Agutaynen - English


lansadiranThe wooden case for the shuttle used in weaving on a traditional loom; the bobbin case of a sewing machine.Ang kalinias ay totogob ong lansadira. The bobbin is inserted into the bobbin case. rel wdkalinias 1tidal
lansang1npakoCarpenter's nail.2vtActor: mag- Undergoer: i- Goal: -anTo pound nails; to nail something down, or to something else; to affix something with a nail; to crucify (lit. nail on cross).Ilansang mo kay tang da-tal ang lelkag da.Please nail down the part of the floor that is lifting up.Angay india ra mapagalin ong agkarongan mo, linansanga ra?Why don't you ever leave what you are sitting on, are you nailed to it?May doroang kriminal kang pinadengan nira ong ni Jesus ang linansang. There were also two criminals who they crucified along with Jesus.3viUndergoer: ma-To be accidentally step on a nail, be pierced by a nail.Panimpeng da tang kakayong nalansang. My foot that was pierced by a nail is swelling up.
lansangannbayanTown; downtown.Molika ong lansangan andamal?Will you go home to town tomorrow?This term is used for the main area of a town or municipality. The Tagalog equivalent is bayan.rel wdbario
lansarvi., vtActor: mag-, -om- Goal: -anTo run for election; to campaign; to be a candidate; the position one is running for.Indi ra tanandia lomansar mga anday pondo na tenged awat lamang.He will not run for election anymore if there are no funds because it is just useless.Onopay aglansaran mo? Pagkakapitan?What position are you running for? Barangay Captain?ov synkandidato 1
lansitanlanseta, kurtaplomaPenknife; folding knife; jackknife.
lantapadjFor the ocean to be completely calm, flat.Ang talsi mandian lantap, masinlong magbiahi.The ocean is flat today, it's good for traveling.antmalangeb
lantat1viUndergoer: ma-For a knot to become untied or slip out.Sinlon mo ta pagbe-ket tang paod agod indi malantat. Make the tying of the nipa palm shingles good so they won't become untied. ov synbitat 12vtActor: -om-, maN- Undergoer: -enTo untie a slip knot by pulling one end.Lantaten mo ra lamang tang yan ong togan na.Just pull the slip knot to untie the fish on the string.Lomantata ra lamang ta tera mong daing.Just pull down from the string a dried fish for your viand.
lanternEngnparolChristmas lanterns made of colored cellophane paper or tissue, or native materials.They can be various shapes (airplanes, balls, small houses, bells) but the most common shape is the star. See istar-2 for an explanation of how these lanterns are made.ov synistar2 1parol
lantok1viActor: -om- Undergoer: -en To throb with pain, to hurt on and off, specifically of the head or a tooth.Pisan ang lalantok-lantok tang isio talabi.My tooth was really throbbing with pain last night.ov synsenget-senget
lantok2vtActor: -om-, maN- Undergoer: -onTo break or snap off the top of a stalk of rice; idiomatically, to harvest rice.Mintras papanaw tang mga taw namanlantok tanira ta pirapang koay ang paray oman aggeyeben nira.While the people were walking they broke off a few stalks of rice and bit them open with their teeth to eat the kernels.Mimpisao ra rin ang manlantok tang komao.I'm about to start harvesting my rice field.rel wdayeg 1
lantsavar. oflansa1nlantsaLaunch. (This refer to large wooden boats used for shipping cargo such as bags of rice, cement. The term also refers to large steel commercial fishing boats with lights and rigged with large nets.)Pamagkarga pa tanira ta kopras ong lantsa. They are still loading copra onto the cargo boat. 2viActor: mag-To work on a commercial fishing boat.Napaning tang logodo ong Manila para maglantsa. My brother went to Manila to work on a fishing boat. rel wdparawpiskador
laod1nlaotThe area of the ocean beyond the reef; out at sea.Ang pamagbila ong laod dorong komit nirang yan tenged adalem.Men who go fishing beyond the reef catch many fish because it is very deep.2viActor: palaodFor a boat to move out to deep water; for fisherman to go out fishing beyond the reef.Palaod ami rin mandian ang garamal.We'll go fishing out beyond the reef in the early morning hours.kalalaodander.n
laogviActor: mag-To wander around; to run around as teenagers will do.Ang mga kabatan mga anday obra nira pamaglaog-laog lamang maski ongaypa.When teenagers have no work to do they just aimlessly wander around wherever.ov synalig 1do-dot2lakwatsa 1tsiog-tsiog
laom1nlaom, paglaomExpectation; hope.Anday laom amen ang maboi pa tang taw ang nalmet.We had no hope that the person who drowned would still live.ov syntalig 12vtActor: mag- Goal: -anTo expect, anticipate something to happen.Indi ami paglaom ang tanandia ay mapasar ong bord iksam.We were not expecting him to pass the board exam.ov synelat 1talig 13advkalaomTo assume or expect something; to think incorrectly about something.Kalaomo naolika ra, na pala narina pa ka ong baybay.I thought you had already gone home, but you are still here on the beach.ov synisip 14nanday kalaomNo knowledge or idea that something was going to happen.Anday kalaomo ang komabota ra mandian.I had no idea that you were going to arrive today.5vtActor: mag- Goal: -anTo think mistakenly and evilly of a person.India maglaom ong tatang taw mga indi gasigoro mo.Don't think evilly about a person if you aren't sure (about the evidence).ov synena-enarel wdbandan
laon1<Not Sure>1.1nOld rice or cashew nuts, which have been stored for 1 to 2 years. (After about one year, the cashew nuts have turned reddish and the meat is shriveled up.)Ang paray ang laon yay ang paray ang pa-bat asing nata-liban ang takon.Rice which is called laon is the rice from last year's harvest.2n2.1Old maid, spinster; old bachelor (literally, old and shriveled up).
