Agutaynen - English


kakay1npaaFoot.Panimpeng tang kakayo tenged natenek ta bantol-bantol nongapon.My foot is swelling because I stepped on a bantol-bantol thorn yesterday.2viActor: mag-To walk barefoot.kolodon tang kakay na; kagawon tang kakay naid.exprmātel tang kakay naid.expr
kakayamder. ofkayamPlaymate.
kaki-lepan1nDarkness.Ang kayagan indi degen ta kaki-lepan. Brightness will not be overcome by darkness.antkayagan 1
kaki-lepan2der. ofki-lepDarkness.
kakiribander. ofkiribFields of cogon grass.
kakontra1nOpponent; adversary.ov synkalaban2der. oflabankasoay2der. ofsoay
kakontra2der. ofkontraOpponent.
kakorangan1nThat which is lacking, the shortfall; faults or weaknesses; things lacking in a person's personality or performance.Maski pirapa tang kakorangan, bayadano andamal.Whatever amount is lacking, I will pay it tomorrow.Yadi pang kakorangan tang ba-long kasalen.The newlyweds still have a lot of necessities lacking. Agoantaen mi tang kakorangan tang kada tata may tata.Bear the weaknesses of each other.ov synkalolobayensarawayen2der. ofsaway2
kakorangan2der. ofkorangThat which is lacking, the shortfall; faults or weaknesses; things lacking in a person's personality or performance.
kalaban1nOpponent; enemy.ov synkakontra2der. ofkontrakasoay2der. ofsoay
kalaban2der. oflabanOpponent; enemy.
kala-bang1nlapad, luwangWidth.Pirapang mitro tang kala-bang tang tanek mi?How many meters is the width of your piece of land?
kala-bang2der. ofla-bangWidth.
kalabasa1nkalabasaSquash.2vstatUndergoer: -enFor a person to have a very prolific squash vine, producing many squash in one's garden.Masoirti si Nay Maring, pirming agkalabasaen takon-takon.Auntie Maring is lucky, every year she has many squash on her vines. rel wdelas
kalabosisinA type of large fish with small spots or dots. (The spots look like the bosisi puffer fish, but the two species are not related.)
kaladingabiTaro root crop. (This is a plant, not a vine, and the tuber can grow quite large. They are found in low-lying areas where water stocks up. The tubers can be cubed and cooked with pork, bananas, green beans in a dish called puchero.)
kalado1nkuadradoSquare.Boaten mo tang lamisan mo ang kalado, epat ang polok may walong polgada tang kala-bang na asta ang kāboat na.Make your table square, forty-eight inches for its width and also its length.antkoadrado 22vtActor: magpa- Undergoer: ipa-To make something into a square shape.Ipakalado mo ra lamang tang ipakodal mo.Make square the area that you will fence in.antkoadrado 1
ka-lagnMaturity, as of a child or person.Anda pay ka-lag na.He is not matured yet (literally, does not yet have maturity).Balampa tolpotan da ka ta ka-lag na.Hopefully he will mature (literally, his maturity will sprout).antlastek 1lastek 2ov synidad 1maslit
kalagkalág1<Not Sure>1.1nSoul; ghost; spirit of a dead person.Ang taw onong dorong talak na indi maka-yat tang kalag na ong langit.It is said that a person with many sins, his soul won't go up to heaven.2n2.1nAll Souls' Night.2.2vtTo play these tricks, to do something with peoples' things as a trick.Ang bilog na yay ang kalag-kalagen ta mandian ang labi.His small outrigger is what we will play a trick with later tonight.
kalainan1nEvil.Ang taw ang magboat ta mga kalainan pario tang pagpatay ta taw, pangombabay, ig panakaw ay silotan ang enged tang Dios.A person who does evil such as murder, adultery, and stealing will indeed be punished by God.antkao-yan2der. ofo-ya
kalainan2der. oflainEvil.
kala-kabviUndergoer: -om-Sound of phlegm in the chest when one has a cough.Pisan ang kakala-kab tang keykey tang molang ge-ley.The small child's cough really sounds full of phlegm.rel wdkabra 1
kala-kala1viActor: -om-kumukuloFor a liquid, water, oil, etc. to boil or come to a boil.Mga kakala-kala ra tang mantika ong kandoagan, ba-lo ibetang tang siakoy don.When the oil is already boiling in the large frying pan, put in the siakoy donuts.2vtActor: magpa- Undergoer: pa--enTo boil a liquid, like water, oil, etc.; to let something come to a boil.Pakala-kalaeno kay lagi tang wi ba-lo itayon ong tirmos.I'll first let the water come to a boil before I pour it into the thermos.ov synlaga
kalaki-kitnA type of bird, grayish-white in color, about the size of a sparrow but with a large bill. (They live in coconut trees and are very aggressive. Even crows are afraid of them.)
kalakiteknA type of small cavalla or trevally fish caught in nets. (They are white, wide-bodied with no scales. Near the tail there is a sharp triangular piece of cartilage.)rel wdlison