Agutaynen - English


lamisannmesaTable; desk.Limpioan mo kay tang lamisan ang palamanganan.Please clean the table that is used for eating.
la-mitvtActor: maN- Undergoer: -enTo suddenly snatch something out of a person's hand; to seize something.Lina-mit na tang papel ong yen animan nalasik.He snatched the paper away from me therefore it tore.Pabantaya ong kiro, la-miten na tang agpanganen mo.Watch out for the dog, he will snatch what you are eating out of your hands. rel wdkalaw
lamlamnibonBird.Nadēp tang mola ta lamlam don ong papa ta ayo.The boy caught a bird there in the tree.
lamot11nugatRoot of a plant.2vi., vtActor: maN- Undergoer: pa--onFor a plant or flowers to form roots; to allow or cause something to form roots or take root.Indi pa panlamot tang inanawong rosas.The small flowers I planted still have not formed roots.
lamot21ngayumaA magic love charm directed at a person by another in order to cause him/her to be attracted to her/him.antlomay 22vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -onTo put a love charm on someone.Ang babay ang asi ay linamot na lamang animan bigla ka lamang naliliag.That girl there, he just put a love charm on her and so then she suddenly liked him.Men sometimes put a love charm in their cologne in order to cause a woman to be attracted to them.antlomay 1rel wdanting-anting
lampavi., vtActor: -om- Undergoer: -enFor waves to lap against the shore, or wash up against something.Maloay lamang mandian tang lampa tang langeb tenged malinaw.The lapping of the waves against the shore today is gentle because the weather is calm.Aglampaen da tang langeb tang bilog don ong baybay.The waves are washing up against the outrigger there on the beach.ov synkalap-kalap 1rel wdlampak 1
lampak1<Not Sure>1.1vtTo intentionally throw or slam something down forcefully, or smash it against something; to beat or club a person or animal forcefully with a stick or piece of bamboo; to beat a mat, blanket in order to clean it.Ang gitara ang binletano linampak tang tangayo asing labing pagabaleng na.The guitar I borrowed was smashed by my friend last night when he was drunk.Linampak na tang baskit ong tanek tenged gasilag.She slammed the basket down on the ground because she was angry.Onopa? Galiagang ilampako naning palo ong kolo mo?So then? Do you want me to use this whipping stick to beat your head with?Lampakan mo kay tang amek ong talsi, masiado rang makālep.Beat the sleeping mat in the ocean with a stick, it's already smelling badly of urine.2vt2.1viFor a person or animal to collapse, fall over forcefully onto the ground; for something to accidentally fall and crash down on the ground, or accidentally smash into a stationary object.Nalampak tang kiro ong sobrang sikad na.The dog collapsed because of running so hard.Tanandia tang pagbiot tang gitara, animan asing pagadagpa na asta ang gitara nalampak. He was the one holding the guitar, therefore when he tripped the guitar also got smashed.3vi3.1vi., vtThe action or sound of waves crashing on the shore, or hitting against the side of a boat.Lalampak tang langeb ong kabatoan.The waves are crashing against the rocky shoreline.3.2viTo hit or slap the surface of the ocean with steel bars in order to drive the fish into the net in the type of fishing called lamba.Asing paglamba amen indi ami ra malampak ta osto tenged adalem tang talsi.When we were driving fish into the net we weren't able to slap the surface of the water very well because the ocean was too deep.
lamparanA small lamp made out of an oyster shell with a cotton wick and coconut oil for the fuel.ov synkingki 1
lampas1advlampasPast a certain point; after, past a certain time.Nagpanaw ami ong Villa Fria lampas pa ong kaloloakanan.We walked to barangay Villa Fria past the area of irrigated rice fields.Minolik ami talabi lampas da ong alas onsi.We went home last night after 11:00 o'clock.ov synmalapaspasadorel wdsa-sad 1tegka 12vtGoal: ma--anTo go past something by mistake.Nalampasan ta ra tang balay nira.We went past their house.
