parallel to the island.antbalabag 1paosoy1der.1n22.1vtTo imitate someone, to pattern one's life after another's; to follow, adhere to a system of beliefs or a religion.Dapat osoyon ta si Jesus ong masinlong kao-yan na ong yaten.We ought to imitate Jesus in his good kindness to us.Mga onopay aggitaen tang ana ong tatay na, ya kay ang aggosoyon na.Whatever a child sees his father doing, that is what he will also imitate. Ang mga pamagosoy ong Dios dapat maelet tang pagtalig nira ong nandia.The ones following God, their faith in him should be firm.paragosoyon1der.nMonopa tang paragosoyon mi tang parangadien mi ong libro?What is the way you follow the prayers in the book?
ospital1nospitalHospital.2viActor/Undergoer: ma-To be confined in a hospital.Asing nanlawig tang dogo ni Lolo, naospital tanandia ta tolong kaldaw.When Grandfather's blood pressure suddenly went up, he was confined to the hospital for three days.
ostia2var. ofhostia2nHost; communion wafers. (Also known as the Blessed Sacrament.)rel wdkomonion 1
ostisianPeace officer; police.ov synpolis 1
osto1<Not Sure>1.1adv., adjWell; very; enough; correct; properly; sufficiently.Indi pa mabitala ta osto tang molang ge-ley.The small child can't speak well yet.Indi ka midio sinisian mo ta osto tang yan.It seems like you didn't scale the fish very well.Aroy, animan palá sia, nanambeka ra ta osto. Goodness, so that is why you got so very fat.Mamangan amo ta osto! You all eat well! Osto tang sabat na animan nandeg.Her answer was correct therefore she won.antmali 12adv., adj2.1viTo do right, or to appear to do right; to do something for show or pretense.Pagpaosto-osto ka onong pirming pagsimba piro mapinagtalaken ka!They say they are doing right by always going to church but they really are sinful!paosto-osto1der.adj
otōtvtActor: mag- Undergoer/Goal: -anTo patch a hole in a basket by weaving the hole closed; to repair woven material.Ōtano rin tang tamping ang binoloat tang ambe.I'll weave a patch on the tall bori basket that has a hole chewed in it by a rat.rel wdorip
otavar. ofotak1nutakBrain.Masabor tang ota tang baboy.The brains of a pig are delicious.2adjmaotakIntelligent; smart.ov synbrait
otang1<Not Sure>1.1nDebt; money owed to someone.1.2vtTo borrow money; to buy on credit; to ask for something consumable, with the intention of replacing it or paying for it later.Mangotango rin tang koarta mi, bayadano lamang mga masoildoan ami.May I borrow some money, I'll repay it when we get paid.Inotango ka lamang tang belat, man otangen mo si ka?I just bought this rice on credit, and now you want to ask for some of it?1.3vtTo lend money (or other things to be repaid).Paotangay ka tang belat mi mga may atan, bayadano lamang andamal.Please lend me some rice if you have some, I'll just repay it tomorrow.Indi ami pagpaotang ong mga taw ang anday obra nira.We don't lend money to people without jobs.antberelten ang nem2der. ofberelten22vt2.1nDebt of gratitude.Binoto tanandia tenged may otango kang nem ong pamilia nira.I voted for him because I have a debt of gratitude to their family.Ang otang ang nem inding pisan mabayadan ta koarta.A debt of gratitude cannot be paid back with money.antberelten2
otbannlukbanA fruit that is similar to an orange with green skin. (It is smaller than a kahil fruit and has thinner skin.)ov synkahil