Agutaynen - English


namag-v. affpfxPast tense, actor focus plural.Namaglotok ami ta soman asing Mal ang Kaldaw.We cooked sticky rice this past Holy Week.
namag--anv. affPast tense, actor focus reciprocal.Namagsorontokan tang mga baleng don ong plasa.The drunks hit each other there in the plaza.
namaN-v. affpfxPast tense, actor focus plural.Sigoro namamista tanira animan indi naolik ang lagi.Maybe they attended the fiesta and that is why they didn't come home immediately.
namansi-v. affpfxPast tense, actor focus, plural (simultaneous) action.Namansilapot lamang tanira ong talamban tenged sirado tang porta.They just all went through the window because the door was closed.
nameknmumoCrumbs of food.
namintaunspec. var. ofminta
naN-v. affpfxPast tense, actor focus.Nanambeka pala.You've really gotten fat. Namangan ami ra kang lagi.We ate right away.Nongapon nangalap ami ta mga sirgoilas don ong aboat.Yesterday we picked some Spanish plums there uphill aways.
nanaarchaicnlolaGrandmother; Grandma (term of reference and address).Poros da kolit tang boa ni Nana ba-lo napatay.Grandma's hair was entirely white before she died.antlolarel wdmama
nanak1nnanaPus.2viActor: mag-For a wound to fester, become infected, i.e. to develop or ooze pus.Sia magnanak tang igad mo mga indi limpioan mong pirmi.You'll see, your wound will develop pus if you don't always clean it.3statnanaken daFor a wound or boil to be yellow and full of pus, i.e. to be infected.Nanaken da tang kakayong natenek ta lama.My foot which was pierced by a thorn is full of pus now.4vtUndergoer: paN--en (pananaken)To cause the pus to come out of a boil usually by piercing it with a needle.Pananaken mo ra siang pelta mo para indi ra semenget-senget.Cause the pus to come out of that boil of yours so that it will no longer throb with a sharp pain.rel wdpelta 1
nanayninay; nanay; mama; inangMother. (Term of reference and term of address.)Si Nanay tang kākan ong nirang mamaglogod.Mother is the oldest among her siblings.Ang mga gege-ley ang mga kambing pamagdilem ong nanay nira.The baby goats are looking for their mother. antnay1tatay 1tatay 1.1
nandiapers. prn1Him; her.Ang ana na pirming pama-dol ong nandia. Her child is always asking things from her. 2His; her, hers.Ang yen ang koarto may talamban na, piro ang nandia anda.My room has a window but hers doesn't.Nalobot da tang nandiang koarta.His money is all gone.ov synna33He; she.Pagoliko, inatedo nandia sa-sad ong kanto.When I went home he escorted me as far as the corner.ov synna4
nangnOlder Sister.Nang Maria, aria pa paning?Older Sister Maria, where are you going?This is the term of address and reference for a woman who is a few to several years older than oneself. The term is used together with the person's name.antnongov synmanang
nanga-v. affpfxPast tense, actor focus plural.Dorog kapoirsa tang mageyep animan nangabo-log tang mga bine-lad.The wind was very strong therefore the clothes hanging up to dry all fell off.
nani11adv. locHere (close to speaker).Nanio ra ong Puerto, kiminaboto talabi.I'm here now in Puerto [Princesa City], I arrived last night.2dem. prnnani, naThis; this one (close to speaker).Nani ra tang agpa-dolon mo ong yen.This is what you were asking from me.3exprNani ra.Here it is. (Said when handing something to a person, or when something has been found.)
nantakonn., advsantaonLast year.Nantakon napaning ami ong Puerto.Last year we went to Puerto [Princesa City].anttomakon
napag-v. affpfxPast tense, actor focus, abilitative.Napagboat ami ra ta kolongan para ong baboy ang napalpat.We were able to make a pen for our pig who got loose.
napag--anv. affPast tense, actor focus, reciprocal abilitative.Angay napagsoayan amo?Why did you happen to fight each other?
napamag-v. affpfxPast tense, actor focus plural, abilitative.Napamagboat da ta ba-long balay nira don ong bokid.They have been able to build their new house there out of town.
napatayan1nThe bereaved.rel wdpatay 1
napatayan2der. ofpatayThe bereaved.
narannarraNarra tree or wood.This is a hardwood tree found in forests whose lumber is yellowish-red in color and is used for furniture. However they are protected and it is now illegal to cut down these trees.rel wdipil
naramal1der. ofdamalThe next morning.
naramal2v1The next morning (literally, when it became daybreak).Asta naramal da lamang dōno rang gebeb ong adalem tang pambot.Until the next morning I just crouched there in the bottom of the boat.2naramalanFor something to have occurred earlier at daybreak.Naramalan da tang pela nongayna.Earlier today low tide was at daybreak.rel wdpagaramal2