Agutaynen - English


lalogvtActor: mag- Goal: -anTo feed a pig just a small amount of food around midday.Lalogan mo kay tang baboym sia agle-men da.Please feed the pig a little bit of food, it's hungry.rel wdbog2 1
lalongntatyawYoung cockerel with no comb yet.rel wdlalangganenlangganen
lama1nBamboo thorn; the thorny tops of a bamboo plant.Magtagdeko rin ta mga lama ang pakanlayan tang lindoakong sitaw.I'll stick some thorny bamboo tops in the ground to make a trellis for the string beans that I have planted.2viUndergoer: ma-To be accidentally stuck, pierced by a bamboo thorn.Aroy, nalamao nongapon ang pagpaningo ong bokid.Oh my, I was pierced by a bamboo thorn yesterday when I went up to the fields.ov syntenek 13vtGoal: -anTo place thorny tops of cut bamboo on a path to obstruct or barricade it, usually so that animals cannot pass through.Angay linaman mo ra ka tang dalan ang agpanawan amen?Why did you place thorny bamboo there on the path that we always walk on?
lamangvar. oflamay1ptllamang, langOnly; just.Ge-ley lamang tang balay amen.Our house is just small.Ong yen lamang, indio rin galiag ang magtay tenged malangeb piro kaministiran ka enged.As for just me, I don't want to travel on the boat because the sea is rough but it's really necessary to do so.Asia ra ka lamang tang ma-dolo ong nio, india lamang masilag.I can only give you that, so just don't be angry.2advOnly just now; just as soon as.Ba-lo ami lamang nagpakatep.We have only just now had a new roof put on.Asing pagakabot lamang nira, namandelep ang lagi.Just as soon as they had arrived, they proceeded to go swimming.
lamáng1nlamangThe points in a lead or in a win, in a game or election.Pira ra tang lamáng tang kandidato mo?How many points is your candidate's lead?Asing pagkayam amen ta softball tang pontos lamang tang lamáng amen ong nira.When we played softball it was just one by one point that we defeated them by.2viActor/Undergoer: ma-, ma--anTo be ahead in a game or election; to win, or lose, a game or election by a certain number of points or votes.Galamáng da ka kaman ta tang gatos ang boto?Is he really ahead by one hundred votes?Asing nata-lib ang botoan nalamángano ta limang boto.In the last election I lost by five votes.rel wddeg1 1pirdi 1
lamanovActor: mamag- Undergoer: papaglamanonThe action in the ring game, idal-idal, where young people clasp hands in a circle with their fingers intertwined. Then, as they move their hands back-and-forth, to the right and left, a ring is passed unseen from one to another.Mga pamagkayam ta idal-idal, papaglamanon nira tang mga kalima nira ong sirkolo.When the ring game is played, they clasp and intertwine their hands and move them back-and-forth inside a circle.rel wdidal-idal 1
lamatvtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enlamasinThe action of squeezing grated coconut meat when making coconut milk. (This usually refers to the first squeezing.)Ang kinodkod ang nioy lamaten mo ta doroang bisis.The grated coconut meat, squeeze it two times.Lamaten mo naning nioy para maglangis ita.Squeeze this grated coconut so we can make coconut oil.ov synpegalinamatan1der.n
lamayoadjHalf-dried fish or meat, still a little damp. (It is still good to eat, especially if grilled, but it will spoil if stored without drying completely.)antlango1 1rel wdmarameg-rameg
lambavi., vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enTo drive fish into a net by slapping the surface of the water with a steel bar or piece of wood.Mga timpong kambian yading lalambaen.When it's the time of the northwest wind many fish are driven into nets by slapping the water. A large panti net is set out in waist-deep water and then people walk towards the net slapping the surface of the water with steel bars. The bars make a popping noise which scare the fish into the net. The word lamba is actually Cuyonon, but has been borrowed as a term for this type of fishing. In Cuyonon it means 'hit, slap' and the equivalent in Agutaynen is lampak.rel wdlampak 1panti1 1sarap 1paglambander.nMapalet, piro poidi paglamban tarin ong enasan.It's windy, but here in the tidal area, this is a place where fishing by slapping the water can be done. panting paraglamba/panlambader.n
lambanognbasiSugarcane wine.rel wdtobo2
lambatnlambatA traditional large fishing net made of hemp rope and used in deep water.Traditionally the word lambat was used for any kind of large fishing net made of hemp and used by local fishermen. Nowadays the term is more often used to refer to the large nets that commercial fishermen use in deep water. Lambat nets used by local fisherman years ago have been replaced with nylon nets called panti.rel wdpanti1 1
lambayvi., vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enTo summon a person to come near by waving the hand downward in a large gesture.Sinopay aglambayen mo, yo?Who are you waving at to come, me?Lambayen mo kay tang molang paning tarin ong yaten.Please summon with your hand that child to come here to us.ov synkawaypaypay
lambed1vtUndergoer: i-To tie or wrap a rope around something, such as a tree trunk.Ilambed mo tang tali tang baka ong ayo para indi ra masikad.Wrap the rope of the cow around the tree so that he won't be able to run off again.2viGoal: ma--anTo become tangled up in something; to have something accidentally wrapped around one's neck or feet.Ong pagepeng na nalambedan tang likel na tang mga labat.In his diving under the water some long sea grass became wrapped around his neck.ov syntabed-tabed 1
lambiviActor/Undergoer: -om-For a lip to be swollen or protruding.Lalambi tang bibil na ang inalat ta kasisi.His lip that was bitten by a wasp is swollen.
