Agutaynen - English


narangha2var. ofarangha2nsuhaPomelo tree or fruit. (This is a large citrus fruit similar to a grapefruit but with thicker skin.)
narin1nārinvar. ofna21adv. locHere (close to speaker and hearer).Narin da tang mga bisita.The visitors are here now.2dem. prnThis; this one here (close to speaker and hearer).Indi ga-dolan tang molang narin. This child here wasn't given any.
nars1var. ofners1EngnNurse.
Nasarenoprop. nThe very large statue of Christ with a crown of thorns, dressed in a maroon robe, and carrying a large cross. (It statue is taken out of storage before Holy Week and placed in front of the church.)
nasionnnasyon; bansaNation.ov synbanoa 1
nasobrader. ofsobraLeftover or extra food, etc.
nataw<Not Sure>
natetenged1advtungkol; hinggilWith regards to; concerning; about.Ang miting ta mandian ay natetenged ong gingabot ang pista.Our meeting today is about the forthcoming town fiesta.Osoyono tang inaning na natetenged ong yen tenged belag ta matod.I will follow up on what she said about me because it is not true.Yading istoria na natetenged ong pagyayanen.He has many stories about fishing.2exprmga natetenged ongAs for; regarding.Mga natetenged ong yamen, mo-ya ka tang mga sinangoni amen.As for us, we are also in good health.
natoraladjnatoral, natoralislikasNatural; expected and accepted circumstances; customary; ordinary.Simpri mga tēb tang talsi natoral tēb ka tang soba.Of course if the sea is at high tide it is natural for the river to also be at high tide.Natoral lamang ang babay dapat pakatawa.It is natural that a woman should get married.Ang natoralis ong yamen, mga ang balo napandigo ra, dapat ang mga taw mantalok ong babalayan nira.What is customary in our place, when the widow has finished bathing, people should hide in their houses.Some believe that the first person to see a widow coming home from the bathing place will also be widowed.ov synogali 1
nay1nTerm of address for one's mother, much like 'Mom' in American English.Nay, pabisay ka.Mom, bless me please.antnanaytay1
nay2nalingAunt; auntie. (This is a term of reference or address for one's aunt or an older woman.)Namisita si Nay Maria tang mga angken na don ong Puerto.Auntie Maria visited her nieces and nephews there in Puerto [Princesa City].anttay2ov syntata2
nemnēm1nkaloobanFeelings; emotions; inner being; disposition.Naglain tang nem na ong yen tenged indi na-dolano tang agministiren na ong yen.His feelings were offended because I didn't give him what he was needing from me.Sigoro ang kamalay gasilag din piro mandian naolikan da ka tang nem na.Maybe the neighbor was mad but her feelings have recovered now.Masit tang nem na tenged ong binitala mo.Her feelings are hurt by what you said.Ipaita mi ong tanan ang taw ang masinlong nem mi.Show to all people your good disposition. 2vtUndergoer: -enTo feel or think about something deeply, in one's heart, without expressing it verbally.Teta maski onopay agnēmen tang taw, gata-wanan ka enged.Sometimes whatever a person is thinking in his heart, it is also known by others.rel wdkinaisipan2konsinsia 1popotokonalawid tang nemder.exprMidio alawid tang nem tang mga ana ong tatay nira tenged pirming pagbiahi.It seems the children are emotionally distant from their father because he is always traveling.bogos ong nemder.advKaministiran bogos ong nem ta tang pagsagod ta ong mga ginikanan ta, tenged maning atan tang kaliagan tang Dios.Our caring for our parents must be wholeheartedly, because that is what God desires.dibabak ta nem3der.exprAng taw ang dibabak tang nem na mapinsinsiaen.A person who is humble is very patient.gapelek-pelek ta nem2der.exprPisan ang gapelek-pelek tang nemo ong logodong asiang madegdeg.I feel emotionally distant from my brother who is very unfair.indi mapabetang tang nem2der.exprIndi mapabetang tang nem na tenged ong nabalitan ming nagmasit tanandia.She had no peace of mind because she heard the news that he had become ill.kontra ong nemder.exprGaning tanandia, indi ra lolod ong mga ribolto tenged kontra ono ong nem na.He said he no longer kneels in front of religious statues because he says it's against his conscience. liminenget tang nemder.exprAsing pagpa-dek ni Jesus ong taw ang asia, liminenget tang nem na ong nandia.When Jesus looked at that person he felt affection for him (literally, his feelings drew close to him).mabelat ong nem2der.exprMabelat ong nem ang tomabido ong nio tenged teta agintirimiseno nio.It is difficult for me to go along with you because you often tease me.malakan da tang nem2der.exprMalakan da tang nemo tenged naolik da tang anaong nalipat.I'm feeling relieved now (lit. my feelings are now light) because my child who was missing has returned home.nonot ta nem1der.exprPisan ang nononot tang nemo ong tangayong ba-long kinatawa.My heart really longs for (lit. goes along with) my friend who just got married.panalig tang nem1der.exprAsing nabagatan na tang kasoay na, panalig tang nem na tenged yadi tang aroman na.When he ran into his enemy, he was unafraid because he had a lot of companions.
