Agutaynen - English


kalakopak1nBamboo noisemakers used by children to make a sound to imitate thunder on Good Friday.They are made from a hollow piece of bamboo of which one end is split. This end rattles as the other end is shaken or rolled quickly between the hands.2vActor: pl. mamag-To play this kind of noise maker.Yading mamolang pamagkalakopak mga Biyernes Santo.Many children play bamboo noisemakers on Good Friday.
kalalandongn1paru-paroButterfly.Ong tayaw ang alibangbang ang lali may babay may kalipapa nira, pamagtayaw ang pamagrotos-rotosan ang midio kalalandong ang pagintrisan.In the folk dance called alibangbang the man and woman have wings, they dance and chase each other like butterflies who are attracted to each other.2kalalandong mga labigamu-gamoMoth.Ganing tang mga mepet mga may lalayog ang kalalandong ong teled tang balay mga may polaw, sia ono ang kalag tang napatay pamisita.The old people say that when there are moths flying around inside the house during a wake, that reportedly is the soul of the dead person visiting.
kalalangannWill; desire; decision.Piro mga onopa tang kalalangan mo yay ang matoman, belag tang yen.But whatever is your will, that is what will be done, not mine.ov synkaliagan
kalalaodander. oflaodFar out at sea.
kalalian1pl. nMen.Ang mga kalalian mi ong simban, yay dapat mangadi.Your men in the church should be the ones to pray.rel wdbabayan2
kalalian2der. oflaliMen.
kalalisen da ong gantanganid. ofkalisLiterally, time to level off the rice measuring box.
kalam1adjmakalamSomething that tickles.Ang bolbol ta mano makalam. Chicken feathers are ticklish.2vstatUndergoer: ag--anFor a person to be ticklish; to squirm around when tickled.Indio kereketeken mo tenged agkalamano! Don't tickle me because I'm ticklish! Agkalamano mga ang talingao ay golon mo ta bolbol tang mano.I squirm around when you stick a chicken feather in my ear.rel wdkereketekmakalalamender.n
kalamansinkalamansiA type of citrus tree or fruit.The small, green fruit is round and is similar to a lime. The juice is used to flavor certain dishes or made into a drink similar to lemonade. Kalamansi is actually Tagalog; the real Agutaynen word is kalamonding.antkalamondingrel wdbi-bit2
kalamaynA very dark brown sugar in the shape of hard balls. (It is made from sugarcane and is usually used in making native cashew candy called bandi.)Somamita ta kalamay!say.
kalameymey1var. ofmalameymey1adjSoft; spongy, as of a sea cucumber or intestines.Indio maoyon ta tambalang, kalameymey. I don't like tambalang seaweed, it's soft and spongy.
kalamidadnCalamity; disaster.rel wdkadisgrasian2
kalam-kalamviActor: -om-For one's feet or ankles to be weak and shaky.Pisan ang kakalam-kalam tang kakayo mga kaka-yato ong aldan ang alawig.My feet really are weak and shaky whenever I climb up a high ladder.rel wdelello-yod
kalamognA type of grouper fish with brown spots, larger than the bolang fish. (They are caught outside the reef. They are similar to the well known mambo grouper.)rel wdbolang1mambo
kalamondingnkalamansiA type of citrus tree or fruit.The small, green fruit is round and is similar to a lime. The juice is used to flavor certain dishes or made into a drink similar to lemonade. This is the true Agutaynen word, but nowadays people use the Tagalog equivalent, kalamansi.antkalamansirel wdbi-bit2
kalamonggaynHorseradish tree. (This is malunggay in Tagalog.)The leaves are small and smooth, and slightly oblong in shape. The tree forms long pods which look similar to bean pods. The leaves and seeds of this tree are commonly used as a vegetable in various dishes. The leaves can also be crushed and used to stop the flow of blood on a fresh wound. The juice is also used as medicine for cuts and for conjunctivitis.
kalampaynA type of small ocean crab. (They are black and run very fast across the large rocks next to the shoreline. They can be caught and are edible.)
kalampitawnsampalokTamarind tree or fruit.Ang daon ta kalampitaw ay bolong ka ta keykey piro na aglagaen.The leaves of the tamarind tree are also used as medicine for coughs but they are boiled.The fruit of this tree is edible and quite sour. It is usually dipped in salt when eaten. It can also be made into candy which as a salty-sour taste. It's also used in the pamegat bath water of a new mother.
kalannkalanNative cooking stove, same as a langen but using charcoal instead of firewood for fuel.ov synlangen 1rel wdpogon2
kalangitander. oflangitThe vast expanse of the sky; the heavens.
kalaom1vakalaTo assume or expect something; to think incorrectly about something.Kalaomo india ra mātanda ong yen.I thought you wouldn't remember me.Kalaom amen nagtay amo ra.We assumed you had already left.2nanday kalaomNo prior knowledge, idea, or notice of something; no expectations.Anday kalaom amen ang komabot tang mga bisita amen mandian.We had no prior knowledge that our visitors would be arriving today.
kalapikatviActor: mag-For something to be done wrong, inaccurately; incorrectly; for an order to get messed up, or a schedule to be changed inadvertently, or become confused.Nagkalapikat tang pinaloa nirang tayaw ong plasa.The dance they performed in the plaza was done incorrectly. Nagpekelo ka rin ta lansang ang doroang kilo, tay nagkalapikat da, ang nakabot tang kilo lamang.I ordered two kilos of nails but the order was messed up, and what arrived was just one kilo.ov synmali 1
kalap-kalap1viActor: -om-The sound of something rustling, like a chicken on a roof, a rat in a cupboard; the sound of something scraping against something else; the sound of waves lapping on the shore.Onopa sing kakalap-kalap don ong dibabaw tang katep?What is that that's rustling there on top of the roof?Talabi indio napoyat ta osto tenged ang langeb pisan ang kakalap-kalap. Last night I wasn't able to sleep well because the waves were really lapping against the shore. ov synlampa2vtUndergoer: pa--enTo cause something to make a rustling or scraping sound.Indi ra kay pakalap-kalapen mo siang lata, maingal.Please don't make a scraping sound with that cookie tin, it's noisy.
kalarangnmadawagLong sharp thorns growing on the vines of the agonan root crop.kakalarangander.nIndi ita magpanaw atan, sia kakalarangan. Let's not walk there, it's all full of thorny vines.