Agutaynen - English


langeb1nalonWaves in the ocean.Geldanong magbiahi mga mababael tang langeb. I am afraid to travel when the waves are real big.2adjmalangeb, kalangebmaalonRough seas, with many big waves or swells.Maski belag ta mapoirsa tang kambian, kalangeb ka enged.Even though the northeast wind isn't strong, nevertheless the ocean is rough. 3adjmalangebenSeas with very big swells.Malangeben baya ong pagtetengan tang Canipo may Linabog.The ocean between Canipo and Linabog islands truly has huge swells.ov synalen 1
langeglāngeg1adjmalāngegantaRancid; musty smelling. (Used about rancid food or clothes that have been sitting in water.)Ang nioy gongaw da ta malangeg, indi ra poiding igata.The coconut meat smells rancid, it can't be used for making coconut milk.2viUndergoer: ma-For something to become rancid or musty smelling.Ang wi mga gatalog ong tonggo galangeg.When water is collected in a bamboo receptacle it becomes musty smelling.rel wdmakalpot
langen1nStones for supporting a pot. (Usually three stones are used); hearth; native stove made of a firebox filled with sand, and stones or a metal rack for setting the cooking pot on. (The fuel used with this kind of stove is firewood.)Enaten mo kay tang kaldiro don ong langen. Please take the pot off the native stove there.Some believe that if a single woman sings while cooking at the stove she will marry a widower.2vtUndergoer: -enTo use something to support a cooking pot.Ang aglangeneno batong mananawa.What I'm using to support a cooking pot are medium sized rocks.ov synkalanrel wdpogon2
langga1viUndergoer: ma- Goal: ma--ansiraFor something to become damaged, broken down, dilapidated, or rotten; for a person to have a machine quit working on them while using it.Ang langkang lotok nalangga ra tenged indi ra nalobot ang napangan.The ripe jackfruit became rotten because it wasn't all eaten up.Nalanggan ami ta makina ong laod.The boat's motor quit working on us out at sea.2statlangga, langga raDamaged; destroyed; broken; in disrepair; dilapidated; rotten.Langga tang leb-leb tang balay tenged pinangan ta anay.The walls of the house are destroyed because they have been eaten by termites.ov syndistroso 1gabok 13vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enTo intentionally break or destroy something, tear something down; to destroy a person's honor, integrity, or personhood; to slander a person.Mabaked pa tang kodal mi, angay aglanggaen mo ra?Your fence is still strong, why are you tearing it down? Ang bitala mong asia panlangga ta dengeg.Those words of yours destroy a person's honor.ov synlaglag1 1rel wdlain 1
langganenntandangA mature rooster that still has its comb intact.Patanggolano ra tang manō ang langganen. I'll have the comb cut off my rooster. rel wdlalangganenlalongtanggol 1
langgaw1nsukaVinegar.Mas masabor tang langgaw mga may sampora nang katombal.Vinegar which has small, hot, chili peppers added to it is more delicious.Ang tobod tang tanggeten mimpisa damal-damal mga kaldaw ang Biernes Santo ig oman lengaten mga alas tres ang apon, oman pabinditan ong padi mga Sabado Gloria, na ya ray ang magimong 'langgaw ang Biernes Santo'.The nectar which is collected starting from early morning on Good Friday and then retrieved at three o'clock in the afternoon, and then blessed by the priest on Holy Saturday, this is what becomes 'vinegar of Holy Friday'.Native vinegar is made from the nectar of the coconut palm or bori palm. When coconut wine is allowed to stand in a jar for 2 to 4 weeks it sours and becomes vinegar. This vinegar is used in cooking.; This special vinegar is kept for medicinal purposes because it's believed to have healing power. It can be rubbed on the body to relieve a sore throat or fever. A small amount can be drank for a cough.rel wdlangis2vtActor: maN- Undergoer: -enTo make coconut wine into vinegar.Ang domang teba indi ra inemen, langgawen ta ra.Let's not drink some of the coconut wine, let's just make it into vinegar. 3vtGoal: -anTo add vinegar to a recipe or dish.Nalanggawan mo ra tang aglotokon ang karni?Have you already added vinegar to the meat dish you are cooking?
langgit1<Not Sure>1.1viFor something to be grazed by something missing its mark, not going directly to the target; to experience a flesh wound.Na-peto rin tang bato ang binanggil na, mo-ya ngani nalanggitan lamang tang kolō.I was nearly struck by the rock he threw, thankfully it just barely grazed my head.2vi2.1vtTo give a hint, speak indirectly about something to someone; to say things loud enough so that the other person can overhear it.Agpalanggitano ka rin si Nanay, may lambong din ang galiagano, piro indi nagsapet.I tried to let Mother know indirectly that there was a dress I really liked, but she paid no attention.
la-ngivtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enTo pull forcefully on something; to tug on something.Indi la-ngien mo tang ari mo, itaben madagpa.Don't tug on your younger sister, she might trip and fall.ov synbeteng1 1
langisnMotor oil.
