Agutaynen - English


labravtActor: mag- Goal: -anTo shave, make straight and smooth a piece of wood with a bolo or knife.Labran mo tang ayong nani agod boaten ang te-tekan tang ged.Shave and make straight this wood with a knife in order to make it into a handle for a bolo.rel wdkatam 1sapio 1
ladlād1vtActor: -om- Goal: -anTo step over something, someone.Mga may lolbog indi kay lādan mo.If someone is lying on the floor don't step over them.It is disrespectful to step over a person who is lying or sitting on the floor. Instead, the person should walk around them. It is especially taboo to step over the body of a dead person who is laid out on the floor inside a house. If a child steps or jumps over the body, they are told by their elders to step back over the body to reverse the curse. The same applies to stepping over a grave.2viActor: -om-, mag- (maglādlād)For a child to walk unsteadily, haltingly, taking his/her first steps.Ang anao pagadal dang maglādlād tenged nagpatakon da.My child is already learning to walk haltingly because she is already one year old.ov synda-lang 1
ladaw1adjFor coconut milk, gata, to be watery, thin in consistency.Ladaw tang linotok mong ginatan.The coconut-milk dish you cooked is of weak consistency. antpenet1 22viActor: mag-To become thin, weak consistency.Mga maglamata, ge-leyan mo lamang tang wing ibetang mo para indi magladaw. When you squeeze the grated coconut, just put in a little water so that it won't become thin in consistency.3vtUndergoer: pa--enTo make coconut milk thin in consistency.Indi paladawen mo tang panggata mo agod masabor.Don't make the coconut-milk dish thin in consistency so it will taste good.antpenet1 1
ladladvtActor: mag- Undergoer: i- Goal: -an To show, present, or layout for display or for perusal; to spread out clothes, mats, flat on the ground.Iladlad mo ong nandia tang papilis ang nabakal mo ra tang tanek ang asia.Lay out the papers that show you already bought that land.Iladlad mo ta masinlo tang mga abel ang kolit ong paragkolan.Lay out nicely the white clothes in bleaching them (i.e. outside in the sun).Angay indi linadlad mo ta osto tang amek ang parakaldawan?Why didn't you flatten out the mat nicely which is used for drying rice?ov synlatag
lagalāgavtActor: mag-, maN- Undergoer: -enlagaTo boil food.Nanlāga ami ka rin ta ponsi, tay lobot da ka.We were planning to boil some bananas, however they were all gone.Patigayon mo kay ang lāgaen tang yan ang asia, itaben malobok da.Kindly boil that fish, it might start to get rotten already.ov synkala-kala 1pataletay
lagadi1nlagariHandsaw.antsorodso 22vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enTo saw something with a handsaw.Lagadien mo kay naning kawayan.Please saw this piece of bamboo.antsorodso 1
lagadi ta taltalennHacksaw.
lagakunspec. var.malagak1adjmalagakFor an elastic waistband to be stretched out; for something to droop, be baggy; for a scrotum to hang down low.Malagak tang panti na tenged anda ray garter na.Her panties are baggy because there is no elastic anymore.2viActor: -om-For something to sag, hang down low.Way, ang panti mo lalagak da!Look, your panties are already sagging in the crotch! Ang titi ni Tāta lalagak da tenged nati-yan da.Auntie's breasts are now sagging because she breastfed in the past (lit. her breasts were suckled on).ov synlawlawrel wdtagak
lagat1lagátadv1malagátmamaya, maya-mayaLater, later on.Magpolaw ami rin malagat ang labi.We'll attend the wake later tonight.antnongayna12malagát-lagát, lagát-lagátIn a short while; in a bit, a bit later; soon.Magpagilingo rin tang paray malagat-lagat don ong Bangcal.I'll have my rice milled a bit later there in barangay Bangcal.antnongainavar.nongayna2nongayna1
lagat2lagátadvbakaMight; perhaps.Indi sipaen mo tang kiro, lagat alatena.Don't kick the dog, you might be bitten.ov synitaben2var.taben2
lagay1nlagayBribe.2vtActor: mag- Goal: -anTo bribe someone.Sigoro naglagay tang taw ang asia animan napoistong lagi.Maybe that person bribed someone and that's the reason he got a position right away.Lagayan mo ta amek tang prinsipal agod risibiena nandia ig magkatinira ta obra.Bribe the principal with a sleeping mat so that she will receive you and you will have work.
lagaylaynA small, violet wildflower which grows as a vine, often near the beach.Gieken amen tang lagaylay para pomalet, agod india mapagalin.We'll thresh the small, violet flowers with our feet so that it will become windy, so you won't be able to leave.Older people say that if you trample on these flowers as if you are threshing rice, the weather will become very windy. The younger people would go out and do this so that their friends wouldn't be able to leave due to windy weather.
