Agutaynen - English


ono2ptldawReportedly; reportedly said; it's said; they say; supposedly.Ganing ono si nanay mo manoroa ta wi.Your mother reportedly said that you are to fetch water.May bagio ono mandian don ong Quezon.There is reportedly a typhoon right now in Quezon.Ong damal ono ilbeng da tang lola nira, indi ra balsamon.They say they'll bury their grandmother tomorrow, she won't be embalmed.
onokviActor: maN-, ma-For a person's hair to fall out; for an animal to shed hair or fur.Ang bolbol tang kosio pangonok tenged pagpa-let si ta ba-long bolbol.The fur of my cat is shedding because it is being replaced by new fur.Gaonok tang boao mga indio mapanlangis.My hair falls out if I don't put coconut oil on it.rel wdopaw 1
onom1nulapCloud.2pl. nkaonomanClouds.rel wdki-lep 1pandong 1
onopaunspec. var.ono11<Not Sure>1.1interrWhat.Onopa siang agpanganen mo?What is that you are eating?Onora enged ay boaten ta?What really will we do?Onopay gainabo don ong plasa?What is happening there in the plaza?1.2advWhatever; no matter what.Onopa man ay boaten mo ong yen, indio masilag.No matter what you do to me, I will not get angry.2adv2.1interr. vTo do something with an item; to do something intentionally to a person, e.g. What will you do with that...?; What did (he) do to...?Ondion mi pa siang mga kawayan ang agtakanen mi?What will you do with that bamboo you are carrying?Inonoa pa nandia?What did he do to you?Inono nira tang mga basio?What did they do with the empty bottles?2.2interr. vFor something to happen to something, someone, e.g., What happened to...?; with a negator, Nothing will happen to...; Nothing happened to...Naonopa tanandia don ong bokid?What happened to him there on the mountain?Angay sia panlespada ra? Naonoapa? Why are you turning pale? What happened to you? India magsinti ong ana mo, indi maonopa tenged gatakong magkapay.Don't worry about your child, nothing will happen to him because he knows how to swim.2.3interr. vWhat (will/are/did) tanira don ong pantalan?What are they doing there on the pier?Nandoamopa don ong da Juan?What did you do there at Juan's place?2.4interr. vThis inquires as to a person's response to something that was said or something that happened, e.g. What did he say?; How did he respond...; What was his response...?Gonopa? What did she say? Gonora lamang tanandia asing pagatako na ang tatay na ay patay da?How did he react when he heard that his father was already dead?3interr. v3.1What is (your/their) relationship?; How are (you/they) related?Magono amo pa ni Juan?How are you and Juan related?
onopa manadvkahit ano, anumanWhatever; no matter what.Onopa man ay boaten mo ong yen, indio masilag.No matter what you do to me, I will not get angry.ov synmaski onopa
onopay agdawaten tang linawa na; onopay agdawaten tang sian naid. ofdawatThe first expression means 'whatever her breath is reaching for' and is used regarding a person who is sick. They should be given whatever food they want. The latter, 'whatever her stomach is reaching for', refers to a pregnant woman eating whatever her stomach, i.e. the fetus, wants.
onotvtActor: mag- Undergoer/Goal: -anharotTo tease a person by tickling them.Tama ra tang onotan mi, malagat-lagat may mapikon ong nindio.That is enough of your tickling, later on one of you will get mad.ov synkonding
onsivar. ofonsenumEleven. (This is Spanish and is used primarily for money and time.)
o-onnA creature that is believed by some people to live in a deep cave on Diit island.Some say that the bottom half looks like an animal, and the top half is a woman. Others say the o-on is simply a person with very dark skin which uses the cave for his home. No one has seen this o-on in a very long time, but it is still talked about. Apparently this is a borrowed word since in Agutaynen there are no glottals between vowels.
opōpvtActor: maN- Undergoer: -onTo bring in clothes from where they are drying; to gather up rice, beans, fish, etc. that are drying in the sun.Ōpon mo kay tang mga sinalpoan, itaben komoran.Please bring in the laundered clothes, it might rain.Ang paray indi pa gaōp, asia ra tang koran.The rice hasn't yet been gathered up and brought in, and now here comes the rain.
