Agutaynen - English


orangnSmall saltwater shrimp found close to the beach, singularly or in small numbers. (These are different from ipon from which shrimp paste is made.)rel wdiponkamaronlegken
orapayunspec. var.gorapayviActor: m-For a person's eyes to slowly blink and close hafway, due to being sleepy; for a woman to have what is considered to be "charming" eyes.Way, gorapay da tang mata tang ana mo, sia agpoyaten da.Look, the baby's eyes are blinking closed, it's sleepy.Gorapay tang mga mata ni Ana, piro mas postora si Maria.Ana's eyes are charming, but Maria is prettier.
oras1norasHour; time of day.Pirapang oras tang elat mi ba-lo nagalin tang motor?How many hours did you wait before the boat left?Mga may oras mo paninga ong balay andamal.If you have time come by our house tomorrow.Onopay oras mandian?What time is it now?2noras (da), pangorasThe correct, appropriate, right time to do something; the time has come, ready for something; Now is the time...Napandigō pa ta belag ta oras! Nataliato ong pantalan!I happened to take a bath not at the appropriate time! I slipped off the pier!Oras mo ra mandian ang maglansara.Now is your time to run for office.Ang mano pangoras ka mga ibolang da.It's clear the rooster's time has come to win if he's entered in the cockfight now.3advinorasTo pay someone by the hour; to count something in terms of hours.Solana yen piro inoras. I'll pay you a wage but by the hour. 4vtGoal: -anTo time someone.Orasana yen, pag india maolik ang alas singko, tamāna ong yen.I'll time you, if you don't come home by five o'clock you will be punished by me.ov syntimpo 1
orasion1<Not Sure>1.1nA prayer said daily at 6:00 p.m. by Catholi2n2.1nA prayer recited by a folk healer, or written on a piece of paper.Tanandia ay paga-ket ta midio ilo ang may orasion na, panagang ong mga sapat, ong mga mangalok, mga pintas asta lamot.She wears around her waist something like a string that has written prayers in it which keep away evil spirits, witches, curses, and magic charms.2.2vtTo perform, or ask someone to perform the orasion ritual in order to find something that was lost.Paorasionano rin ong kamalayo tang koartao ang nalipat.I'll have my neighbor pray and light a candle to discover the whereabouts of my lost money.
oraw1norawanlilimShade; shady area.Penay ita ra tarin ong orawan. Let's rest here in the shade. 2vstatUndergoer: ag--anTo be shaded by something.Aggorawan da tang agpakaldaw mong paray.The rice you are drying is already shaded. ov synkanino 13adjmaorawOvercast, slightly cloudy weather.Masinlong ipagobra, maoraw. It's a nice time to work, it's overcast. ov synarimem 1
ordin1notosAn order given to be obeyed.2vtActor: mag- Goal: -anTo order, command a person to do something.Inordinan tang adi tang mga tawan na ang oldan tanandia ta parti na ong paray.The king ordered his subjects to give him his share of their rice crop.ov synkomandovar.mandomandartobol 1
ordinansanOrdinance; law; rule.ov synli1
ordinarioEngadjOrdinary.rel wdogali 1
ori1<Not Sure>1.1viTo be late; tardy; to fall behind; to lag behind; to be last.Naorio tenged nawilio ra tang istoria na.I was late because I was interested in his story.Padalia ra itaben maoria ra ong mga karomanan mo.Hurry up, maybe you'll fall behind your companions.1.2statAlready too late.Ingkelan ka rin ong Cuyo tang pagmasit, piro ori ra. The sick person was going to be taken to Cuyo island but it was already too late. antmāga 1tokaw 1antmāga 2tokaw 2.12stat2.1viTo intentionally wait until later, until the end of something.Napaorio ang namangan tenged dorong taw ig gaeyako.I waited until towards the end to eat because there were so many people and I felt ashamed.2.2vtTo put, place something at the end; to do something towards the end of an event.Ong kombida pinaori nirang pinaloa tang litson.At the banquet they brought out the roasted pig at the end. antpa-kawtokaw2.3adj., advLast, final; at the end, finally.Yading mga taw ang ganga-kaw mandian ang mangaori ong oring kaldaw.Many people who are first now will be last on the last day.Asing primiro pa masinlo tang pagtarabiden nira, piro ong ori namagbelagan da lamang.At first they all had a good relationship together, but at the end they all just separated.Pira rang bisis inaning nang indi enged tanandia tomabid piro ong ori siminabid da ka.He said several times that he certainly would not come along but finally he did come along.2.4adjThe last time; last thing.Tanopa pa tang kaorian ang biahi mo ong Manila?When was your last trip to Manila?Onopa tang kaorian ang tinayp mo?What was the last thing you typed?antprimiro 12.5n., locBehind a group of people; in the back part of a room or crowd.Don ami lamang kimindeng ong orian. We just stood there in the back. anttokawan
orian<Not Sure>anttokaw 3.1
origanoEngnOregano.In the Agutaynen culture, oregano leaves are not used as flavoring for food. Instead, they are used medicinally to relieve headaches, toothaches, and coughs. For a headache the leaves are softened and then plastered on the person's temple. For coughs the leaves are squeezed and the sap is drunk.
oripvtActor: mag- Undergoer/Goal: -anTo repair woven material such as a nipa palm shingles on a roof, a mat, or a basket.Mamego rin ta taw ang magorip tang katep tenged may mga boloat na ra.I'll ask someone to come and repair the roof because it already has some holes in it.Oripano rin tang amek ang binangbang tang baboy.I'll repair the mat which the pig ripped holes in.rel wdot
oririgviActor: -om-For a tree or house to lean dangerously; to be ready to fall over.Ang nioy ang naka ay goririg da, itaben matomban ita.That coconut tree is ready to fall over maybe it will fall on us.rel wddoyotlambing2
ormannormahanA mold for concrete cinder blocks or for baking food like rice cakes.
ornalvi., vtActor: mag- Goal: -anTo clean the streets or clear the roads of brush or overgrowth. (Those doing this are usually paid either by the barangay or by the Mayor's office.)Mga Hunyo, pamagornal tang mga taw.When it's June, the people are clearing the roads of brush.Ninopang aran tang inornalan mo?In whose name did you clear brush from the roads? Each household is required to help in clearing the roads of brush. If an elderly person is not able to work, someone can work in her place but she will still get credit for it.
ornovtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enmaghurnoTo bake something in an oven.Magorno ita ta keyk agod may mirinda ta.Let's bake a cake so that we will have something for a snack.ornoander.nOven.
ornoander. oforno
orogatander. ofogat3Dishes, pots, pans to be washed.
orog-orogarchaicvtActor: mag- Undergoer: -onTo tease a person, or to be the one being teased.Magorog-oroga ong taw ang baleng belag lamang ong ba-long napoaw.You should tease a person who is drunk rather than a person who has just woken up.Yawa midio lastek, aggorog-orogona lamang oman magini-yakang lagi.You're like a baby, you get teased and then immediately you cry.antsonlogov synintirimis 1sonlog
orolikan1der. ofolikGoing home time.
oronnpalayokAn earthen pot for cooking, usually made out of clay.
orondiotonder. ofondiotTrees or palms which are climbed in order to pick the fruit.