Agutaynen - English


lawannA kind of tree whose wood is used for making furniture and houses. (It's found on mainland Palawan but not on Agutaya.)rel wdlanisi
lawanitnlawanitA type of wood or board similar to plywood but thinner; laminated wood.
lawasannA type of light gray, wide-bodied fish with large eyes. (They are similar to the amolok fish in appearance but larger, and they are caught in nets outside the reef.)
laway1nluraSaliva; spittle.2vi., vtActor: mag- Goal: -anFor a person or animal to drool; for a rabid dog to foam at the mouth; to rub saliva on something.Ang kiro mi paglaway da, sia maboang da.Your dog is foaming at the mouth, he will become rabid.Lawayan mo tang kakay mo maloat mo tang sapatos mo.Rub saliva on your feet after removing your shoes.Magpalawaya ang lagi ong nandia agod masompa tang bogno na.Have him put his saliva on you right away to cancel out his flattery curse.To prevent hot feet from becoming suddenly cold due to exposure to the air when shoes are removed, saliva is rubbed on the feet. Folk healers use their saliva in healing rituals, using it to make the sign of the cross on the forehead, wrists, and feet of the sick person. People who have certain powers to curse others with sickness can cancel the curse by using their saliva in the same way.rel wdolak
lāway1adjmalāway, kalāway, lawayanImpolite, rude, coarse, vulgar; immodest, indecent; shameful, immoral; dirty words, foul language.Ang agtokon mong asia malāway ang pa-dekan.What you are wearing looks indecent.Palawida lamang ong mga taw ang pamagboat ta malalāway ang mga bagay.Just stay away from people who do immoral things.ov synbastos 1mabolingpeka2vtUndergoer: -enTo be criticized for doing something shameful.Lawayena ta taw ong bindoat mong anday sayod.You will be criticized by people because of the bad thing you did.ov syndispisiarsaway2
lawayakannA type of white, wide-bodied fish without scales, caught in nets.
lawiglāwigunspec. var.palawig<Not Sure>11.1viFor something, someone to become taller; for an item to increase, go up in price; for one's blood pressure to go up.Limināwig da tang priso tang tambalang.The price of seaweed has gone up. Lalāwig da si Dodoy, indi maboay tempeng da ong ni tatay na.Dodoy is getting tall, soon he'll be the same height as his father.Sinompong tanandia, naglāwig tang dogo na tenged namangan ta karning baboy.He had an attack, his blood pressure went up because he ate some pork.1.2adjHigh, tall, as of a person, tree, building; high in rank, grade, or price.Alāwig da tang ana mo.Your child is already tall.1.3adj., nThe highest one.antdibabak 1antbabak 1.1kalāwigder.1nMonopa bato kalāwig tang tori ang agboaten nira?How high do you think the tower is that they are building?22.1vtTo elevate, place, or raise something up to a higher position; to raise the price of something.Ipalāwig mo kay tang baskit, itaben kaboton tang kiro.Please raise the basket high up, the dog might reach it.antpababakbabak33.1vtTo exalt someone, or someone's name; to elevate or exalt oneself over another person.Ang taw ang pagpalāwig tang sadili na, tanandia tang ipababak.The person who elevates himself, he's the one who will be brought low.antpababakbabak
lawitnA single long piece of bamboo.
lawlawviActor: -om-For pants to be baggy in the crotch, or worn very low on the hips.Pisan ang lalawlaw tang agtokon mong kalioliot.The pants you are wearing are really very baggy in the crotch.ov synlagak 1
laylāyvtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enTo forcefully shoo away chickens, birds, animals with sudden movements, loud sounds.Lāyen mo tang mano ang pamangan ta paray.Shoo away the chicken that is eating the rice.Indi kay laylāyen mo tang mga mano, mas mangila, oman indi ita madep.Don't shoo the chickens with sudden movements or they'll become even wilder and we won't be able to catch them.ov synlayas 1taboy
lay paunspec. var. oflabi pa
laya1nA small, round fishing net used by one person and thrown into shallow water. (These nets are rarely seen anymore.)2vi., vtActor: maN- Undergoer: -enTo catch fish by means of throwing a small, round net.Manlayao rin ta gono don ong Ilog.I'll catch gono fish with the small, round net there at Ilog.
