Agutaynen - English


lapounspec. mag- Undergoer: -anbanliTo steam or scald food in hot water; to parboil food.Paglapo tanandia tang karning binakal na para masinlong geret-gereten.She is scalding the meat she bought so that it will be easy to slice.La-boan mo kay naning tambalang agod may teraen ta.Please steam this seaweed so we can have it for our viand.ov synsolpo2viUndergoer: malapoan, mala-boanTo be scalded by a hot liquid.Pabawon mo kay lagi ba-lo inemen mo tang kapi, itaben mala-boana.Cool off the coffee first before you drink it or you might be scalded. ov synpaso1
lapok1nFever blister full of water.2vstatUndergoer: -onTo have fever blisters.Mga aglapokon tang mola, agkinten ka.When a child has fever blisters, he also has a fever.rel wdlimpokan
lapot11viActor: -om-For a person or animal to pass through a space, opening; for something to pass or drain through to the other side of something.Don liminapot ong dobaling porta tang kirong takaban.The greedy dog went out there through the other door.Ang kalimao na-bek tang singgoay, lapot ong dobali.My finger was stuck by the needle and it went through to the other side.2vtActor: magpa- Undergoer: ipa-To pass something in or through a hole or crack.Ang ged mo ay don pinalapoto ong telang.Your machete is there where I passed it through a space in the floor.lapotander.nAng kolongan tang baboy dapat may lapotan tang wi para indi magkalpot.The pigpen should have a drain hole for the water so that it won't become stinky.
lapot2vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -ongapusinTo bind or tie up a person by the arms or feet, or an animal by the feet, usually with a rope.Linapot nira tang priso ba-lo ingkelan ong loa agod indi mapaglayas.They bound the prisoner before taking him outside so that he wouldn't be able to escape.Lapoton kang lagi tang baboy ba-lo simbangen.First tie the pig's feet together before weighing it.
lapotander. oflapot1An exit, place where something can go out; a drain hole.
lapo-yak1adjmalapo-yakSlimy, sticky, as of okra or tagabang leaves.Malapo-yak tang yan ang binakalo.The fish I bought is slimy. Ang okra mga masobran tang lāga ay malapo-yak. When okra is overcooked it is slimy. 2vi., vtActor: mag- Undergoer: pa--anFor something to become slimy or sticky; to intentionally make something sticky.Indi kalo-kalon mo siang silik sia madaling maglapo-yak. Don't shake that sea urchin, it will quickly become sticky inside.ov synmalanat-lanatrel wdlagket 1la-nek 1
laravtActor: mag- Undergoer: -anTo start weaving the bottom of a basket using strips of bori or pandan leaves, or to start weaving the edge of a sleeping mat.Maglarao ta tamping agod mga labi may agpolawano. I'll start weaving strips into a large basket so that I'll have something to work on late at night.antsi-lit2tampet2
larenbatu-batoWild pigeon.rel wdmarapati
larga1viActor: -om-To leave from the pier, riding on a pumpboat or launch.Mga matapos ang magkarga lomarga ita ra.When we have finished loading the cargo we will be leaving. rel wdlayag 1tāy 1
larga2vtUndergoer: -anluwagTo let out a rope further; to loosen or lengthen a tether; to make an article of clothing looser, wider.Largān mo tang pondo tang motor agod makayam ong langeb.Let out the anchor rope of the boat so that it can ride along with (lit. play in) the waves.ov synparoros 1
largoarchaicnpantalonLong pants; trousers.antkalioliot 1
larip1nAny kind of root crop that has been peeled, cut into pieces, and dried in the sun.2vtActor: maN- Undergoer: -enTo prepare a root crop in this way in order to preserve it.Ang domang kamosi laripen ta ra lamang agod pabailoan ta amek.We'll just peel, cut up, and dry the other cassava in order to exchange it for a sleeping mat.rel wdraspa1 1
lasa11nlasaThe taste of something; flavor.Anday lasa na tang linotok mong karni.The meat you cooked has no taste. 2vtGoal: -anTo taste something.Angay makasin tang tera, linasan mo ka?Why is the viand so salty, did you taste it?ov synsamit 1tamtam
lasa2vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enTo cut a tree into lumber using hand tools.Inorab ta anay tang papa ta nioy ang ganing lasaen. The termites chewed up the coconut tree that they said they would cut into lumber by hand. Mga paglasa ta papa ta nioy agkomiten tang lōbo na.When the coconut tree is sawed by hand into lumber, the soft center part is removed.
