Agutaynen - English


kaldiritavar. ofkalderitanA dish made of goat meat, peas, potatoes, carrots.
kaldironkalderoPot; rice pot; kettle.
ka-ledanvar. ofkale-dan1nThe inside of a house.
kale-dan2der. ofteledInside room, interior of a house.
kalelet1viUndergoer: ma-kunotTo become old and wrinkled, as of on old person's skin, dying leaves, or shrunken cashew nuts with nothing inside.Gakaleleto ra, gamepeto ra.I'm already becoming wrinkled, I'm getting old.2statkalelet daWrinkled; shriveled up.Ang lomboy mga kalelet da, mas masabor dang panganen.When the Java plum berries are already wrinkled, they are more delicious to eat.rel wdkiritot 1langking 1
kalemntutongThe slightly burned, bottom crust of rice in a pot.rel wdkanteng 1
ka-lem1nSourness; tartness of something.2adjmaka-lemmaasimSour; tart.Ang kawmangga mga ilaw pa dorog kaka-lem. When mangoes are still unripe they are very sour. 3vstatUndergoer/Goal: -anFor something to taste sour to a person, making them wrinkle up their face.Agka-lemano tang sirgoilas mga ilaw pa.Spanish plums taste sour to me when they are still unripe.
kalepkālep1adjmakālepmapanghiSmell of urine; strong smell of some kinds of fish, shark, male pigs, etc. (It is a strong, ammonia-like smell.)Makālep tang banio mga belag ta limpio.The bathroom smells of urine if it is not clean.2viUndergoer: agkakālepFor something to give off a strong, ammonia-like smell.Indi nakapon tang baboy ang pinatay animan ang karni na dorong pisan agkakālep. The pig that was killed was not castrated therefore its meat really gives off a strong ammonia-like smell.
kaliabedadjTo have a speech impediment where speech sounds garbled or tongue seems twisted.
kaliaganvar. ofkaliliagannnaisDesire; will; ambition.Sigoro belag ta kaliliagan tang Dios ang katawaeno.Maybe it is not God's will that I get married.Ang kaliagano mamaga-pen ita lamang pirming mamaglogod.What I desire is that all of us siblings always be together.ov synkalalangan
kaliawvi., vtActor: -om-, mag- Goal: -ansigawTo yell, shout loudly, as of a drunk person or people fighting; to scream.Talabi may pagkinaliaw ong karsada, sigoro mga baleng.Last night someone was shouting loudly on the road, maybe it was drunk people.ov syni-baw
kalibegbegadjma-For one's head to feel dizzy; to have a throbbing headache from an illness.Pirming makalibegbeg tang kolō, sigoro tenged ong mageyep.My head is always feeling dizzy, maybe because of the wind.antdeyegov synilo-iloteyeb 1
kalibonnsambongA kind of shrub with large pointed leaves which can be used for medicinal purposes.It is one of the leaves used in the pamegat bath water. The leaves can also be boiled and then the water drunk to relieve a cough or intestinal problems.
kalibotan1<Not Sure>1.1nThe world; the earth.Ang kalibotan mandian ay doro ra kagolo tenged may pirming pamagpatayan.The world today is very troubled because people are always killing each other.2n2.1Weather.Ang kalibotan ang na pirmi ra ka lamang palet.This weather is just always windy.Mārimem si tang kalibotan. The weather is overcast again.pagmasit-masit tang kalibotanid.1expr22.1nConsciousness; knowledge of something. (This can only be used in the sense of the absence of consciousness or knowledge.)Asing nadisgrasia tanandia ong dalan, nalapik tang doroang kakay na animan nakomitan tang kalibotan na.When he had a bad accident on the road, he broke both of his legs and therefore he lost consciousness.Anda enged ay kalibotano ang maning ta si tang agplanon na.I had no knowledge whatsoever that that is what he was planning to do.pagsinti tang kalibotanid.expr
kalibrian1nFreedom; salvation.Asing timpo tang mga Kastila, ang mga taw anday kalibrian nira.During the time of the Spanish, people had no freedom. Ang Ispirito tang Dios yay ang pagtorol ta kalibrian ong yaten.The Spirit of God is who gives freedom to us.
kalibrian2der. oflibriFreedom; salvation.
kalidadnAbility; skill; actions; behavior.Indi amo ra kay magpaita tang kalidad ming anday sayod!Don't show off your bad behavior anymore!ov synabilidadogali 1
kaliegvtActor: maN- Undergoer: -enTo intentionally shove or push someone.Angay kinaliego nio, natombao rin?Why did you shove me, I almost fell over?ov synkaliegdeg2var.taliegdeg2
kaliegdeg1var. oftaliegdeg1vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -entulak, sagiTo push one's way forward by shoving people; to shove someone aside; to accidentally bump something when passing by.Agkaliegdegeno tang mga taw agod māteleko ong ni Nora Aunor.I pushed and shoved my way through the people so I could see Nora Aunor.ov synsagese
kaliekviActor: -om-kilos; galawTo move one's body; the way one moves, acts; to budge; to get things accomplished, to fulfill one's responsibilities; for something to move or sway back-and-forth.Patay da sigoro tang kiro, indi rang pisan kakaliek. The dog is probably dead, it's not moving at all anymore.Ang molang asi ay doro kambog ang komaliek. That boy moves proudly.Maski aggoyan tanandia inding pisan agkakaliek. Even though she is being called she does not budge at all.India ra ka komaliek ang magobra!You don't move at all to work!Ang Kapitan nira ay patay-patay ang komaliek. Their Barangay Captain is slow about getting things done (lit. slow to move).ov synkamay-kamaykompas1 1rel wdsimek-simek
kaligvt1Actor: mag- Undergoer: -en Instrument: i-itabiTo brush, sweep to the side things like dried leaves, manure, etc. using a stick or one's feet; tKaligen mo kay naning mga taki ta baka tani ong may kodal.Please brush the cow's manure over to the side by the fence.Ba-lo kay, magdilem ita ta barobay ang ikalig ta tang mga linget.Wait a minute, let's first look for a coconut spadix to use to sweep the leaves and trash to the side. ov synsilig 12Undergoer: ma-To accidentally brush against something.Nakaligo tang baso ong lamisan animan nabo-log.I accidentally brushed against the glass on the table and then it fell to the floor.ov synsilig 1
kaligenan1nMarriage license; a binding contract.ov synka-telankontrata 1
kaligenan2der. ofligenMarriage license; a binding contract.