lambiawnA type of small fish, similar in appearance to galonggong but thinner and smaller. (They are often seen coming into the reef, close to the beach, in a group.)
lambidvi., vtActor: Reduplication: mag--an Undergoer: -enFor two things, such as trees or pieces of wood, to be crossed over each other; to cross one's arms on top of each other; to cross legs/anklesPaglambidan tang papa tang nioy ong dibabaw, animan mga mapalet lolpok.The two coconut trees are crossed at the top, so when it is windy they bang together.Yamong mga babay ang kakarong ong tokawan, lambiden mi kay tang mga bisit mi.You women who are sitting in the front, please cross your lower legs.rel wddikoatro
lambing11adjmalambinglambingAffectionate; soft-spoken; romantic, sweet speech.Ang molang ge-ley dorog ka lambing ong tatay na.The small child is very affectionate towards his father.Ang tatay amen malambing ang mitala, indi panlegda.Our father is soft spoken, he doesn't raise his voice.ov synmaloay 1maoray 12vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -en To speak affectionately to, or show affection to someone.Si Nanay pisan ang aglambingen ni Tatay.Father shows a lot of affection to Mother.ov synkarinio 1
lambing2viUndergoer: ma-For a building or something made of wood to become dilapidated to the point of leaning over.Galambing da tang balay amen animan ipalaglago ra mandian ang Abril.Our house is already dilapidated and leaning over so that is why I'll just have it torn down this April.Ang makinao ang palamedbedan masinlo pa, piro ang balay na galambing da.My sewing machine is still good, but it's cabinet is already dilapidated.ov synlaglag1 1
lamboviActor: -om-lundagTo jump over something, like a fence.Liminambo tang baka ong kahon animan napegnak.The cow jumped over our stone fence therefore it fell apart.ov synlo-bolo-to
lambong1ndamit, baroClothes or an article of clothing; garment.Kasinlo tang lambong tang rayna.The queen's clothing is beautiful.Pagloat, pambal, anday lambong. He was naked, wearing a G-string, he didn't have any clothes on.ov synabel 12viActor: mag-To wear clothes; to get dressed; to change clothes.Elatay ka, maglambongo pa.Please wait, I'll change clothes. rel wdimaratok 1
lametvActor: mag-, ma-To get one's hands wet in something.Indi amo maglamet ta wi ang malamig, itaben magmasit amo.Don't get your hands wet in the cold water or you might get sick.Aroy, nālameto ra ta taki ta mano!Oh my, I got my hand wet with chicken droppings!rel wdipoklebay 1
lamid1nDouble chin; folds of skin or rolls of fat around the stomach.2adjlamidanHaving rolls of fat.Pisana ra siang lamidan! You really have rolls of fat! ov synleget
lamiglamíg<Not Sure>11.1nCold; coldness of something.1.2adjCold; cool; cold drinks.Malamig tarin ong balay mga sobrang poirsa tang palet.It is cold here in the house when the wind is very strong.Anday malamig mi atan?Don't you have any cold drinks there?antmakinit1.3viFor something to become cold.Bino-wanano tang kapio ong loa, naglamig da.I left my coffee outside, it has already become cold.1.4vtTo cause something to become cold, to chill it.Palamigen ta kang lagi tang Coke ong ref mo.Let's first chill the Coca-Cola in your refrigerator.antkinit 1antkinit 1.4taglalamígder.1n22.1vstatTo feel cold.Aglamígano ang mandigo mga ba-long mapoaw.I feel cold when I bathe after just waking up.33.1vi., vtFor a person's bad mood, anger, or hothead to cool off; to wait, allow a person's head to cool off; for a relationsip to cool off, lose its closeness, intimacy.Nanlamig da ka tang mga kolo nira, indi ra pamagsoayan.Their heads are already cooled off, they aren't fighting anymore.Palamig-lamigen ta kang lagi tang kolo ni Tatay, ba-lo ita mama-dol.Let's wait until Father's head is cooled off before we ask anything from him.Ba-lo ita kang lagi mamakal ta ayo, palamig-lamigen ta kang lagi tang kolo tang mga taw.Before we go to buy illegal lumber, let's wait until the men's heads are cooled off (i.e. until the police aren't paying attention).Mintras gaboay midio paglamig da tang pagkatawan nira.As time goes on it seems their marriage is cooling off.
lamíg<Not Sure>