Agutaynen - English


lastravstatUndergoer: -anTo be tired of doing something because you try and try to no avail, to the point of no longer being motivated.Aglastrano ra ang manobol ong nandia tenged indi ka magparet!I'm tired of asking him to do things because he won't obey!ov synlasay 1rel wdsawa
lastri1npabigatBallast on a boat.2vtUndergoer/Instrument: i- Goal: -anTo use something as ballast; to load a boat with ballast.Ang pambot mga lalarga ay aglastrian ta kenay labi pa mga aggarkilan ang anday karga.When a pumpboat is ready to leave it is loaded with a ballast of sand especially if it is being hired without any cargo.
lata1nlataTin can; large aluminum cookie (biscuit) can with lid.rel wdlaton22ndi lataCanned food, canned goods.Mga kambian tang mageyep ig dorog kapalet, mga di lata lamang tang tera tang mga taw.When the wind is from the northeast, and it's very windy, canned goods are just what people use for their viand.3vtUndergoer/Instrument: i-To use a large cookie can as a measurement; to sell something in a large cookie tin.Linata mo ka tang pinabakal mong kamosi?Did you measure by the can the cassava that you sold?
latabvtUndergoer: -enFor something to be gnawed on or chewed in two.Linatab tang kiro tang teked na animan napo-lot.The dog chewed in two the rope he was tied with and got loose.Ang panti tang manigyan pirming aglataben ta ambe.The net of the fisherman is always being gnawed on by rats.ov synorab1
latagvtActor: mag- Undergoer: i- Goal: -anlatagTo spread something out flat on the ground, for example tree branches or leaves to burn in a field, gravel before laying cement, or clothes to dry in the sun.Nalatag da tang mga ayo ong koma, listo rang sirokon.The tree branches are already spread out in the field, they're ready to be burned.ov synladlad
latakviActor/Undergoer: ma-hulogFor an object to fall off from where it is attached; for fruit to fall off a tree; to fall out from a bag or container.Nalatak tang talamban tenged gabok da.The window fell out because it is rotten.Masiadong kapalet animan nalatak tang tonggo ong tanggetan.It was very windy therefore the coconut-wine container fell off from the coconut tree.Asing pagpandelepo nalatak tang salasioso ig indi naba-yagano.When I was swimming my earring fell off and I didn't feel it.ov syndagdagdogdog 1
la-tawvtActor: mag- Goal: -an, ma--anTo miss doing something; to skip over something that's being worked on; to overlook someone or something.Ang makinao ang paramedbedan teta pagla-taw. My sewing machine sometimes misses stitches.Indi la-tawan mo tang agboniagan mong rosas.Don't skip over any of the flowers that you are watering.Na-dolan mi ra ka tang tanan ta mirinda, taben may nala-tawan mi?You've already served everyone a snack, but maybe you've overlooked someone?ov synlanganrel wdta-lib 1
latawonnLow tide which is a bit deep, with the water covering the sea grasses.Masinlong ipano-sod mga ang pela latawon da.A good time to go out with the triangular so-sod net is when low tide is a little bit deep. rel wdpela 1ribaha 1
latayvi., vtActor: mag- Undergoer/Instrument: i- Goal: -anTo walk on a gangplank or a makeshift bridge; something placed across a canal or muddy area in order to walk to the other side.Indi amo maglatay-latay atan ong tolay ang kawayan, itaben mabo-log amo.Don't walk back-and-forth on that makeshift bridge of bamboo, you might fall.Betangan mo ta ayong malatayan agod indi malbay tang sapatoso.Place a plank here that can be walked across on so that my shoes don't get wet.Onopay ilatay ta tarin ong kanal ang panawan ta?What should we place here across the canal so we can walk across on it?latayander.n
latayander. oflatayGangplank; a wooden walkway to a boat; wooden planks placed across a canal or muddy area.
la-ted1<Not Sure>1.1vi., vtFor a person to move to a different location; to cross over to the other side; to move, transfer something to another place or container; to transplant plants.Ganing tanira loma-ted ong Puerto mandian ang Mayo.They say they will move to Puerto [Princesa City] in May.Oman namagalin tanira ong kampo nira ig namansila-ted ong dobali tang soba.Then they left their camp and crossed over to the other side of the river.Lina-tedo tang katri ong dobaling koarto.I moved the bed to the other room.Ila-tedo tang rosas ong lata para masinlong pa-dekan.I'll transplant the flowers into another tin can so that they will look nice.2vi., vt2.1vtTo spread news or gossip from one person to another.India magpala-ted maski ong ninopa tang binalitao ong nio.Don't spread the news that I told you to anyone.