lampasovtActor: mag- Goal: -anlampasoTo mop a floor.Lampasoan ta kay tang da-tal, doro rag kaboling tenged ong koran.Let's mop the floor, it is really dirty because of the rain.
lampin1nlampinCloth diapers.antga-net 22vi., vtActor: mag- Goal: pa--anTo wear diapers; to put diapers on a baby, have a child wear diapers. (This also includes putting diapers on elderly people who are incontinent.)Angay agpalampinan mo pa tang ana mo maski mabael da?Why are you still having your child wear diapers even though he's big already?antga-net 1
lamponayanlamponayaA kind of medicinal leaf, violet in color. (The leaf can be used for a toothache and is plastered on the side of the jaw.)
lampongvtActor: maN- Undergoer: -on, ma-For something that is attached to be removed by the hand by breaking or snapping it off, or picking it (as of fruit); for something to be severed or cut off with a swiping action.Manlampongo kay tang kalamonggay mo.I'll just break off some leaves from your horseradish tree, okay?Indi kay lampongon mi tang paomangga, gege-ley pa.Please don't pick any of the mangoes yet, they are still small.Ang kasoy amen linampong si ta mamola.Once again our cashew fruit had the nuts snapped off by children.Nalampong tang talinga tang kiro asing sinibatan tang taw.The dog's ear was cut off when it was struck with a machete by the man.ov synalaplapik 1potol 1
lananWool; yarn.rel wdilo1
lanagannSea anemones found in coral reefs.taw tang lanagan1der.n
lanasnlawaLake.rel wdtalsi 1
lanayvstatUndergoer: lalanay daTo be totally exhausted, without any more strength; to feel weak and limp.Ong sobrang sinikad na, pagkabot na lalanay da lamang.Because he ran so hard, when he arrived he was already weak and limp.Aroy, agle-meno ra, lalanayo ra si.Oh my, I'm so hungry, I'm already feeling weak from it.
landinganEngnpaliparanAirstrip (lit. place for a small plane to land).
landiwaknA type of medium-sized cavalla or trevally fish caught in nets. (They are gray, wide-bodied with no scales. Near the tail there is a sharp triangular piece of cartilage. They are caught with hook and line.)rel wdkogoymanimango
la-nek1adjmala-nekSticky, hard to remove; thick consistency.Mala-nek tang tagek tang langka, maboay ang makomit ong kalima.The sap of the jackfruit is sticky, it takes a long time to get it off your hands.Masabor tang linogaw mga mala-nek. Rice porridge tastes good when it's thick. 2vi., vtActor: mag- Undergoer: pa--en To become thick in consistency; to cook something until it becomes thick or sticky.Goalen mong pirmi tang linogaw agod madaling magla-nek. Keep stirring the rice porridge so it will quickly become thick. ov synlagket 1rel wdpenet1 1
lanet1viUndergoer: ma-For plants, leaves, crops to become dried up, withered.Pinabayan na rang magboniag tang mga rosas na, animan nalanet. She neglected to water her flowers therefore they withered. 2statlanet daDried up, withered.Lanet da tang paray ong sobrang palet.The rice is all dried up due to so much wind.rel wdlango1 1longayngay
langalānga1nMooing sound of a cow.Gailalao tang lānga tang baka amen.I recognize the mooing sound of our cow.2viActor: mag-For a cow to moo.Angay bato paglānga tang baka, sigoro pagdilem tang ana na.Why do you suppose the cow is mooing, maybe it's looking for its mother.
langanvtActor: magpa- Undergoer: ipa-libanTo intentionally skip or miss something, or be absent; to habitually do something every other time or every other day.Magpalangana kang lagi ang tenled tenged anday magbantay ong ari mo.Just skip a day of school because there is no one to watch your younger sibling.Agpalangan ta tang kaldaw tang mano ba-lo si mangi-yoy.The chicken misses one day before laying an egg again.ov synla-taw
langaw1nDry or fallen wood gathered for firewood.ov syngatong 12viActor: maN-To gather firewood.Nanlangaw ami ong bokid tenged don yadi.We gathered firewood in the countryside because there is a lot there.