Agutaynen - English


nge-ngetviActor: mag-For a child or a dog to whimper, wanting something.Angay pirmiang pagnge-nget atan, onopay agpa-dolon mo?Why are you always whimpering there, what are you asking for?
ngey-ngeyunspec. var.mangey-ngey1adjmangey-ngeyFor firewood to be green and therefore difficult to light, i.e. it will not easily start burning.Indi kang lagi igatong mo tang ba-long langaw, sia ilaw pa ig mangey-ngey pa.Don't use the newly gathered wood for fuel, it's still green and still difficult to light. Ang gatongo nalbay ta koran, animan mangey-ngey. My firewood got wet in the rain, so now it is damp and won't easily start burning.antdet1 1si-kat 12viActor: magpa-To use damp firewood; to coax damp wood to burn, catch on fire.Nalotoko ka tang dinongkol maski nagpangey-ngeyo lamang tang gatong ang lebay.I was able to cook the rice even though I had to coax the damp firewood to catch on fire.rel wddet1 1parēt
ngiawviActor: mag-, -om-ngiawTo meow, as of a cat; for a child to sound like a cat when it cries.Mga ang kosi gaongaw ta yan, pagngiaw ta doro.When the cat smells fish, she meows and meows. Pisan da lamang ngingiaw-ngiaw tang molang asia tang i-yak, sotil kaman.That child is crying like a cat meowing, he truly is spoiled.
ngilinunspec. var.mangilin1adjmangilin, ngilinanStingy; selfish.Ang kamalay amen masiadong mangilin ong pamangan.Our neighbor is really selfish with food.antmakiki2vtActor: mag- Goal: -anTo be stingy, selfish with giving something; to just dole things out in small amounts.Angay ang ana mo ay agngilinan mo ta gatas?Why are you stingy about giving your child milk?antabondapagostoov synkoripot 1makikirel wdispot 1
nginginSmall sucker fish, scientifically known as remora fish.These small slender fish have suction cups right under the head. They attach themselves to whales, sharks, turtles, and large fish in a symbiotic relationship. They eat debris clinging to the fish's skin and in that way they clean the fish.
ngirit-ngiritnA type of rounded clam shell, yellowish-white, with a pointed hinge. (They are found in the muddy tidal flat and are edible.)rel wdbabakalanbagasaybelekkibaw
ni1sg. pers. mkrOccurs before proper names, or before certain kinship terms (nontopic).Nalipat tang kolintat ni Maria. Maria's necklace was lost.I-dol mo kay tang linogaw ang na ong ni Lolo. Please give this rice porridge to Grandpa.
ni21negNor; neither.Indi tanandia panginem ni magsogal indi matako.He neither drinks nor gambles, he doesn't even know how.2exprni yoy, ni yayNeither me, nor anyone.Ni yoy, ni yay, anda ra kay naglisinsia ang magalin.Neither of me, nor of anyone, no one asked permission before leaving.ov synmaski
nibilnLevel, used by carpenter.
nigararchaicvi., vtActor: mag- Goal: -anTo deny something.India ra magnigar mga yaway nangomit tang koartao.Don't you deny it if you're the one who took my money.ov synbo-li 1
nigosianti1nBusiness person.
nigosianti2der. ofnigosioBusiness person.
nigosio1nnegosyoBusiness.Ang nigosio na ay dorong kabinta tenged barato.Her business has many customers because things there are less expensive.2viActor: mag-To have, be in business; to run a business.Pamagnigosio tanira ta tambalang ong Algeciras.They are in the seaweed business on Algeciras island.rel wdpanaw 1nigosianti2der.n
Nigrovar. ofNigraprop. nlahing itimBlack race; a person of African descent.
nilo1adjmaniloTo be very sour as to hurt the teeth.2viActor: mag-To react sensitively, specifically of teeth, as in response to a sharp sound or sour taste.Mga mamangano ta kawmanggang ilaw pagnilo tang isio.When I eat mango fruit that is unripe my teeth react sensitively.
niñanNewborn baby girl.
ninangnGodmother a female sponsor for a baptism, wedding, or confirmation. (The male counterpart is ninong.)The child refers to his godmother as his/her ninang and also uses it as a term of address, for example, Ninang Maria. Most godparents give a bit of money or a small gift to their godchildren at Christmas. Those who are wealthy sometimes help with medical or educational expenses.antmaninay
nindio1pers. prnYou (plural); yours (plural).Na pasalobong para ong nindio. This is a gift for you all. 2nYour place, your house.Paningo rin don ong nindio. I'd like to come there to your house. 3pers. prnYou (plural).Angay agbandanano nindio mga anday ibidinsia?Why are you accusing me when there is no evidence?rel wdmi
niningnTerm of reference or address for a little girl.anta-ingdodoy
ninitunspec. var.maninit1adjmaninit, kaninitTo be so thin as to see the bones; emaciated.Ang babay ang asi doro kaninit ta sinangoni asta doli na gitaen da.That girl, her body is so very thin and her bones can even be seen.2viActor/Undergoer: mag-To become extremely thin, with the bones showing.Angay mas nagninit tang babay ang asia, indi ra bato pamangan?Why has that woman become even thinner, do you suppose she doesn't eat?ov synniwang 1pa-sel
niñonNewborn baby boy.Santo Niño1der.n
ninongnGodfather; a male sponsor for a baptism, wedding, or confirmation. (The female counterpart is ninang.)The child refers to his godfather as his/her ninong and also uses it as a term of address, for example, Ninong Pedro. Most godparents give a bit of money or a small gift to their godchildren at Christmas. Those who are wealthy sometimes help with medical or educational expenses.antmaninoy
ninopainterr. prn1kaninoWhose (singular).Ninopa nang lapis tang nabo-log ong tanek?Whose pencil is this that fell on the ground?2Whom (singular).Ong ninopa i-dolo naning koarta?To whom shall I give this money?rel wddanopa
niopers. prn1You (singular); yours (singular).Na tang yaningo ong nio. This is what I will tell you. Nio sigoro tang tsinilas ang nani.Perhaps these rubber slippers are yours.2You (singular).Angay indi tinaganano nio ta tera?Why didn't you set aside any viand for me?rel wdmo