Agutaynen - English


ogbotnA long, edible sea snake. (It looks similar to a talingan sea snake but without the ear-like protrusions.)rel wdalmangtalingan
ogik-ogik1nThe squeaking sound made by large fruit bats. (They are especially noisy when mating.)Dorong kaingal tang ogik-ogik labi pa mga labi.The squeaking sound of a bat is very noisy specially at night.2viActor: -om-For bats to squeak loudly.Maingal ang pama-yan tang kabilaw mga gogik-ogik. It's noisy to hear fruit bats when they are squeaking.rel wdiwik 1
ogotvi., vtUndergoer: ma-, -onhumugotFor one or several pieces of something to slip or fall out of a pile or from a place where they were inserted; to intentionally pull something out of the place in which it was previously put.Way, ang silig mo gaogot da, malogak da tang be-ket na.Look, the midribs are falling out of your stick broom, the tie has become loose.Tōgon mo kay tang singgoay, naogot si tang ilo.Please thread the needle, the thread has slipped out again.Oman golping inogot na tang ged ig tina-tab na ong adili.Then he suddenly pulled his machete out [of its sheath] and buried it into the post.ov synbonlok 1komit 1
okabvt., viActor: mag- Undergoer: -en, ma-To remove a section of a wall, galvanized iron roofing, etc.; for something to split open, come off, such as the rubber sole of a shoe.Inokab nira tang lebleb agod ipa-led tang mabael ang aparador.They removed a section of the wall to bring in the large cupboard.Mintras papanawo naokab tang sapatoso tenged lagi ra.While I was walking the sole of my shoe came off because they are already worn out.
okasvt., viActor: mag- Undergoer: -en, ma-To take something off, remove an item such as shoes, a ring; for something to unintentionally come off or fall off.Okasen mo kang lagi tang sapatos mo ba-loa tenled ong balay.First take off your shoes before you come into the house.ov synloat 1
okasionnBoat used for transportation of people.ov synmotor 1tarayan
okovtActor: mag- Undergoer: -onTo give refuge to a person; to hide someone in one's house from the law, an enemy, or a suitor; to allow a person to stay at one's house if they don't want to go home to their own house.India magoko ta taw atan ong balay mo mga may talak na.Don't hide a person there in your house if he has done something wrong.Angay agokon mi tarin tang anao? Dapat paoliken mi ka.Why are you allowing my child to stay here at your house? You should send him on home.rel wdkosintirpabaya 1
okom1vtActor: mag- Goal: -anhukomTo try a legal case; to judge or pass judgment on another person; to have certain expectations of someone.Indi ita mapagokom ong nandia na tegka ra lamang ong malised.We cannot judge whether or not he will just remain poor.ov synosgarrel wdlaom 1
okom2vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -onTo suck on something in the mouth, for example on hard candy.Okomon mo tang tawas agod mago-ya tang singawan tang kinit.Suck on the alum so that your canker sore will heal.Onopay aggokomon mo?What are you sucking on? ov synpi-pitrel wdlotad
okotvtUndergoer: -on Actor: mag-inaswangFor a person to become very ill, usually with a stomach ache, because of a mangalok witch taking out his liver and eating it; for someone to secretly take, sneak food and eat it.Ang molang pagmasit animan napatay, inokot ono tang mangalok tang kandat na.The sick child died because, they say, his liver was eaten by a witch.Sino si nagokot tang tataloko taning ki-yoy?Who was that who secretly took and ate the egg I was hiding here?rel wdmangalokorab2 1sapat1
Oktubreprop. nOktubreOctober.
olag1adjma-, ka-Someone who jumps around a lot.Ang molang naka ay dorog kaolag. This child jumps around a lot. 2vtActor: mag-, magin- pl. mamag-kikilosFor a person to move around a lot; to keep changing positions; for an animal to kick or flap around; for birds to hover in a group, making a disturbance; for a boat to be unstable, rock back-and-forth.Indi amo magolag, itaben magke-keb ita!Don't move around, we might capsize!Biotan mo ta maelet tang kakay tang baboy para indi maginolag. Hold the pig's feet tightly so it won't kick around a lot. Pamagolag tang mga ogak, sigoro may gitaen nirang ayep ang patay.The crows are hovering above, maybe they've seen a dead animal.ov synkaliekpeleg 1polay 1
olagek1nSnore.2viActor: m-hilikTo snore.Mga gapoyat tang katawao, golagek ta todo, indio mapoyat.When my husband sleeps he snores continuously, I can't sleep.
