Agutaynen - English


kalarongan1nupuan, silyaSeat; bench; chair.ov synsia4
kalarongan2der. ofkarongA thing to sit on, as a chair, bench, etc.
kalasinA type of large fish, pink with scales. (They are caught out at out sea, with large hooks and lines. They are similar in appearance and color to bisogo and onay but much larger.)rel wdbisogoonay
kalat1vstatUndergoer: -enkalawangFor something to rust, become rusty.Ang taltalen madaling kalaten mga galbay ta talsi.Steel quickly rusts if it gets wet from the sea.Ba-long natomano tang ta-bat ang agdilemeno, way, kinalat da ngani.I just found the knife I was looking for, look, it's already become rusty.
kalat2nA basket made of rattan in a U-shape, used in trapping small fish, bo-lit, which hide in rocks in shallow water.Mga pamanikep tang mga taw, agbetangan nira ta bato tang kalat, oman ipatoga ong atog. Mga komiten da nira tang batong agtompokon, don da paoman tang mga yan ong teled tang kalat. When people trap fish with a basket, they place rocks inside the basket, then place it facing the piled-up rocks. When later they move the piled-up rocks, the fish will move from there into the basket. rel wdbo-litsikep
kalatekan1nCoral reef.rel wdsibi
kalatekan2der. oflatekArea with lots of coral; coral reef.
kalawvtActor: mag- Reduplication: mamag--an Undergoer: -en Referent: agpagkalawanagawTo grab or snatch something away from someone; to fight over something by grabbing it back-and-forth; the thing being fought over.Kinalaw tang kiro tang tinapay ang agpanganen tang mola.The bread the child was eating was snatched by the dog.Asing namagkalawan tang mamola ta ba-long kayaman, golping nalapik.When the children fought over the new toy by grabbing it back-and-forth, it suddenly broke.antagawrel wdkolokobola-mit
kalawag2nluyang dilawA kind of ginger-root that is yellow in color.This type of ginger is used by folk healers to keep away witches. It is ground up and mixed with saliva and rubbed on the body. The smell keeps witches away from people. It is also used medicinally and is ground up and added to grated coconut, which is then squeezed and used like soap in taking a bath. It can also be added as a spice to dishes made with eels and vinegar.rel wdkamodlalangkawatloya
kalawidkaláwidnlayoDistance.Anday tang kilomitro tang kaláwid tang balay nira ong talsi.The distance of their house from the ocean is not quite one kilometer.
kalawigkalāwigntaasHeight.Monopa bato kalāwig tang tori ang agboaten nira?How high do you think the tower is that they are building?antkadalem
kalāwigder. oflawigHeight.
kalawigan<Not Sure>antkadibabakan1der. ofdibabakkadibabakan2 1.1
kalawig-lawigankalāwig-lawigannExtremely high; very high place, position; heaven (lit. the very highest place).ov synlangit
kalāwig-lawigander. ofalawigHeaven (lit. the highest place).
kalawit1npanungkitLong bamboo pole for picking fruit, sometimes with a curved end.2vtActor: maN- Undergoer: -ensungkitTo pick or knock fruit down using a long pole.Nangalawit si Manong ta santol don ong aboat.Older Brother picked some santol fruit there uphill using a long pole. ov synkarokal
kalayayander. oflayayAn area full of fallen leaves.
kalbitvar. ofkablitvtActor: maN- Undergoer: -en kalabitTo quickly or lightly touch someone, usually in order to get their attention.Para magparet ami na ang kalag ay pagbalik, mandian ganingo, "Mga matod na tārina, kalbiten mo tang kakay amen."In order for us to believe that dead souls return, then I said, "If it is true that you are here, quickly touch our feet."ov synte-lekkinalbitid.vIndia ka kinalbit? Weren't you invited (lit. weren't you quickly touched)?tang kalbitid.nAngay ang sindān mi ong yen ang anen tang kalbit da ka lamang?Why is the rice that you reserved for me just a smidgen (lit. one quick touch)?
kalbo1adjkalboBald.Ang tatayo, mola pa kalbo ra.My father, when he was still young he was already bald.ov synopaw 12vi., vtActor: ma-, magpa- Undergoer: -onTo become bald; to have one's head completely shaved.Teta ang mga soltiros pamagpakalbo tenged oso.Sometimes teenage boys have their heads shaved because it's in style.ov synlinatrel wdopaw 1
kaldaw11narawSun.2vtActor: magpa- Undergoer: ipa-To dry something in the sun.Ang mga mano ay panompit tang kamait ang agpakaldaw. The chickens are eating the corn which is being dried in the sun. ov synbonagsingkal 1
kaldaw21narawDay.rel wdBiyernesDominggoHuwebesLunesMartesMyerkulesvar.MiyerkulesSabado2advkaldaw-kaldawaraw-arawEvery day; daily.Pirmiang mandigo kaldaw-kaldaw para madaliang manambek.Take a bath every day so that you'll quickly become fat and healthy.3adjpangaldaw-kaldawEvery day, daily; common, everyday things or activities.Ang bitalang aggamiten tang pangaldaw-kaldaw, yay ang aggoyan ta 'mother-tongue' ta.The language that we use daily, that's what is called our 'mother-tongue'.Mga paning ita don, itok mo lamang tang lambong mong pangaldaw-kaldaw. When we go there, just wear your everyday clothes.4advkinaldawPaid by the day.Kinaldaw tang panōl tang pamagobra ong balay.The wage of those working on the house is by the day. 5viUndergoer/Goal: ma--anTo be overcome by the day, i.e. to wake up late.Nakaldawano ang napoaw tenged nagpolawo talabi.I woke up late because I went to the wake last night.kakaldawan2der.n
Kaldaw ang Igperenay1prop. nThe Day of Rest; the Sabbath.rel wdpenay 1
Kaldaw ang Igperenay2der. ofpenayDay of Rest; the Sabbath.