Agutaynen - English


kabalagenander. ofbalagenA place that is full of vines.
kaban1nbaolA medium-sized wooden chest or trunk with a lid, used as a storage box for clothes, etc.In the past, these chests were also used as suitcases when traveling. They are still often seen in the homes of older people.
kaban2nkabanOne cavan measurement, usually of rice. (This is a Philippine measurement, equal to about 75 liters, 62.5 kilograms, or 25 ganta. One kaban is the same a one pasong.)ov synbolto2pasongrel wdsako 1
kabangkia1der. ofbangkiaA partner, companion in doing work.
kabangkia2nA partner, companion in doing work.Madasig tang kabangkiao ong pagkatep, animan natapos ang lagi.My partner in putting on the roof really works fast, that's why we finished right away.ov synkasimbangkatabang2der. oftabang
kabantay1nA trap or snare for animals.Na-ked tang mano amen ong kabantay ni Tay Juan.Our chicken was accidentally caught in Uncle Juan's snare. 2vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -an, ma-an Goal: -anTo trap something, catch something in a trap; to place traps in a field.Ang manong kinabantayan nalikel animan kabotan patay da.The chicken that was caught in the trap was caught by the neck therefore when he came back for it, it was already dead.Agkabantayano tang komao tenged agpanganen ta mano.I'm putting traps in my rice field because it is being eaten by chickens.rel wdtalaring 1teked1 1
kabantol-bantolander. ofbantol-bantolA wide area of these thorn bushes.
kabatankabatānpl. nkabataanTeenagers; youth; young people. (The root is the Tagalog word bata, meaning 'child' or 'young'.)antkamamolan1kamamolan2 1der. ofmola
kabatoan1der. ofbato1A rocky place with large rocks or boulders.
kabatoan3var. ofkababa-wan3pl. nA rocky place with large rocks or boulders.
kabayo1nkabayoHorse.2viActor: maN-To ride a horse.Gatakoang mangabayo? Do you know how to ride a horse?
kabayo-kabayo1nIroning board.antpalamlantsan1palamlantsan2der. ofplantsa2
kabayo-kabayo2nSea horse.
kabebenA type of rounded sea slug which burrows in holes in limestone rock at the edge of a coral reef. (They have brownish-yellow scaly skin. When placed in hot water the skin comes off and the rubbery flesh is dipped in vinegar and then eaten.)rel wdkabebelay
kabebelaynA type of flat sea slug which sticks on to large rocks at the edge of the ocean. (They have brownish-yellow scaly skin. When placed in hot water the skin comes off and the rubbery flesh is dipped in vinegar and then eaten.)rel wdkabebe
kaberengnuwangCoconut beetle.rel wdbokan
ka-biatvi., vtActor: -om-, ma- Undergoer: -enakyatTo climb up; go upstairs; to climb up to get something.Indi māka-biat tang kiro ong balay mga lintang tang aldan.The dog can't climb up into the house if the stairs are pulled up.Ka-biaten mo kay tang bola don ong katep.Please climb up and get the ball there on the roof.antbabak 1ka-yat 1ka-yat 1.1taboan 1taboan 2ov synondiot
kabidbidvtActor: mag- Reduplication: mag--an Undergoer: -enakbayTo put one's arm around another's shoulders in a friendly or affectionate way.Agkabidbiden ni Juan tang katawa na mintras papanaw tanirang magsimba.Juan puts his arm around his wife's shoulders while they walk to church.ov synamboy
kabig1vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enturingTo regard, consider or treat a person a certain way; to claim something as one's own, whether it really is or not.Agkabigen amen tanandia ang midio sadiling logod amen tenged naboay dang gistar ong yamen.We consider her as our own sister because she has been living here with us for a long time already.ov synasirbilang2 1ilala 1rel wdako1 1ambo
kabig21nkabigThe direction a door opens.Ang kabig ta porta ong loa.The direction the door opens is to the outside.2vtUndergoer: -enTo steer or paddle a boat in a certain direction.Kabigen mo kay tang bilog pawala.Please steer the small outrigger to the left.rel wdsimon 1
kabig3nA type of long handsaw with large teeth, used for wood or bamboo. (The teeth only cut in one direction, towards the one using the saw.)rel wdlagadi 1
kabilawnpanikiLarge fruit bat.Ang kabilaw mga kaldaw gapoyat lamang, mga labi ba-lo lalayog ang pagdilem ta pamangan na.Large fruit bats just sleep during the day, and when it's night they fly around looking for food.Fruit bats are good to eat, especially when roasted on a stick over a fire. Some people are afraid of fruit bats when they fly around at night. They say that some might actually be tanggar, bats which are as large as a person, i.e. vampire bats. Years ago some young women were known to put the blood of this bat on their armpits so that the hair would not grow long.rel wdkalomi-mittanggar