laot-laotadv., adjFor people, animals to be able to go into a place unhindered; for wind, rain to directly enter a window, door; to be very direct in speaking to a person; to speak frankly. (This is not polite to do in Agutaynen culture.)Anda ray pagkobring ayo animan laot-laot da tang mageyep mga pamagio.There is no more tree cover and so the wind comes directly in here when there is a typhoon.Ang solar amen laot-laot lamang tang mga taw tenged pirming abri tang poirta tang kodal.Our yard is easily entered by people because the gate of the fence is always open.Angay mga mitalā laot-laot? India matakong magdandan?Why is it when you speak it is so direct? Don't you know how to talk discreetly?ov syndiritso 1rel wddan
laoya1vtUndergoer: -enTo soften meat by boiling it in water.Laoyaen mo kang lagi tang karni ba-lo golayan mo.Soften the meat first by boiling it before you put the vegetable in.2nlaoyaA dish made out of the large bones of a cow or pig. (The bones, along with meat still left on them, are boiled for a long time along with jackfruit and other vegetables.)
laplāpunspec. var.malap1adjmalāpNot long-lasting; quickly runs out.Malāp tang belat ang malpok tenged masabor ig anda pay lekag na.Red native rice doesn't last long because it's delicious and does not expand very much when cooked.Ang belat malāp tenged pirming doro tang agdongkolon mo.The rice won't last long because you are always using so much when you cook rice.antkeret 22vi., vtActor: mag- Undergoer: laplapenFor something to quickly run out; to consume, use something up without restraint.Animan naglāp tang tera, indi pa gabindisionan, may pamama-dol da.The reason the viand quickly ran out was that before it was even blessed, there were those already asking for some.Indi kay lāplāpen mo tang belat, mga malobot anday mabakal ta.Don't quickly consume all the rice, if it runs out we don't have anything to buy more with.antkeret 1ov synlobot 1
lapak-lapak1nSound of footsteps or stomping feet.Talabi nabasio ta lapak-lapak ong balay piro anday taw!Last night I heard footsteps in the house but there was no one there!ov synkatag-katag 12vtActor: mag- Goal: -anTo trample on something.Ang agbebe-lad ang kopras aglapak-lapakan lamang ta mga taw ang tata-lib.The copra that was laid out to dry is just being trampled on by people passing by.ov synliked 1
lapaw1<Not Sure>1.1vi., vtFor water to rise, come up and overflow a boundary, flowing into structures or submerging bridges.Mga pamagio lalapaw tang talsi ong kabantol-bantolan.Whenever there's a typhoon the ocean comes up and overflows into the grove of thorn trees.Linapawan tang tolay tang bā animan indio naolik.The bridge was submerged in the floodwaters therefore I was not able to go home.2vi., vt2.1To grow taller than someone else; to be higher than something else.Lapawana ra tang ana mo, sigoro may toroblien na ang alalawig.Your child has already grown taller than you, maybe he inherited his height from someone.Ang ibabawen nira ay lalapaw da ong taw.Their weeds are already taller than people.
lapidanlapidaSomething made of marble or polished stone and engraved with a name, usually a gravestone or a name marker on a person's office desk.
lapik1vtUndergoer: -enbaliTo intentionally snap or break something in half, or break something off.Lapiken mo lamang tang tangang pagsamber ong paranawan ta.Just break off the branch that is in the way of where we walk.2viUndergoer: ma- Goal: ma--anFor something to accidentally break or break off; to fall and break a bone in the body.Nalapik tang tanga tang abokado tenged nabe-takan ta nioy.The avocado branch broke off because a coconut fell on it.Asing nabo-log si Tay Pedro ong nioy, nalapik tang bisit na.When Uncle Pedro fell from the coconut tree, his lower leg was broken. India kay lomo-bo atan ong katep, malapikana. Please don't jump around there on the roof, you'll fall and break something. ov synbontoklipok
lapi-pid1vtUndergoer: -enTo flatten metal or gold by pounding; hammered gold or silver.Mga magboat ta tilador, primiro lapa-piden kang lagi tang kapotan tang alambri ba-lo pataladen.In making a spear gun, first the end of the metal rod is flattened by pounding and then sharpened to a point.Asing tokaw ang domang mga gamit ong simban boat ong linapi-pid ang bolawan.In the past some of the things in the church were made of hammered gold.2adjmalapi-pidA large rock with a wide, flat top.Masinlong karongan tang batong malapi-pid ong binit tang baybay.A large rock with a flat top is a nice place to sit on the edge of the shore.
lapis2nlapisA type of whitish-gray fish shaped somewhat like a pencil, lapis, with a pointed mouth. (The skin is thick and tough, without scales. They are caught in nets.)