Agutaynen - English


onanonunanoMidget; dwarf.
onasnonas ta ponsiThe dried, shredded layers coming off of a banana plant. (This includes wilted parts of the trunk as well as wilted leaves.)Mangomit ita ta mga onas tang ponsi para idapog ong koma.Let's get some dried, shredded layers of banana plants to burn in the field.
onat1<Not Sure>1.1adjStraight hair.antkerenget1.2vi., vtFor fabric, elastic, etc. to be stretchable, or to become stretched out; to stretch out one's arm; to straighten something.Ang lambong na ay pangonat. This clothing is stretchable. Indi betengen mo tang garter, asia madaling mangonat. Don't pull on the elastic, or it will quickly become stretched out. Onaten mo kay tang kalima mo.Stretch out your hand.Aroy, indi ra maonat tang kabalao, dorog kapipilay.Oh my, my arm won't straighten anymore, it's so stiff and tired.antkerenget2vi., vt2.1vtTo iron clothes. (Literally, to make clothes straight. This is primarily said by older people.)Onaten mo kay tang lambongo ang itotoko mandian ang labi.Please iron my clothes that I'll wear later this evening.
onaynA type of medium to large sized fish, pink with scales. (They are similar to bigoso but larger.)rel wdbisogokalasi
ondak1nLarge oblong lead sinkers used for fishing.rel wdpamatosimbla 12viActor: mag-To fish in deep water with a line, a large lead sinker, and a hook.Yading nakomit ang mambo tang namagondak. A lot of mambo grouper fish were caught by the men who went out fishing with large lead sinkers.rel wdbila 1
ondamal3var. ofandamal3ong damal3n., advbukasTomorrow.Magbalika lamang malagat-lagat obin ondamal. Just return later on today or tomorrow.antnongapon3var.tongapon2
ondionunspec. var.inono<Not Sure>
ondion painterr. vUndergoer: ondion pa, agondion pa, inono paTo do something with an item; to do something intentionally to a person, e.g. What will you do with that...?; What did (he) do to...?Ondion mi pa siang mga kawayan ang agtakanen mi?rel wdonopa 1
ondiotvi., vtActor: maN-, m- Undergoer: -onakyatTo climb up a height, for example a tree or roof of a house.Maosay ang mangondiot ta nioy si Juan.Juan is skilled at climbing coconut palm trees.India mondiot atan ong kodal, itaben malangga.Don't climb up on the fence, it might break.ov synka-biatka-yat 1orondiotonder.nPirapa pang pāpa ta nioy tang orondioton mo?How many coconut palms do you still climb for harvesting nuts?
ong1var. oftong1oblique markersaTo; from; on; in; at, etc.Paningo ra ong pantalan.I'm going to the pier.I-dol mo kay tang solato ong ni Maria.Please give my letter to Maria.
ong damal2der. ofdamalTomorrow.
ong dobali ta siaexprIn spite of; on the other hand.Matambek tang taw ang asia piro ong dobali ta sia malasiten.That person is fat but in spite of that she is sickly.Tamadan tanandia ong balay piro ong dobali ta sia maderep ka rin.He's lazy around the house but on the other hand he could be industrious.rel wdmaski
ong mo-yang kanēmander. ofnemanWith a good attitude; without complaint.
ong teledadvWithin a certain period of time; for (a period of time).Nagobra tanandia ong Puerto ong teled ta limang takon.She worked in Puerto [Princesa City] for five years.
ongaw1namoyThe smell, aroma of something.Ang ongaw tang aglotokon na ay mabanglo.The aroma of what she is cooking smells good.2viUndergoer: m-For something to give off a smell; for something to be "off", smell bad.Kamangian mo tang ginatan ang kalabasa agod mongaw ta masabor.Add kamangi leaves to your coconut-milk squash so that it will smell delicious.Telekan mo kay tang karni, midio gongaw da?Take a look at the meat, is it smelling bad already?Onopa sing gongaw ta makangit?What is that that smells so acrid?3vtActor: mag-, ma- Undergoer: -on, ma-To intentionally smell or sniff something; to happen, or be able, to smell something.Way, ang molang ge-ley pagongaw tang mga rosas mo.Look, the little child is sniffing your flowers.Ongawon mo kay naning anen mga belag pa ka ta mabanglet.Please smell this rice to see if it is not spoiled yet.Ganing tanandia, may nantaki ong loa piro anda kay gaongawo. She said someone defecated outside, but I can't smell anything.ov synsingot 1rel wdbanglo 1kalpot 1gongaw-ongaw da ta lasona2id.expr
onglotvi., vtActor: maN- Undergoer: -onsingaTo clear one's nasal passageway by blowing one's nose.Ongloton mo kay tang alobang mo, way, totorok da!Blow the mucus out of your nose, look, it is already dripping!rel wdakaki-kam
ongotnDrinking cup or dipper, made from a coconut shell.
onirvtActor: mag- Goal: -andamayTo vote for a person, stay loyal to a party or candidate during an election; to stick with a person; to stay, live with someone.Magonir pa ka enged tanandia ong ni Mayor mandian ang iliksion.He will definitely vote for the Mayor again this coming election.Kailo ka tang soltiras ang nagabdet, indi inoniran tang nobio na.The young girl who got pregnant is to be pitied, her boyfriend did not stick with her.rel wdaliporis
ono1unspec. var. ofonopa