lasawnA type of small, slender, red snapper fish. (It is pink and blue in color.)rel wddalagang bokidmaya-maya
lasay1<Not Sure>1.1vstatTo be fed up with or sick of trying to do something.Aglasayano ra tang bitala ong nio, doroag ka bengel ang mola.I'm fed up with trying to talk to you, you're such a deaf child.2vstat2.1adjFlat tasting; tasteless; flavorless or not salty enough; well water that is fresh, i.e. not salty.Malasay tang tinimpla mong kapi.The coffee you made is tasteless (i.e. lacking sugar or milk).Malasay tang wi nira maski alenget ong baybay.Their well water is fresh water even though it is close to the beach.antmakasinmasabor2.2viFor something to lose its flavor; for a relationship to lose its closeness or intimacy (lit. lose its flavor).Onopa bato tang dailan angay naglasay da tang pagtangayan nira?What do you suppose was the reason that their friendship lost its closeness?
lasi1n1Crescent moon.2pala-yenWaxing crescent moon.
lasi2ngilagidGum, of the mouth.
lasik1viUndergoer: ma-punitFor something to accidentally rip or tear.Nalasik tang kaliolioto asing natomba ami ong motor.My pants ripped when we fell off the motorcycle.2vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enTo rip or tear something.Komiten mo tang libro ong mola, itaben lasiken na.Take the book away from the child, he might rip it.ov synba-bak 1la-lat 1ra-rat 1
la-sik1<Not Sure>1.1vi., vtFor water, oil, rice, etc. to splash out over the top of a container, or to splatter against something; for something to be splashed on or splattered on.Loay-loayan mo lamang ang magboniag, lala-sik tang wi ong lebleb.Slow down your watering of the plants, the water is splashing out against the wall.Ang emeto nala-sikan ta mantika asing pagpritō.My face was splattered with cooking oil while I was frying food.anttalsikanttalsik2vi., vt2.1viFor something to fly out from where it was placed.Lina-sik tang bolpino tenged pagsinikado.My ballpoint pen flew out of my hand because I was running fast.
laskotaarchaicnSmall sail on a large sailing boat, including the rope.rel wdlayag 1
lason1nlasonPoison.Sigoro nagbetang si Juan ta lason don ong may koma nira, animan napatay tang mga mano amen.Maybe Juan put poison on their farm field and that is why our chickens died.2vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -on, ma-To poison a person or animal; to be poisoned.Linason na tang kirong takaban.He poisoned the dog who was always after food.rel wdilo2 1
lasona1nbawangGarlic.Ang lasona agboaten ang panagang kontra ong mangalok.Garlic is used as an amulet against witches.2vtGoal: -anTo add garlic to a recipe.rel wdloyagongaw-ongaw da ta lasona1id.expr
lastekvar. ofbastek1adjpaslitImmature; still young (not yet an adult).India ra kay maginem, lasteka pa.Please don't drink, you are still immature. Basteka pa, india kay ma-pen ong mga mepet.You are still young, you shouldn't join in with the adults.antidad 3ka-lagmaslittegat 22viUndergoer: galastekan pa To still be immature, still maturing.Indi ra tobayen mo tang ari mo, sia galastekan na pa. Don't antagonize your younger brother, he's still immature.antka-lagmaslittegat 1ov synlebed 1mola 1
lastikolástikoEngngomaRubber band; elastic.