Agutaynen - English


lagoay1nVines of certain vegetables and flowers.2viActor: -om-To develop vines.Ang lindoak nang kalabasa lalagoay da balampa mamorak ka.The squash he planted is developing vines already, hopefully it will bear fruit.rel wdkanlay 1
lagoirtaarchaicnHousehold or family. (Literally, this means within the fence, boundary of the house.)Animan, ang yamen ang ana galiliag ang ma-pen ong nindiong lagoirta ig galiliag ang magimong ana mi.Now then, our son would like to join your family (lit. within the boundary of your house) and would like to become your child.This is said by the parents of the young man to the parents of the girl during the traditional engagement ceremony called aliog which is practiced on Diit.
lago-lotviActor: -om-For an engine to sound noisy or run rough before it stalls; for the wind to blow making a loud sound; the sound of animals running, i.e. "running hooves".Ang tonog tang makina pisan ang lalago-lot, itaben mapatayan ita.The sound of the boat engine is very rough, maybe it is going to die on us.Pisan dang lalago-lot tang kambian.The northeast wind is already really blowing loudly. rel wdagrot
lagondinlagundiA kind of shrub or vine with leaves that can be used for medicinal purposes.Betangan mo ta lagondi siang poyad tang mano agod magalin tang dapaw.Please put lagondi leaves in that chicken's nest so the chicken mites will leave.These leaves can be used around chicken's nest to keep away chicken mites. They are also boiled and the water given to reduce fever or used to bathe a child with scabies, or used in the pamegat bath water of a new mother. Nowadays you can also find capsules being sold of powdered lagondi for coughs.
lagopok1nA loud, hollow, smacking sound caused by one object hitting against another.Aroy, binakodan tang mola tang logod na, pisan ang lagopok tang boko-boko na!Oh my, the little child was hit so hard on his back by his brother, his back made a loud, hollow, smacking sound! 2viActor: -om-For something to hit against or smack against something, making a loud sound; to fall with a loud thud; for something to make a loud tapping sound.Ang mola nabo-log ong aldan, pisan ang liminagopok ong tanek.The child fell from the stairs, he hit the ground forcefully with a loud thud. Ang sapatos na pisan ang lalagopok ong siminto mga papanaw.Her shoes really make a loud tapping sound on the cement when she walks.rel wdlampak 1Mga monopa kalawig tang layog mo, mga megtaka, lagopok.2say.
lagpakvi., vtActor/Undergoer: -om- Goal: ma--anFor something to fall down or off something; for something to have something else fall down onto it, usually damaging it.Ang rilo liminagpak ong siminto animan napetek.My watch fell onto the cement floor, that's why it broke.Ang lindoakong kamatis nalagpakan tang papa tang ponsing pine-peto, anda ra.The area that I had planted with tomatoes, the banana plant which I cut down fell on it, and now there's no more.ov synbegtak 1talpak
lagtem1adjDirty and discolored, dark.2viActor: -om-For something to become discolored because of dirt or dirt buildup; for a person's skin to become dark from being out in the sun.Liminagtem tang boling ong baldi tenged naboay da indi ra galimpioan.The dirt has built up and discolored the pail because it has not been cleaned for a long time.rel wdboling 1lagem 1
lahinlahiBloodline; ethnic race.ov syndogo 1rasa
lailovar. oflayloviActor: mag-To lay low. (This is similar to the English expression and means to keep quiet, don't go out, keep out of the way. It has the additional meaning of stay calm, don't get angry.)India masilag kondi maglailoa lamang.Don't get angry, just lay low.
lainunspec. var.pakalainpalain1adj., advlain, malainBad; evil, evilly.Mārimem tang kalibotan, midio lain tang timpo.The sky is very overcast, it seems the weather is bad. Ang mga malignos ang gistar ong bokid ay malalain. The malignos spirits that live in the forest are all evil. India kay magbitala ta malain. Please don't talk evilly.antmasinlomo-ya1 1ov synanday sayod 12viUndergoer: maglain, malain tang nemFor one's feelings to be hurt; to be offended or have bad feelings towards someone.Galain tang nemo ong nandia tenged bino-wanano nandia.I have bad feelings towards him because he left me.3vtActor: magpakalain Undergoer: pakalainenTo treat, consider someone as evil, sinful without reason; to malign someone; to curse someone; to speak blasphemy (lit. speak evil of) God.Ipangadi ta tang mga taw ang pamagpakalain ong yaten agod aloyan pa enged tanira tang Dios.Let us pray for those people who are maligning us so that God will still bless them.Agpakalainen tanandia ta mga taw maski anday boat nang anday sayod.He is being treated by people as if he is evil even though he hasn't done anything bad.Naba-yan tanandia ta doma ang agpakalainen na tang Dios.He has heard by others speaking evil of God.4vtActor: magpalain-lain Undergoer: palain-lainenTo cause someone else to think evilly of a third person; to speak evilly about someone to other people; to slander a personPagpalain-lain tanandia ong yen natetenged ong torobolono.She is causing me to think evilly of my helper.Angay pinalain-laino nio?Why did you speak evilly of me to others? 5vtActor: magpa-To cause something, someone to be evil or sinful.Ang mga bagay ang loloa ong popotokon ta taw, alimbawa ang bitala nang anday sayod asta ang malain ang boat na, yay ang pagpalain ong nandia ong pama-dek tang Dios.The things that come out of a person's heart, for example, his bad words and evil deeds, those are what cause him to be evil in the sight of God.kalainan2der.nAng kalainan ya ray ang pandeg mandian tarin ong kalibotan.Evil is what is winning nowadays here on the earth.
