Agutaynen - English


lotlōtnpusitA type of small squid, smaller than a posit or a lokos.ov synlokosposit1 1
lotaunspec. var.malotavi., vtUndergoer: ma-, -enlabogFor vegetables to become overcooked; to overcook vegetables.Loay-loayan mo lamang tang apoy ong aglotokon mong golay para indi malota. Make the fire under the vegetables you are cooking low so that they will not become overcooked.Ang linotok nang golay ay pisan dang linota na.The vegetables she cooked, she really overcooked them.ov synronot 1
lotadvtActor: mag- Undergoer: -ennguyaTo chew food, etc.Paglotad tang mamepet ta tabako may boyo.The old people chew tobacco and boyo leaves.ov syndekem 1itap-itap
lotaw<Not Sure>11.1viFor something to float on the surface of water.Indi ra lontaw tang kasil tenged may wi na ra ong teled.The outrigger won't float anymore because it is full of water.Yading loltaw ong tinimplao ang kapi.There are lots of things floating [on the surface] of the coffee I mixed up.1.2viFor something to float, bob around on the surface, without going forward.Way, may lantsa ong laod ang lolotaw-lotaw lamang.Look, there's a launch out at sea that's just floating (i.e. not going forward).1.3vtTo take a boat from dry dock and launch it in the water (lit. to cause a boat to float).Ipaltaw da mandian tang motor ang mabael ang ba-long natapos.The large motorboat that was just finished being built is about to be launched.1.4nThe waterline of a boat; the part of the hull which is above the waterline.Ge-ley lamang tang lotaw amen tenged dorong karga.The hull of our boat was just a little bit above the waterline because there was so much something to appear out of the water; for something to float up or come up to the surface, i.e. to surface.Ong pagboat tang Dios tang kalibotan, ganing tanandia, "Mamagara-pen ong tanga logaran tang wing don ong babakan tang langit agod lontaw tang tanek."When God created the world he said, "Let all the water down below the sky be gathered into one place so that the land will appear." Golping napaltaw tang yan ang mabael ong toga tang bilog ang agtāyan amen.Suddenly the huge fish surfaced right next to the small outrigger we were riding in.
lotinloteLot; a piece of land.Mabael tang loti amen don ong San Vicente.Our lot in San Vicente is large.ov syntanek 1
lo-toviActor: mag-, -om-luksoTo hop on both feet; to jump straight up; to jump up and down.Nalikedo rin ta ma-kal, nalo-tō pa ta kalawig!I almost stepped on a snake, I jumped right up into the air!Pisan ang pamansilo-to lo-to tang mamola pagarisibi nira tang rigalo nira.The children were really jumping up and down when they received their gifts.India kay maglo-to lo-to atan ong katri, itaben malbek.Don't jump up and down there on the bed, it might collapse.ov synlambolo-bo
lotok<Not Sure>11.1vtTo cook food; for food to be cooked.Patigayona kay ang maglotok ta tera tenged ko-to ra.Kindly cook our viand because it is already noon time.Onopay linotok mong tera ta mandian ang labi?What have you cooked for a viand later this evening?Nālotok da tang tera, enaten mo kay.The viand is already cooked, please remove it from the fire.1.2statFor food to be cooked, done.Lotok da tang yan, mamangan ita ra.The fish is done, let's eat.antilaw1 1antboray2ilaw1 1.1ilaw1 2.1lebed 1.1palaglotokan1der.1n22.1adjRipe, as of fruit, vegetables.Indio maoyon ta ponsi mga sobrang lotok.I don't like bananas if they are overly ripe. 2.2viFor fruit, vegetables to ripen, become ripe; for the mucus of a person with a head cold to become thick and yellow, a sign that they are getting well.Alapen mo kay tang kapayat ang asi, galotok da ka.Please pick that papaya, it is already ripening.Primi lamang mawi tang alobang mo, indi ra malotok. Your mucus is always watery, it will not become thick and yellow (lit. ripe).2.3statRipe, ripened.2.4vtTo cause, allow or wait for something to ripen.Oldana yen ta paomangga, bālā ra lamang magpalotok. I'll give you some mangoes, it's up to you to cause them to ripen. antilaw1 1lebed 133.1viIdiomatic, referring to getting mad or crying from being teased or tickled too much (literally, to become ripe).Sia sobrang kondingan mi, malagat-lagat may malotok. That's enough of your tickling, later one of you will get mad (lit. become ripe).
lotongnlusongA large wooden mortar used in pounding rice, or grinding or mashing something with a large wooden pestle.rel wdalmiriskalolebek1
loyalōyanluyaGinger root.Ginger is used in many dishes such as atsara, pickled papaya relish, and aroskaldo chicken rice porridge. Ginger root is used to treat certain diseases, like stomachaches, headaches, etc. It's also used as a counter curse. The ginger is chewed up by the folk healer and then while it is still in his mouth, he blows on the top of the head of the patient. He then takes the chewed-up ginger and makes the sign of the cross on the patient's forehead and chest. Ginger is also "blown" on children to keep the ghost of a dead person away. It is also one of the things placed in a small, black, cloth bag pinned onto children's clothing to keep bad spirits away.rel wdeyep 1kalawag2kamodlalangkawat
lo-yodviActor/Undergoer: -om-, ma-For one's knees to be weak and shaky, or to tremble from fear.Ang mga mepet ang tod nira lolo-yod da.Old peoples' knees are already weak and shaky. Galo-yod lo-yodo pa ong sobrang karaeldeno.And my knees were also trembling due to my great fear.rel wdelel
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