langis ta nioy1nlangisCoconut oil.Baniosan mo ta langis tang bisit mong pagatel-atel.Rub some coconut oil on your lower leg which is itchy.The oil is made from grated coconut which is cooked until the oil separates out. The oil is used for hair, or for wiping on the body, etc.; On Good Friday at exactly 3:00 p.m. people make large amounts of coconut oil. This is called langis ang Biyernes Santo, the 'coconut oil of Good Friday'. It is blessed by the priest and then kept in bottles and only used for medicinal purposes as it is believed it has special healing powers.rel wdlanggaw 12vtActor: maN- Undergoer: -en Goal: -anTo use coconut oil; to put coconut oil on something.Pisan da kang te-kag tang boa mo, manlangisa kay.You hair is really sticking up, please put some oil on it.Way, ang talsi lantap da, magang linangis! Look, the ocean is totally flat, as if it's been oiled! Nontokaw mga mapalet, ganing ang lagi tang mga mepet, langisan tang patorangkol para maglinaw.In the past if it was windy, the older people would say to wipe oil on the top of the large, black rocks at the beach, so that the weather would become calm.In the past some people believed that rubbing oil on the rocks would cause the ocean to become smooth, like oil. Conversely, if people would intentionally walk or jump on the rocks to make them move around, the weather would become rough and windy.rel wdmantika
langitnlangitSky; heaven.Māyag tang langit talabi, dorong gitaen ang mga bitokon.The sky was clear last night, many stars could be seen.Ang taw onong dorong talak na indi maka-yat tang kalag na ong langit. It is said that a person who has many sins, his soul won't climb up to heaven. ov synkalawig-lawigankalangitander.n
langitnennA kind of rice, white or a bit pinkish in color. (If cooked and left overnight it turns hard. This is the last rice to be harvested on Agutaya, along with legumes, in October.)
langkanlangkaJackfruit. (The fruit can be eaten cooked, or uncooked. When cooked, it is often mixed with coconut milk, or used in a dish called laoya, with boiled beef.)rel wdolorimasrontonsabawan1
langkagvtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enTo wait expectantly; to be in a hurry for something to occur. (This usually refers to good or positive things, not evil or bad things.)India maglangkag ong ni tatay mo, sia mga gademdem ong nindio molik ka.Don't you wait expectantly for your father, when he remembers you he will come home.Aglangkageno rang komabot tang motor.I am expecting the boat to arrive soon.Paglangkag da si nanay mo ong nio tenged labi ra india pa gaolik.Your mother is already waiting expectantly for you because it is night and you haven't gone home yet.Aroy, natampoko ra, sigoro aglangkageno ra tang mga taw ong balay.Oh, I stumbled on a rock, maybe the people at the house are in a hurry for me to come home.Some people believe that stumbling on a rock is a sign that someone is waiting expectantly for you.rel wdelat 1pakabot1unspec. var. ofkabot
langka-langkanA type of snail with a small, flat, round shell with scalloped edges all around. (These snails cling to rocks and are edible.)rel wdsakristan2tolit-tolit
langkawatnA kind of ginger root, very similar to regular ginger, but the smell is a bit different.It is sliced and added to fish paste, yaho, to make it smell good. Unlike other ginger roots, this is not used by folk healers.rel wdkalawag2kamodlaloya
langkingvar. oflanking1<Not Sure>1.1adjCashew nuts which are old, dry, and shriveled up, without any meat inside.Mabael tang kasoy piro langking. The cashew nut was big but it had no meat inside. 1.2viFor dried fish or cashew nuts to become dry and shriveled up due to being dried for too long in the sun.Sobrang pakaldaw tang daing nira animan nalangking da.Their dried fish was dried too long in the sun therefore the flesh is all dried up now.2vi2.1adjA person who is barren, without children (literally, old and dried up).
langkoyarchaic1advImmediately; directly.Nanilaw ami oman langkoy ami ra ang nandelep.We went tide pooling and then we immediately went swimming.2viActor: mag-To do something immediately, directly.Paning ami ong Cambian, oman maglangkoy ami ra ong Villa Fria.We'll go to barangay Cambian, and then directly on to barangay Villa Fria.ov syndayon 1diritso 1
lango11adjtuyoDry, dried up as of leaves, wood, grass, etc.Masiadong kalango tang mga ibabawen tenged doro kakinit.The weeds are very dry because it's been so very hot.antlamayo2viUndergoer: ma-To become dry, dried out.Mga tagkokoron, indi madaling malango tang daing.During rainy season, dried fish does not quickly become dry.rel wdlamayomara 1
lango2nA fully matured coconut nut, brown in color.Its meat is hard and solid white, and when dug out from the shell it has a brown skin attached. The meat is grated from the shell with a ko-kodan grater and used in making coconut milk for sticky rice, or is fed to pigs. It can also be dried to make copra.rel wdlino1nioy 1
langsiunspec. var.malangsi1adjmalangsi, kalangsiFishy smelling.Ang kiw may pali doro kalangsi. Shark and stingray are very fishy smelling. 2vstatUndergoer/Goal: ag--anTo be bothered by fishy smells.Aglangsiano baya ta yan mga aglagaen lamang.I'm really bothered by the fishy smell of fish when it's just being boiled.
lanisintangiliA kind of softwood tree used for carving things or making furniture. (The wood is white or light yellow in color. It can be found on Agutaya.)rel wdlawan
lanitvtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enTo pull and twist someone's ear or sideburns with an upwards motion.Nontokaw ang mga maistra ay aglaniten nira tang mga iskoila mga indi mātako.In the past teachers pulled and twisted their students' ears if they didn't know the lesson.ov synlating