opak1nbalatThe outer skin or rind of a fruit, vegetable, nut, sea cucumber, etc.2vtActor: mag- Goal: -anTo remove, peel the outer skin or rind of a fruit, vegetable, blister, etc.; to peel off the bark of a tree.Opakano tang binakalong kalabasa para igolay.I'll remove the skin of the squash I bought to make it into a vegetable dish.Pamagopak tanira ta kasoy ba-lo ipekel ong Cuyo.They are peeling cashew nuts before sending them to Cuyo island.Inopakan mo ra siang pāpa tang ayo, sia mapatay da.You have peeled off the bark of that tree, so now it's going to die.ov synkayat
opasnopas ta ponsiPlate, platter made from a curved section of a banana plant's trunk, split lengthwise. (These plates can be used when feeding a large number of people.)Nontokaw mga may kombida, ang agpamanganan opas ta ponsi. In the past, whenever there was a banquet, what was used as plates were sections of the trunk of a banana plant.
opaw1adjkalboBald.2viUndergoer: ma-To become bald; to lose one's hair; for one's hair to fall out in large clumps, usually due to an illness.Kailo ka si Manang, gaopaw da tenged ong masit na.Older Sister is to be pitied, she is already losing all her hair due to her illness.Madaliang maopaw mga kaldaw-kaldaw pirmiang pagsambalilo.You'll quickly become bald if you are always wearing a hat every day.ov synkalbo 1rel wdonok
opay1nNightmare.2viUndergoer: -enbangungotTo have a terrible nightmare, accompanied by babbling, crying out or groaning in one's sleep.Aromanay ong koartō ang mapoyat, itaben opayeno. Please be my companion in my room when I sleep, I might have a nightmare and cry out in my sleep. Aroy! Aggopayen tanandia! Poawon mo kay!Oh no! He is crying and groaning from a nightmare! Wake him up!Inopayo rin talabi, mo-ya lamang namalamado kang lagi.I nearly had a terrible nightmare last night, it's a good thing that I was able to wake up right away.Some people believe that if a person is groaning in his sleep it is either because he is having a bad dream and can't breathe or because he is having a heart attack. One should always wake the person up or he might die. For this reason people do not like to sleep alone. To wake them up just call them, don't touch them or they could die. Some also believe that if a light is turned on before waking up a person who is having a nightmare, they will die upon waking.rel wdbangongot 1talakinep 1
opira1nOperation; surgery.2vtActor: mag-, magpa- Goal: -anTo perform an operation; to have surgery, to be operated on.Tanoapa magpaopira tang goiter mo?When will you have your goiter operated on?
opisialisnopisyal, pinunoOfficial.ov synlidirpangolokolo2 1
opisina1nopisina; tanggapanOffice.2viActor: mag-To work in an office.Don tanandia pagopisina ong accounting.He is working in the office there in accounting.
oponupoA type of gourd, longer and more slender than a balansiong gourd. (It is used as a vegetable.)rel wdbalansiong
opotarchaic1nCigarette paper; a rolled cigarette. (This is an old term which used to refer to homemade rolled cigarettes, but today is also used for cigarettes sold in shops.)"Ariara paning?" "Mamakalo rin ta opoto." "Where are you going?" "I'm going to buy myself a cigarette." antpino2 22vi., vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -onTo smoke cigarettes, tobacco.Masiadoang magopot, animan agkeykeyena.You smoke too much tobacco, that's why you have a cough.manigopotder.nAng taw ang manigopot, dipot tang kaboi na.A person who is a heavy smoker, his life will be short.antpino2 1
orab1vtActor: mag-, maN- Undergoer: -ennguyaFor an animal to destroy something by chewing or gnawing on it, such as rodents eating clothes; for water, waves to erode, "eat away" sand or earth.Sayang da tang lambongong ba-lo inorab da tang ambe.Too bad about my new dress, it was recently chewed up by a rat.Ang kiro ay nangorab tang manong ge-ley ang patay.The dog chewed up the small dead chick.Ang kenay ong baybay aggoraben da tang langeb.The sand on the beach is being eaten away by the waves.rel wdalat 1ka-kab 1
orab21<Not Sure>1.1vtFor a person to be bewitched, have a spell put on them, by elves or small invisible spirits, resulting in one going crazy.Goraben tanandia ta sapat, animan midio ra ta bariada.She is being bewitched by evil spirits, that is why she seems crazy.2vt2.1For a woman to bewitch a man by pretending to be interested in him.Agpaorab-oraben na lamang tang mga lali oman indi ka risibien na.She is just bewitching men, and then she won't have anything to do with them (lit. won't receive them).
orabinA type of wild root crop which is very long and grows down deep in the earth. (It is often cooked with coconut milk.)rel wdagonankaparikorot
orad-oradnFood particles stuck between the teeth.
oragannA type of white shell with a sharp point at the top. (When the snail inside crawls, it leaves a line in the sand. The line can be followed to the end, where the animal is buried in the sand, and then can be dug up. These snails are edible.)