layag1nThe sail on a boat; the larger of two sails on a boat; main sail.rel wdlaskotapok12vtUndergoer: -anTo sail a boat; to use the sail of a small boat.Aglayagan nira tang bilog para indi ra mameltay.They are using the sail of the small outrigger so that they don't have to row.3vi., vtActor: -om-, magpa- To leave on a boat; to escort someone to the boat they will leave on.Lomayag amo ra?Are you going to be leaving now (i.e. on a boat)?Magpalayag ami kay lagi tang bisita amen.We'll first escort our visitors to the pier. Even though the root layag refers to a sail, this term is used nowadays in the generic sense of leaving on a boat. However, it cannot be used to mean to sail, travel on a boat. Instead the word biahi 'travel' is used.rel wdlarga1tāy 1bilog di layagder.n
layagannA type of angel fish with green and black markings. (It gets its name from its fins which look like a sail layag on a boat.)rel wdsiol-siol
layas1vi., vtmag-, -om- Goal: -anlayasTo run away, run off; to flee, escape; to take off, leave, or abandon someone; to roam around like teenagers do.Naglayas tanandia tarin ong Agutayan tenged dorong talak na.He ran away from Agutaya because of his many wrongdoings.Asi, lalayas da!He's there, he's already taken off! Papintaena ra lamang yen ang magbalenga, layasana ra yen.I'll give you just one more time to get drunk and then I'll run off and leave you.ov synkeras 1pogasikad 1takas2vtActor: magpa- Undergoer: pa--enlahoTo send a person away; to dismiss someone from their job; to cast out demons; to chase a chicken or animal away.Angay bato pinalayas ong obra na? Sigoro nagpeleg?Why do you suppose he was dismissed from his job? Did he perhaps pilfer money?Sindolan ni Jesus tang mga sinagpan na ta gaem ang magpalayas ta mga dimonio.Jesus gave power to his disciples to cast out demons.ov syntaboytanggal
layaynFallen leaves.kalayayander.n
laygay1npayoAdvice.antdahioto-pat1wali 22vtActor: mag-, magpa- Goal: -anTo advise, give advice to someone; to "lecture" someone, usually a teenager; to ask for advice.Laygayan mo kay tang anao tenged doro kategat ta kolo.Please lecture my son because he is so hardheaded.antdahioto-pat1wali 1ov synampang 1bogno1
layog1viActor: -om-, i-lipadFor a bird or airplane to fly through the air; for paper, ashes, etc. to fly or blow away in the wind.Mga alikarem da, yading lalayog ang lamlam.When it's twilight there are many birds flying around.Linayog tang papel tenged mapalet, indi ami nabantay.The paper blew away because it is windy and we didn't watch it.ov synpalied2vtActor: magpa- Undergoer: ipa-To cause something to fly.Ipalayog mo kay tang boradol, mo-ya, mapalet.Please fly the kite, it's good, there's a strong wind blowing.Mga monopa kalawig tang layog mo, mga megtaka, lagopok.3say.
layog-layognA type of edible crab, small or medium-sized, white or gray in color. (They bury themselves in the muddy area of the tidal flat.)ov syntarawit
leaviActor/Undergoer: ma-For a joint (shoulder, hip) to become dislocated.Nabenda lamang si Lolo oman nalea ra tang itak na.Grandfather just fell backwards and then his hip joint became dislocated. ov synliatpokod 1
leag1var. ofloag1viActor: ma-For a person to become lost on the road, take the wrong turn or path; to go astray.Aroy! Aypa bato tang dalan, naleag ita ra!Oh! Where is the road, we're already lost! antloag2ov synlipat 1rel wdpa-ngi 1