Agutaynen - English


kabing1nkabinganA game similar to arm wrestling, but using the legs.2vtUndergoer: papagkabingenTo lock one's legs with another person's at the knee joint in a game of leg wrestling called kabingan.Konsoilo tang kayam ang kabingan. Papagkabingen tang kakay oman ang ilaba yay ang pirdi.The game of kabingan is so much fun. Legs are locked together at the knees and then the person who is flipped over loses.The two opponents lie on the ground with their heads in the opposite direction. Then they lock legs at the knees and try to flip their opponent over.rel wdtornilio 1
kabinitEngnkabinetA built-in cabinet.ov synaparador
kabit<Not Sure>11.1vtTo attach or affix something to a place or another thing, often using a tie, pin, bolt, etc.; to hang something up somewhere; to pin something on to something, someone; to connect something; to install something, such as electricity.Kabitano ta singkaw tang karabawo, lagat-lagat ta ge-ley magarado rin tang komao.I'll attach the yoke to the water buffalo, a little later I will plow my field.Magkabito ta ribon ong anao ong damal ong programa.I'll pin a ribbon on my child tomorrow at the program.Ikabit mo kay ong talingao naning tang dobaling salasioso.Please attach this other earring of mine to my ear.Mareges ang magpakabit-kabit tang mamola ong tanga ta ayo mga pamagkayam.Children really like to hang and swing themselves from tree branches when they are playing.anttakenantkirida 2takenkarabitan1der.1n22.1nMistress; concubine.2.2vtTo commit adultery with a woman; to have an affair with a woman; for a woman to make herself a mistress of someone.Ang babay ang asia yay ang agkabiten tang katawao.That woman there, she's the one with whom my husband is having an affair. Ang babay ang asi, pagpakabit-kabit ong mga sondalo.That woman commits adultery with (lit. makes herself a mistress to) soldiers.antkirida 1
kablinkableCable; large, thick rope on an anchor.
kabo1<Not Sure>1.1nAshes.1.2viFor something to get dirty with, or become covered by ashes.Ang kindiaw mo kabōn. Your grilled fish has ash on it.Ibetang mo ta masinlo ong paranggiawan tang agkiawen mo para indi makaboan. Place what you will grill carefully on top of the grill so that it won't become covered with ashes. 2vi2.1adjGray color.
kaboi1der. ofboiLife.
kaboi2nLife.Aloyana tang Dios ang pāboaten na enged tang kaboi mo.May God bless you and make your life long.
kaboing anday kataposannEternal life (lit. life with no end).
kabokidan1der. ofbokidHills; mountains.
kabokidan2pl. n1Hills; mountains.ov synbolod2kabobokidanMountain range, mountainous area; a remote place; wilderness.Ang mga taw agpaning ong kabobokidan para mame-pet ta adili.The people are going up into the mountains to cut posts for a house.rel wdanday taw nakatawan-tawananmainglaw
kabologander. ofbolog2An area in the ocean with these large coral rocks. (Some are as big as houses on which boats can become grounded.)
kabongnMussel; a type of bivalve mollusk which sticks to large rocks in a coral reef.
kābong1namagBlack mold; mildew.2vstatUndergoer: -onFor something to become dark with mold, or to smell moldy or musty.Ang lomabeng ang agtataloko kinābong da, yadi rang bo-bok na.The beans that I was storing already smell moldy and they have many weevils in them.ov synkasising 1
kaboskabós1adjloko, ulolFool, foolish; idiot; stupid, crazy; to act inappropriate; crude, rude, crass; shameful, embarrassing. (It is rude to call someone this.)Way, may taw ang pantaki si ong binit tang dalan, kabos! Look, there's a man defecating there on the side of the street, that's so crude! Kabosa ra sigoro, india ra pandigo.Maybe you are already a fool, you don't bathe anymore.2viActor/Undergoer: ma-To act crazy, not in one's right mind; to act inappropriately, stupid, or foolish.Way, ang gabaleng papanaw ong karsada ang anday lambong na, gakabos da.Look, the drunk guy is walking down the street with no clothes on, he is already going crazy.Nakabos-kabos tang kamalay amen tenged teta indi gapamangan.Our neighbor became a bit crazy because sometimes he doesn't eat.ov synaboso 1bastos 1pangel
kabotkabótunspec. var.pakabot1<Not Sure>11.1viTo arrive at, or reach, a destination.Kiminabót da ono tang mga bisita nira.They say that their visitors have arrived. Maboay-boay ta ge-ley, nākabot da tanira ong ta-paw tang bokid.After a little while, they arrived at the top of the mountain.Naboay da piro indi pa gākabot tang soildo na.It's been a long time already and her paycheck has not yet arrived. antalin 11.2viArriving; fast approaching.Pagaita nang gingabot tang ana na, nakibot tanandia.When he saw his child arriving, he was startled.Pamagbetang da ta banting-banting tang mga taw tenged gingabot da tang pista.The people are putting up the streamers because the fiesta is fast approaching.1.3vtTo be expecting, waiting for someone's arrival, or for an event that is soon approaching.Angay panlimpio amo ra ta osto, sigoro may agpakabóton ming bisita?Why are you cleaning so thoroughly, do you perhaps have a visitor whom you are expecting?antalin 1.1palakabótonder.1n., adjAng barko kiminabót da mandian tenged may palakabóton sing bagio.The ship already arrived today because there is another typhoon coming. 