nemannēman1adjGood; kind; gentle; considerate; well-behaved; likeable; conscientious.Nēman tang ari mong asia, inding pisan pagini-yak.That younger sibling of yours is well-behaved, he doesn't cry at all.ov synmo-ya1 12vi., vtActor: magnēman, magpanēmnēm Undergoer: panēmanTo become or act well-behaved; to behave, be good; to be conscientious; to do something well, conscientiously, wholeheartedly.Magnēman sia tanandia tong prisoan.He will become well-behaved there in prison.Magpanēmnēma, ha?You be good, okay?Korang lamang makolpotano ra tang prosigir agod mapagadal amo pagkatapos indi amo ka nagpanēmnēm ang nagadal.I nearly died working hard so you could study and then you weren't conscientious about studying well.Maski onopay boaten mi, panēman mi ang midio belag ta taw tang agsirbian mi, kondi ang Gino.Whatever you do, do it wholeheartedly as if it is not man you are serving, but rather the kanēmander.nDapat ang indi baliwalaen ta tang mo-yang kanēman ang agpaita tang Dios ong yaten.We should not disregard the kindness that God shows to mo-yang kanēmander.advMaski agpaliwagan amo, pamagagoanta amo ong mo-yang kanēman. Even if you are being persecuted, you are enduring it without complaint. Ala, magtomboyan amo ong mo-yang kanēman. Okay now, be reconciled with a good attitude.
ne-neknSmall biting bugs that live in the sand that are hard to see; sandflies; gnats.
ners2var. ofnars2EngnNurse.
nga1lkrLinks words together in phrases.Doroa nga babayan tang aroman na.His companions were two women.
nga2rel. prnLinks a relative phrase to a noun; That; which; who.Ang pinling asi, pinli nga nagalin ong iloloak ang ganingen magi.That rope, it is rope which is made from the plant called magi.antang3na5
nga3complComplementizer linker; that; to.Indio naganing nga tanandia tang nagtakaw!I didn't say that he stole it!Sigorōn tang lagi nga mabaked tang teked na.Let's first make sure that its tether is strong.antang4na6
nganiptlIndeed; really; definitely; very.Mandian, pag makinit da ngani tang kandoagan, i-tang da tang epat ang botiliang mantika.Now, when the frying pan is already very hot, put in the four bottles of oil.Belag ngani ta para ong nio, oman kinomit mo.That indeed was not yours, but you went ahead and took it.India pa ngani ga-dol tang bolontad mo, oman molika ra?You really haven't given your contribution, but then you'll go on home?"Angay bato mapalet pa maski Mayo ra?" "Ngani!" "Why do you suppose it's still so windy even though it's already May?" "Why indeed!" rel wdkaman
ngari-ngitviActor: ngangari-ngit, pagngari-ngitTo bleat, as of a goat or a person who seems to bleat when they laugh.Ang kambing ay ngangari-ngit tenged natabed-tabed tang teked na ong bantol-bantol.The goat is bleating because its rope is tangled in the thorn bush.Gerepano tang mga babay ang pirming pagngari-ngit. I really feel irritated by a woman who bleats like a goat (i.e. when she laughs).