latigo1nlatigoA long whip used during the Spanish era. (They were made of rattan, or sometimes the long tail of a manta stingray.)2vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -onTo whip or flog a person using this long whip.Sigoro ang bagay ong taw ang asia latigon. Maybe that person deserves to be whipped. rel wdkastigopalo2der. ofpalo1
latiknlatikSweet, brown candy-like pieces left after coconut milk is boiled until it becomes oil.
latingvtActor: mag- Undergoer: -en, -anTo twist a child's ear, usually as a form of punishment; to cuff, slap someone on the ears.Mga aggerepano aglatingeno tang talinga na.When I'm irritated I twist his ear.Ala, mageyepan ita ta lastiko, oman latingan lamang.Come on, let's play with rubber bands, the loser will just have his ears cuffed.ov synlanit
la-tog1nla-tog la-togRough, itchy red spots on the skin. (Sometimes they develop a white head on them like pimples.)Yading la-tog la-tog ong emeto, inalato ta namo talabi.My face is covered with many itchy red spots, I was bitten by mosquitoes last night.2viActor: -om- Goal: -anFor such a rash or spots to appear or spread; to have this rash on a part of the body.May lala-tog ong kabala na midio pengged, sigoro nabognoan ni Juan.There is a rash appearing on her arm like pimples, maybe she was affected by the bogno power of Juan.This kind of rash is associated with the belief that certain people cause the rash by flattery, bogno. It is also associated with a skin condition called dalamo which is caused by spirits in the forest.rel wdbogno3 1dalamota-bol2
latog-latogonvar. ofmalatog-latogadjA hard lump in the flesh of a ripe banana, usually a matabia or arikondal banana.
latok1nlatoType of edible seaweed which looks like small clusters of green grapes. (It is dipped in vinegar and eaten raw.)rel wdbitat-bitat2viActor: maN-To gather this type of seaweed.Manlatok ita ong damal ang damal-damal ong Cambian tenged don yadi.We will gather latok seaweed tomorrow morning in barangay Cambian because there is much there.
laton1archaicviUndergoer/Goal: ma--anTo catch, contract an infectious disease.India palenget ong yen, taben malatonana tang key-keyo.Don't get near me, you might catch my cough.ov syntalied 1
laton2nA metal storage container made by a tinsmith. (It can be small or very large, used before the time of plastic containers to store things.)rel wdlata 1
latoyadjFlavor, flavorful; entertaining, fun and lively. (Food has latoy when it is flavorful; food without latoy has no flavor. A program has latoy if it is fun and lively, otherwise it is boring.)Minolik aming māga talabi asing siminelek ami ta programa tenged ang paloa nira anday latoy na.We went home early last night when we watched the program because their show was not entertaining (literally, it had no flavor to it).ov synmasabor
lawarchaicvtActor: maN- Undergoer: -endalawTo visit someone, particularly a sick person or a mother who has just given birth.Manlawo kay ong tangayong pagmasit para mago-ya.I'll visit my friend who is sick so that she'll become well.Older people have a superstition that says before a woman visits a newborn baby, she should take off her jewelry because gold is kontra to a newborn. She should hold the gold jewelry close to the baby's nose so that it can smell it That will prevent the baby from becoming sick or always crying.rel wdbisita 1
lawagannA drainpipe made of long, hollow bamboo; a gutter on a roof.Ang palangogatan kaministiran boatan ta lawagan agod ang wi ay diritso ong kanal.The area for washing dishes needs to have a bamboo drainpipe made for it so that the wastewater goes directly into the canal.rel wdtaralogan2
lawaklāwakviUndergoer: -anTo collapse, faint; to have rapid, irregular breathing, sometimes due to high blood pressure.Indi begen mi si Nanay ang grabi si Lola, itaben lāwakan. Don't tell Mother that Grandmother is gravely ill, she might collapse. Ang linawa na ay pirming lalāwak-lāwak, sigoro aggampangen ta taw.Her breathing is always rapid, maybe people are talking about her.This is a traditional belief still held by some people.ov syndismayalipeng 1rel wdkebakelba
lawa-lawanCobwebs; spider web.