lakatannlakatanA kind of banana, slender, with a nice smell similar to arikondal.These are not native to Agutaya. The seedlings were given by the Department of Agriculture to be cultivated on the island.
laket-laketadjiba-ibaAssorted; various; not pure, rather mixed with other things.Ang pamitala tang taw ang asia laket-laket tenged belag ta taga Agutaya.The speech of those people is mixed (i.e. with words from other languages) because they are not originally from Agutaya.Ang manigbaligiang asia ang agtitinda na ay laket-laket. That peddler, the wares he is selling are various and assorted.Ang aglotokonong golay laket-laket, may okra, may sitaw, may kalabasa, may tagabang.The vegetables I'm cooking are an assorted mixture, there is okra, string beans, squash and saluyot, leaves.ov synsari-sari
lakwatsavar. oflakoatsa1nlakwatsaA person who roams around the streets.2viActor: mag-To roam, wander around aimlessly, without a specific purpose.Paglakwatsā ka lamang, ipabakal mo kay naning yan.You are just roaming around, so please sell these fish.ov synalig 1do-dot2laogtsiog-tsiog
lalabviActor: -om- Undergoer: -onFor a fire to spread; for something to be burned by a fire spreading.Taboan mi tang apoy agod indi ra lomalab tani ong dobali.Throw water on the fire so that it does not spread here to the other side.Asing nagtolpok tang kamalay amen tang koma nira, liminalab asta ang koma amen.When our neighbor burned her field, it and also ours was burned by the spreading fire.antrarosov syndalot 1
la-lakvi., vtActor: mag- Goal: -anlaklakTo drink deeply; to guzzle.Indi ra gamiten ta tang wi atan ong baldi, sia lina-lakan da tang kiro.Let's not use the water in the pail there, the dog has already drank deeply from it.rel wdinemtelep 1manigla-lakder.n
lalakingnenn., adjA female with masculine characteristics and/or actions. (The root is the Tagalog word for man, lalaki.)antbabaynenbaklaov syntomboy2
lalang1nlaláng, kalalánganWill; desire; decision.Onopa tang lalang mi? Palōno tanandia obin palpatano lamang?What is your decision? Shall I beat him or let him go free?ov synkaliaganliag 12adjlalangan, dorog kalalang, agkalalangInsistent; to insist on getting one's way, doing what one wants.Ang soltiras ang asia dorog kalalang maski indi pagnan tang tatay na.That teenage girl insists on getting her way even if her father does not allow it.Nabo-log tang mola ong aldan, onopa lalangan ka enged.The child fell down the stairs because he was so insistent in doing what he wanted (i.e. to go downstairs).Doroa ka enged agkalalang, ganingo rang lagi ang india ra mangondiot ta beteng, ta sia nabo-loga ra!You were really being so insistent, I already told you not to climb up for a young coconut, and now that's why you fell!3vtActor: mag- Goal: -anTo insist on doing something; to force one's will on someone else, to order them around.Nagke-keb tanira tenged maski kargado ra tang pambot naglalang pang namagalin.They capsized because even though the pumpboat was overloaded they still insisted on leaving.Indi amo maglalang ang paning ong bailian.Don't you insist on going to the dance venue.Indio lalangan mo, belago ta ana mo.Don't tell me what to do (lit. force your will on me), I'm not your child.ov synkasag2reges 1
lalangganennCockerel, younger than a langganen, with a developing comb.rel wdlalonglangganen
la-lat1vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -en To tear or rip something apart or out; to split or cut something in two by ripping it.Angay pirming aglala-ten mo tang notbok mo?Why are you always ripping pages out of your notebook?Ang lambong tang babay lina-lat tang kasoay na.The girl's clothes were ripped apart by the one she was fighting with.Anday gonsing ta, la-laten ta ra lamang tang abel ang nani para boaten ang trapo.We don't have a scissors, let's just rip this cloth in two in order to make a rag for cleaning.2viUndergoer: ma-For something to be badly ripped, accidentally get a large tear in it.Nala-lat tang kaliolioto asing nata-wit ong kodal.My pants were badly ripped when they got snagged on the fence.ov synba-bak 1lasik 1
lalatvi., vtActor: mag- Reduplication: mag--an Goal: -anbulongTo whisper to someone or to each other; to whisper in a person's ear.Indi amo maglalatan, itaben masilag tang mga karomanan ta.Don't whisper to each other, our companions might get angry.Pamaglalat-lalatan, sigoro yoy aglibaken nira.They are all whispering together, maybe I'm the one they are backbiting.Ganing si Jose indi tanandia mapoyat tenged midio pirming aglalatan piro si pala tenged ong sobrang inem na.Jose says he can't sleep because it seems like someone is always whispering in his ear but it's simply because of drinking so much.
lālatnA homemade rope collar with a closure to ensure that the tether does not get all tangled up. (These are used on cows, pigs, and goats. Also on chickens, attached to their legs.)
lali<Not Sure>11.1nMale; man; boy.Ang kiro mo, lali obin babay?Is your dog a male or female?antbabay 1antbabay 1.1anang lali2der.1n22.1vFor a married woman to commit adultery with a man.Binayan si Maria tang katawa na tenged pangonlali tanandia.Maria was abandoned by her husband because she was committing adultery. n
laling karasalennThe groom (lit. the man who will be married).