Agutaynen - English


olit2nbalatSkin or hide of a person or animal; bark of a tree; skin of a fruit or vegetable; outer husk of rice grains.Pinidano ta langis tang olito animan lilinang-linang.I rubbed oil on my skin so now it is very smooth.Asing tokaw ang sapatos ang aggoyan ta 'rapak' ang aggamiten tang mga mepet ay boat ong olit ta baka.In the distant past the shoes called rapak which were used by the older people were made from cow's hide. rel wdbalat2opak 1
olitanpugitaLarge octopus.Sometimes these are also referred to as alamayan because of its tentacles, which are called alamay.ov synkoyapa 1
olitapnA kind of tree with small, purple berries in a cluster. (Birds like to eat these berries.)rel wdlomboysigang
olonA species of breadfruit, smaller than rimas breadfruit.rel wdlangkarimaskaoloander.nAng logar nira aggoyan ta Kaoloan tenged yading mga papa ta olo don.Their place is called Kaoloan because there are many breadfruit trees there.
olobraender. ofobraWork to be done.
ololvtActor: maN-, mag- Undergoer: -onkamotTo scratch something that itches.Maski mātel, indi ololon mo tang igad mo, itaben magdogo.Even though it itches, don't scratch your sore, it might bleed.rel wdatel 1
ololikanvar. oforolikan2nuwianTime to go home; quitting time.
olom1nlangibScab.rel wdpali1 12viActor: mag-For a sore or wound to form a scab, to scab over.Pagolom da tang igad mo, madali rang mago-ya.Your wound is already scabbing over, it will soon be healed.3vtUndergoer: -onFor a person to pick at a scab or a sore; to pick off, remove, a scab.Indi olomon mo tang igad mo, sia magdogo si.Don't pick at your sore, if you do it will start bleeding again.
olo-oloolōlonutongNipple; teat.ov syntiti 1
oloto-oton1var. ofolototōn1adjGullible.
olototōn2der. ofoto-otoGullible.
oltimo1<Not Sure>1.1nLast; all that's left; only one left.Oltimo ra lamang narin ang tang gatos tang ma-dolo ong nio, anda rang pisan ay koartao.This one hundred pesos is all I have left to give you, I really don't have any more money at all.2n2.1adjExactly like something.Ang kamalay amen oltimo enged si nanay na, pisan da kang bo-tot mandian.Our neighbor is exactly like her mother was, she is already extremely hunchbacked now.
-om-v. affifxInfinitive or future tense, actor focus.Tomabida ong yen?Will you come along with me?
omaladjA knife or machete which is old, with a dull, worn-down blade.Ang ged ang omal, yay ang aggamiten ong pagboat ta togda.An old, dull machete, that is what is used to make a dibble stick.These are used to make dibble sticks, which are dull blades at the end of a long stick used for digging holes to plant seeds.ov synmabolrel wdtogda 1omal ta kolo, omal ta balongotanid.adj
omal ta balongotanid. ofbalongotanStupid, dumb (lit. dull headed).
omal ta kolo, omal ta balongotanid. ofomalDull headed, not smart; dumb.
omalanA type of large fish with yellow and brown markings. (They are similar to mandoal fish but do not have red lips and the mouth is flattened. They are caught outside the reef with hook and line.)rel wdmandoal
omanvar. ofman3unspec. var.man21<Not Sure>1.1conjThen; and then; next; after that.Tani ong may kodal ni Jose, oman diritsoa ra ong kalsada.From here at Jose's fence, then you go straight ahead on the road.Mamadbada tang kambing man mana-loya rang manoro ta wi.Take the goat out to pasture and then go by and fetch water.2conj2.1vtTo do over again; redo; repeat; to revise.Magomana tang inobra mo nongapon tenged yading mali.Do your work from yesterday over again because there are a lot of mistakes.Omanen mo kay tang istar mo, anday sayod sia.Please redo your Christmas star, it's not nice.3vt3.1vi., vtFor something to change; to change something, for example its position, appearance, habits, the date of something, etc.Pagoman si tang magaeyep.The wind is changing directions again.Nagoman tang itsora ni Jesus don ong ta-paw tang bokid.Jesus' appearance changed up there on top of the mountain.Inoman tang siminar nira ong pitsa 14 tang Abril.The date of their seminar was changed to the 14th of April.4vi., vt4.1vtTo move something to a different place, position.Ipaoman ta tang lamisan atan ong may talamban.Let's move the table over there by the window.
omid1vi., vtUndergoer: ma, -ensangkotTo be implicated; to be included in the blame for doing something wrong, even though not an active participant; for something to be among, included in things which meet with disaster.Asing may taw ang sina-sak, naomid tang logodo tenged ang ta-bat na yay ang ginamit tang nana-sak.When there was a person that was stabbed, my brother was implicated because it was his knife that was used by the person who did the stabbing.Ang balay nira naomid ang nasirok talabi.Their house was among those which burned down last night.Indio omiden mo tenged indio gatako tang nainabo.Don't include me because I don't know what happened.2viActor: magpaomid-omidTo allow oneself to become included, inolved in something.India kay magpaomid-omid ong pamagsoayan.Please don't let yourself become included in those who are fighting.ov syndamay2sabit2
omido1viActor: mag-For salt, sugar, etc. to become damp and slightly dissolved, due to high humidity or from becoming wet. (Although this term comes from the English word 'humid' it cannot be used with regard to humid weather. Instead, see maringet.)Nagomido ra tang asokar, tenged nalbay ta ge-ley.The sugar dissolved a little because it accidentally got a bit wet.2statomido raDamp, wet.Ang kasin mga omido ra, poiding ipakaldaw, piro ang asokar indi poidi.As for salt, if it's damp, it can be put out in the sun to dry, but sugar cannot.
-onv. affsfxInfinitive or future tense, undergoer focus.Limpion mo kay tang bodiga.Please clean the bodega.
onanumOne; first. (This is Spanish and is used primarily when giving the time or date. Also see the entry alas1.)Natapos tang program sigoro mga ala ona ra ong labi.The program ended maybe around one o'clock at night.Kada pitsa ona tang Nobyembre agsilibraen tang pista tang mga minatay.Every first of November the fiesta of the dead is celebrated.rel wdprimiro 1tambilog 1tata1 1