Agutaynen - English


nioy1nniyogCoconut fruit (the nut), or coconut palm tree.Ang wi ta nioy masinlong bolong ong taw ang pagtaki-taki.Coconut water is a good remedy for a person with diarrhea.Maosay ang mangondiot ta nioy si Juan.Juan is skilled at climbing coconut trees. Indi maboay tang katep mga ang gamiten ay daon ta nioy. A roof won't last long if coconut palm leaves are what are used in making it.2npapa ta nioyCoconut palm tree.3nwi ta nioyCoconut water.4pl. nkanioyanCoconut palm grove.See the Appendices for a drawing of a coconut tree with the parts labeled. The various parts of the tree have many uses. The trunk can be chainsawed into lumber for building houses; the fronds are used for making woven shingles for roofs; brooms are made out of the midribs; the nectar from the flower is gathered for coconut wine or made into vinegar; the meat, or flesh, inside the nut can be used for making desserts and coconut milk gata which is used in cooking, and for making copra. Grated coconut meat is also fed to pigs. The different stages of growth of the nut are as follows, beginning with the youngest: bokol, sablay, beteng, bengel, lino, lango, longayan.
nipannipaNipa palm tree.Nipa palms grow in swampy areas and are found on mainland Palawan but not on Agutaya. The leaves are used for making shingles for roofs, called paod. Nipa palm shingles last much longer than those made out of local coconut palm fronds.rel wdpaod 1
nipitunspec. var. ofmanipit
nirapers. prnThey; their; them.Pinabakal nira tang tanek nira. They sold their land.Oman limambay ami nira ang tomakat ang lagi.Then they waved to us to come to shore immediately.Pagaolik nira nana-loy don ong balay.On their way home they went by the house.Onopay inaning mo ong nira? What did you say to them?
nirbiosvstatUndergoer: ma-To feel nervous; to suffer from nerves.Kada mabasio ta iteg ganirbioso. Every time I hear shouting I feel nervous.Si Tatay nanirbios tenged nabasi tanandia tang balitang anday sayod.Father suffered nervousness because he heard bad news.
niwang1adjmaniwangpayatThin; skinny.Madali rang mapatay tang kosi, maniwang da.The cat will soon die, it's already skinny.anttambek 42viActor/Undergoer: mag-To become thin, lose weight.Nagniwang tang baboy nira tenged nagmasit.Their pig became thin because it got sick.3viActor/Undergoer: magpa-To intentionally lose weight, to diet.Masiadoa rang matambek, magpaniwanga kay ta ge-ley.You are already so fat, please lose a little weight.antmatambekov synketel-ketellaget 1ninit 1pa-sel
nobiannobya; kasintahanFiancée; girlfriend.rel wdnobio
nobina1nNovena prayers.Novena is Spanish and comes from the root word which means 'nine'. Nine is the significant number of repetitions of the prayers. The prayers include the Holy Rosary along with liturgical readings and responses. They are recited in Latin, Hiligaynon, and nowadays also in Tagalog and Agutaynen. These prayers are recited at wakes for the dead, in the church, and during Holy Week.2viActor: mag-To pray novena prayers.Kada Miyerkules ang Mga Ihas pamagnobina ong ni Birhin Maria.Every Wednesday the [members of the] Children of Mary pray novenas to the Virgin Mary.nobinariader.n
nobinariader. ofnobinaThe one who leads the novena prayers or the Holy Rosary.
nobionnobyo; kasintahanFiancé; boyfriend.rel wdnobia
Nobyembreprop. nNobyembreNovember.
Noche Buenaprop. nChristmas Eve; the supper meal eaten by families after church on Christmas Eve. (This word is of Spanish origin.)rel wdPasko 1
nongnOlder Brother.Nong Juan, aria pa paning?Older Brother Juan, where are you going?This is the term of reference or address for a man who is a few to several years older than oneself. The term is used together with the person's name.antnangov synmanong
nongapon1der. ofaponYesterday
nongapon2var. oftongapon1n., advkahaponYesterday.Nangalap ami ta sirgoilas nongapon. We picked Spanish plums yesterday. antandamal3var.ondamal3
nongayna1var. ofnongainatongayna1advkaninaEarlier today.Nongayna napaningo ong Cambian.Earlier today I went to barangay Cambian.antlagat1 1
nonkanōnkaadvTo really not want to do something because of being irritated at a person; to be adverse or opposed to doing something.Nonkang papanena yen tang linotokong soman, india matobol.I really don't want to feed you any of the sticky rice I cooked because you cannot be asked to do things.ov synkontra 1mataytabirab
nonoknbaleteA type of large tree similar to a fig tree in appearance.This is the balete tree in Tagalog. They can grow very large and they have many string-like roots that hang down from the branches. Some people believe that small, invisible people sapat, or evil spirits malignos live in these trees. They become angry if a person passes close to the tree and disturbs them.rel wdbalo-balodoldol2kanonokander.n
nonotunspec. var.panonot1<Not Sure>1.1advTogether with; along with; including.Minosoang tang nanak tang pelta nonot tang mata na.The pus came out of the boil along with the eye.1.2vi., vtTo go along with the wind or current; to go along with, follow closely behind a person; to include something with other things; to follow with one's eyes.Panonot tang motor ong mageyep animan madasig tang biahi.The pumpboat is going along with the wind and so the trip is fast.Madasig tang biahi amen ang nagalin ong Cuyo tenged panonot tang mageyep.Our trip was quick coming from Cuyo island because the wind was with us. Ang taw ang pagdoadoa, midio langeb ang agpanonot lamang maski ong aypa eyepen tang mageyep.A person who doubts, he is like a wave which just goes along in whichever direction the wind blows.Nonoton mo kay tang mola ang ba-long pagadal ang papanaw.Follow closely behind the child who is just learning to walk.Ipanonot tang lambong tang patay ong longon.The dead person's clothes will be included in the casket.Panontan mo kay mga ongaypa paning tanira.Follow with your eyes where they go.anttabid 12vi., vt2.1Figuratively, to go along with another person's opinion or wishes; to go along with the norm.Ang taw ang agpanonot ang pirmi ong doma, anday sadiling isip na.A person who is always going along with others' opinions has no mind of his own.Indi dapat panontan mo tang kaliagan tang ana mo tenged sia ibael na.You should not go along with what your child wants because that is the habit he'll grow up with.Mandian mal da tang prisio tang asokar, maski tanopasia barato pa tang bakal nira, ipanonot da nira ong alawig ang prisio.Nowadays the price of sugar is high, even though earlier they bought their stock for a low price, but now they will go along with the higher prices.