lagek-lagekviActor: -om-To breathe with difficulty, as with a bad cold with lots of phlegm in the chest, or when one is about to die, making a rasping noise in the throat.Ang molang agkeykeyen ay aglalagek-lagek. A child with a cough breathes with difficulty. Ang taw ang asia lalagek-lagek da, sia madali rang mapatay.That person is already breathing with a raspy sound, so then he will soon die.
lagem1adjitimBlack; dark color; dark-skinned.Mga timpong makinit belag ta palagtok ta lambong ang lagem tenged makinit ong sinangoni.During hot season it's not the time to being wearing dark clothing because they feel hot on your body.antkolit 1.2tisay2viUndergoer: lagem-lagemanTo become very dark.Pisan dang lagem-lageman tang gako-pan, koran da siang doro.It's already become very dark in the west, that's a sign of a lot of rain.3viUndergoer: maninlagemFor something to become or turn dark, such as one's skin, food being grilled, etc.India magpakinit, itaben maninlagema. Don't go out in the sun, you might become dark. antkolit 1tisayov syntilem
laget1adjSkinny, with thin skin and without much flesh on the bones; scrawny.Pinalpatano tang kambing amen ang laget para maolikan.I let our scrawny goat go free so that he will recover.2viUndergoer: ma-To become very thin, scrawny.Galaget da tang lola nira tenged may TB na.Their grandmother is becoming so thin because she has tuberculosis.antmatambekov synketel-ketelmaniwang3adjmalaget-lagetTough meat which is stringy and chewy.Malaget-laget tang nabakalong karni.The meat I happened to buy is tough and stringy. ov synma-ten 1
lagi1ptl., advkay lagi, ang lagi, kang lagi, lagi-lagiagadImmediately; just now; right away; (do it) first; already, previously.I-dol mong lagi tang solat na, itaben may importanting nabetang don.Give her the letter immediately, maybe there is something important written inside.Ba-lo kay lagi agpaning atan komo may obrao mandian ong balay.I cannot come there just now because I have work to do at home.Inated nang lagi tang solat tongapon.He delivered the letter right away yesterday.Lagi-lagi napalenget tang nanay ong nandia ig nama-dol ta tabang.Immediately the mother approached him and asked for help.Anda ray pakinabang tang nioy tenged natombang lagi. The coconut tree doesn't have any usefulness because it had previously fallen down.rel wdantimano
lagi2<Not Sure>antba-lo1 1.1
lagi3<Not Sure>
lagí<Not Sure>
lagí ra1statOld; worn out; dilapidated.Ang baldi amen ay lagí ra, animan na-tek da ka.Our bucket is already old, that's why it has cracked already.2viUndergoer: ma-For something to become worn out.Nalagí ra tang lambongo tenged naboay dang binakal.My shirt has worn out already because it was bought a long time ago.ov syngabok 1loma
lagi-litviActor: -om-For something to creak, such as a floor; for thunder to make a loud, rumbling noise.Naba-yanong liminagi-lit tang da-tal, piro anday taw.I heard the floor creak, but nobody was there.
lagketvar. ofla-ket1adjmalagket, mala-ketlagkit, lapotSticky, like certain types of rice, or like glue or heavy mud that sticks to your shoes.Mala-ket tang tanek mga tagkokoran.The ground becomes heavy and sticky in rainy season.Ang belat ang malpok mga ba-lo, mala-ket mga dongkolon.Red rice, when it's newly harvested, is sticky when cooked.2vtActor: magpa- Undergoer: pa--en To cook something until it becomes sticky or thick.Ang linogaw mo pala-keten mo agod masabor ang panganen.Make your porridge thick so that it will taste good to eat.ov synla-nek 1malagket1der.mala-ket1der.n
laglag11viUndergoer: ma-For a building to be falling apart, dilapidated with its walls falling down.Ang bodiga nira galaglag da tenged naboay da.Their shed is already falling apart because it is old.ov synlambing22vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enTo demolish, tear down a building; to dismantle something.Laglagen ono nira tang balay nira, oman magpa-deng si ta ba-lo.They say they will demolish their house and then build a new one.ov synlangga 1
laglag2vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enTo split open a large fish, pig, or cow from head to tail, before cutting up the meat. (The blade of the machete is held firmly in place lengthwise against the animal's stomach. Then the top of the blade is pounded with a thick piece of wood, like a 2 X 2 or a 2 X 4.)Ang yan ang nani laglagen mo kay tenged mabael.Please split this fish open from head to tail because it's so big.Ang tatayo ansianong maglaglag ta yan ang mababael.My father is good at splitting open large fish lengthwise.rel wdbelak 1
lagnangunspec. var.malagnang1nputikMud.2adjmalagnangMuddy.Malagnang tang karsadang paning ong Villa Sol mga tagkokoran.The road going to barangay Villa Sol is muddy during rainy season.ov synlogmok 1