2vtTo bring, extend something to people such as punishment, judgment, mercy, good news, new teaching (lit. cause to reach); to preach; prophesy.Balampa malibri ita ong silot ang ipakabot tang Dios ong kalibotan ong oring kaldaw.May we all be saved from the punishment which God will bring upon the world on the last day.Ipakabot mi ka tang pangomosta amen ong mga logod ta ong Roxas.And also extend our greetings to our brethren in Roxas.Sinobol ni Jesus tang mga sinagpan na para magpatako tang Mo-yang Balita ong tanan ang mga logar.Jesus sent out his disciples to preach the Good News in all places.33.1vtTo catch up with someone, something, including attending an event; to be able to reach something beyond one's arm length.Maski nanikado indio ra ka enged nākabot ong pambot.Even though I ran I was not able to catch up to the pumpboat.Indi ami makabotan ta pista tenged magalin ami ong damal.We won't be able to attend (lit. catch up with) the fiesta because we are leaving tomorrow.Kabotan amo pa ta tang bolan tarin ong Puerto?Will you still be here in Puerto [Princesa City] for another month? (lit. ill you be reached by one month here in Puerto?).Kinabotan mo pa tang pepey mo?Was your great-grandmother still alive when you were little? (lit. Did you catch up with your great-grandmother?)Indi ka enged kaboton tang katep mga anday aldan.The roof really cannot be reached if there is no ladder.Italangat mo kay ong alawig tang baskit, itaben kaboton ta kiro.Please hang the basket up high, a dog might be able to reach it.3.2vtTo reach out and get or grab a hold of something.Asing pagabo-log tang mola ong bilog mo-ya nakirabot ang lagi tang tatay na.When the child fell out of the small outrigger boat it was good that his father was able to reach out and grab ahold of him right away.44.1vTo be overcome by something, such as the rain, an illness, or bad mood (lit. to be reached by it).Asing pagmotor ami ong landingan kinabotan ami ta koran.When we rode the motorcycle to the landing we were overcome by rain.Pirmi tanandiang agkaboton tang apo na.She is always being overcome by her asthma.Ang mangalok mga agkaboton tang kamangalok na pagtoad ono.A person who is a witch, when overcome by his power, it's said that he stands on his hands.55.1vtFor a young man and his parents to visit the family of his fiancée for the second time, to discuss the marriage agreement.Sinopay tomabid ong nindiong magpakabot andamal ang labi?Who will accompany you when you go to talk with the girl's parents tomorrow night?parakabótonder.kabotan ta siam-siamid.exprKalobay mo kang panaw, kabotan ita na ta siam-siam. Your walking is so extremely slow, it will take us forever (lit. will reach ninety-nine).
kabotan ta siam-siamid. ofkabotA long time; for something to take forever (lit. will reach ninety-nine).
kaboton ta siam-siamid. ofsiamA long time; for something to take forever (literally, it will reach ninety-nine).
kaboyawnA type of green citrus fruit, medium-sized, round. (The juice is used to make a dish taste sour.)rel wdkalamansi
kabra1<Not Sure>1.1vtTo force something open which is locked, by prying the lock or hinge off with a tool; to pry a large rock out of the ground with a crowbar; dislodge large rocks.Kinabrao ra lamang tang kaban amen tenged nalipat tang liabi.I just pried open our wooden trunk because the key was lost.Mababael tang bato, indi makabra! The rock is so huge, it cannot be pried out!1.2nCrowbar.1.3viFor rocks or earth to unintentionally be dislodged or washed out by weather, water, or animals, etc.Ang baka mga agkeke-ked ong binit tang kahon, gakabra tang mga batong mababael.When a cow is tethered at the edge of a rice plot, the large rocks become dislodged. Ang pantalan ang ba-long inobra kinabra si tang langeb.The pier which was just finished being worked on was washed out again by big waves (i.e. the large rocks used for the pier were dislodged).2vi2.1For one's cough to be very violent, sounding the same as something which is being broken apart or forced open; a loud, hacking cough.Mga kemeykey tang taw ang asi, midio makabra tang debdeb na.When that person coughs, it sounds like his chest will break apart.
kaCV-adj. affpfxIntensifier on adjectives.Kasisinlo tang lambong mo!Your dress is so very beautiful!
kadaadj., advbawat; tuwingEvery; each; each time.Ang kada pamilia kaministiran magboat ta nirang sadiling kasilyas.Every family should build their own toilet.Kada magpitong takon tang mga ana nira pamagpatay ta baka.Each time one of their children turns seven years old, they kill a cow.
kadadalmann., adjThe deepest part, or bottom, of the ocean; the depths.Ang Philippine Trench yay ang kadadalman ang talsi ong Asia.The Philippine Trench is the deepest part of the ocean in all of Asia.Ekelana yen don ong kadadalman! I'll take you there to the deepest part of the sea!
kadadálmander. ofadalemThe deepest part, or bottom, of the ocean.