Agutaynen - English


kahilnA fruit similar to an orange with thick green skin.ov synotban
kahon1nkahonA small wooden box used for storing things, for example, a carpenter's tool box; the drawer in a desk.Ibalik mo kay ong kahon ni Tatay tang martilio na.Please return Father's hammer to his wooden tool box. ov syndrowirkaban1karton
kahon2nLarge rocks in a field forming the edges or boundary of a field; a rice plot, bordered by large rocks.
kaidad1der. ofidadTo be the same age.
kaidad2adjTo be the same age.
kailo ka1adjkaawaanPitiful; to be pitied.Kailoa ka! Tenged pirmiang aggalobangen.You are pitiful! Because you always have a cold.2vtUndergoer: -anTo be pitied by others.Ang taw ang asing pilay agkailoan nira tenged gigod-igod da lamang.That person is pitied by people because he is crippled and can only scoot along.rel wdte-bek 1
kaitavar. ofkahitanpitakaSmall coin purse; wallet; billfold.antkoartamonidaov synpoyo-poyo 1
kakaarchaickākanateOlder sister.ov synmanang
ka-kab1<Not Sure>1.1vtFor land to be eroded; for earth around trees to erode, exposing roots.Ang tanek ong binit tang baybay kina-kab da tang langeb.The land near the edge of the beach has already been eroded away by waves.Agka-kaben da tang langeb tang kanioyan ong binit tang baybay.The coconut palm grove near the beach is being eroded by the waves.2vt2.1To destroy something by biting, clawing at it.Agka-kaben da tang kiro tang lebleb tang kosina.The wall of the kitchen is being destroyed by the dog clawing it.
ka-kad1<Not Sure>1.1vtTo rummage or search through things, such as a pile of clothing; to take things out of a place where they have been stored.Angay wasag da tang mga libro, sinopay nagka-kad tani ong aparador?Why are the books all scattered around, who got into the cabinet and took them out? Ka-kadeno tang mga lambong ong aparador, taben inorab da ta ambe.I will look through the clothes in the wardrobe, they may have already been chewed up by rats.2vt2.1To bring up a matter; to call attention to a person's actions.Animan, mga ong pagpaningo atan, ka-kadeno tang agboaten na.Therefore, when I come there, I will call attention to what he is doing.
kakalarangander. ofkalarangAn area that is full of these thorny vines.
kakaldawan1nkaarawanBirthday.ov synkapanganan2
kakaldawan2der. ofkaldaw2Birthday.
kakamaliannMistakes; errors.Angay indi aminen mo tang kakamalian mo?Why don't you admit to your mistakes?
kakan1der. ofakaThe eldest sibling or child in a family; firstborn.
kakan2kākannThe eldest sibling or child in a family; firstborn.Si Jose tang kākan ang logod amen.Jose is the eldest amongst us siblings.antkarian1der. ofarikarian2
ka-kapviActor: mag-For a chicken to scratch in the dirt or at grain.Ang mano pirming pagka-kap tang po-pot ong poro-potan.Chickens are always scratching away at the trash in the garbage heap.
kakasoyan1pl. nGroup of cashew trees; cashew grove or orchard.
kakasoyan2der. ofkasoyCashew grove.
kakatvtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enTo remove leaf or grass shingles from a roof in order to repair it.Kakaten mo tang katep tenged pa-letan ta ba-lo.Remove the leaf shingles from the roof because they will be replaced with new ones.Indi poiding magkakat tang katep obin magpaobra tang balay mga may napatay ong balay mismo obin kamalay tenged sia aglian.A person cannot remove leaf shingles or do work on their house if someone died in that house or that of the neighbor's because that is taboo.
kakatodder. ofkatodPartner in pounding rice.
kakawayanander. ofkawayanStand of bamboo; area with lots of bamboo.