olakvi., vtActor: mag-, maN- Goal: -anduraTo spit saliva; to spit something up or out of the mouth; to spit on something.Ang taw ang pagolak ta dogo, may masit nang itika.A person who is spitting blood has tuberculosis.Panangken sigoro tang babay ang asia, pirming gitaenong pagolak-olak. Maybe that woman is in the first stage of pregnancy, I always see her spitting.Indi olakan mo tang ari mo tenged anday sayod.Don't spit on your younger sibling because it is not nice.Some say that this is becasue the woman's throat is full of saliva because of pressure on her abdomen.ov synbola2laway 1
olay-olay1nDevice used to twist material into rope.2vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enTo twist material together into a rope using a homemade device.Ang koralon ay agolay-olayen agod magimong tali para boaten ang pondo ong motor.The cord is being twisted together into a rope so that it will be made into an anchor rope for the boat.
olbo<Not Sure>11.1viFor yeast bread or cake to rise; for something to expand, swell up.Indi limimbo ta osto tang linotok mong keyk, korang sigoro tang bintang mong pampalsa.The cake you baked did not rise well, maybe the leavening agent you put in it wasn't enough.Ang bola mga bomban golbo animan poidi rang gamiten.When the ball is pumped up it expands and then is ready to be used.Ang sian tang taw ang asi minolbo tenged pinintasan.That person's stomach swelled up because he was cursed.pampaolbo1der.1nantlibadorapampalsa222.1viFor something to bounce up and down, or out of something.Ong pagkayam tang tagsing, minolbo tang patado ong loa tang boloat.In playing the tagsing game, my token bounced out of the hole.Ang kotson pisan ang lolbo mga lobogan.The mattress really bounces when a person lies down on it.2.2vtTo bounce something, cause something to bounce, such as a ball.Indi amo kay magpaolbo-olbo tang bola tarin ong teled tang balay.Please don't bounce the ball here inside the house.
oli1nPlants which come back on their own the next season, due to their seeds having been dropped in the soil and then rained on.2viActor: m-To come back, grow up on their own.Ang balansiong atan ong may kodal ay minoli lamang tenged nantakon yading loak amen.That gourd vegetable there by the fence just grew up on its own because last year we had planted many.
oliawviActor: -om-For a person to give a shout, or cry out; for a baby to cry out.Ang molang ge-ley mga garamal goliaw da.A little baby cries out in the early morning.Mga gapoyat tang katawao teta golping goliaw. When my husband sleeps sometimes he suddenly shouts. rel wdi-bawiteg2kaliaw
olibatavstatUndergoer: -enuliyaninTo become senile; very forgetful; absent-minded.Pirmi rang galipat tang agbe-tang na tang lolao, sigoro golibataen da. My grandmother always forgets where she puts things, maybe she is becoming senile. This word is derived from the word olik meaning to return, and bata meaning child.ov synmalipat-lipaten2
olik<Not Sure>11.1viTo go or come home; to return to a place where one is temporarily staying, or to a place which one often goes to.Tanopa minolik tang kosi ming nalipat?When did your lost cat return home? Indi pa gaolik tang tatay nira ang panilaw.Their father hasn't come home yet from fishing.1.2vtTo send, allow someone to go home.Asing mapoirsa tang bagio ang mga iskoila pinaolik tang mga maistra nira.When the typhoon was very strong the pupils were sent home by their teachers.antlekatolikander.n1Mga matapos tang boniag, onopa, may olikan ta don ong nindio?After the baptism, do we have some food prepared there at your house (literally, do we have something to go home to)?2Anda ray olikano ong Agutaya, langga ra tang balay amen.I no longer have a house to go home to on Agutaya, our house has already fallen into disrepair.orolikan1der.1nAlas singko tang orolikan tang mga maistra.The going home time of the teachers is five o'clock.22.1vtTo return something that was borrowed.Yolik mo kay naning binletanong bala.Please return this videotape that I borrowed.33.1vtTo repair something, literally, to return it to its original condition such as a fence, woven walls, a house, furniture, etc.Inolik ni Jose tang kodal ang natomban ta nioy.Jose repaired the fence that a coconut tree fell on.3.2viTo recover from an illness; to get over hurt feelings, i.e. to return to normal; to feel relieved.Pagpaolik-olik tanandia ong pamangan tenged ba-long nagalin ong masit.He is recovering his appetite because he has just gotten over being sick.Sigoro ang kamalay amen gasilag din piro mandian naolikan da.Maybe our neighbor was angry, but she has gotten over it now.Asing pagabalitao ang mo-ya o-ya ra si Tatay, naolikan da ka tang linawao.When I heard the news that Father was getting better, I was relieved (lit. my breath recovered).
olikander. ofolikA place or house to go home to, a permanent residence.
olit1vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enulitTo repeat something which was already said or done; to do over again; redo; to do something repeatedly.Oliten mo kay, indio gaintindi.Kindly repeat it, I don't understand.Oliten mo tang inobra mo tenged kamali.Please redo your work because it is wrong.Yawa mga bibitala, paolit-olit. When you talk, you keep repeating yourself.ov synoman 1otro 1