Agutaynen - English


kalikenkenvar. ofkalikeskesvtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enTo roll something up, usually referring to pants, up to the knees.Ang kalioliot mo kalikenkenen mo agod indi malbay ong pagtogbo ong talsi.Roll up your pants so that they don't get wet wading in the ocean.ov synkasa1
kalikombaonA type of small inedible crab, whitish in color. (They can be seen running on the beach and quickly disappearing down into their holes. They are similar to soldier crabs or tagayokoy but are bigger.)ov syntagayokoy
kalikotvtActor: mag- Undergoer: -onTo touch something; to mess or fiddle with something.Indi kalikoton mo tang makina, sia madaling malangga.Don't fiddle with the motor, if you do it will quickly break down.ov synkoting 1tandeg 1
kaliliwit1var. ofkililiwit1nhinliliitLittle finger; pinky finger.
kalima1nkamayHand.India magte-lek ta siang ged, itaben maigadan tang kalima mo.Don't touch that machete, your hand might be wounded.2vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enTo take in one's hands; to do something by hand.India magkalima tang indi pa agto-dol ong nio.Don't you take in your hands that which is not yet being offered to you.Nani, gamiten mo tang kotsara, indi kalimaen mo siang tera.Here, use the spoon, don't eat that viand with your hands.Napotol tang singgoy tang makina, kinalimao da lamang tang agbedbedeno.The needle of my sewing machine broke, so I just sewed by hand what I was sewing.abri tang kalima2id.adjboat lamang ong kalimaid.adjmāboat ta kalima1id.adjmakinit ta kalimaid.adjIndi maboi tang mga loakong rosas tenged makinit tang kalimao. My flowers won't live because I don't have a green thumb (literally, because my hand is hot). malamig ta kalima1id.adjAroy! Kasisinlo tang mga dapo mo tenged malamig kaman tang kalima mo ong mga iloloak.Wow! Your orchids are very beautiful because you have a green thumb (literally, because your hands are cool) when it comes to plants.mapeleg ta kalima1id.adj
kalimankalimānnpawikanLarge sea turtle. (These are an endangered species and it is against the law to catch them. They lay their eggs in the sand close to the seashore.)rel wdbakoko
kalimbawan1der. ofalimbawaSomething used as an illustration of something else; a comparison, similarity.
kalimbawan2nSomething which is the same or similar to something else; something used as an illustration or a comparison.Ang mga taw, mga anday padi nira, ang kalimbawan nira pario ong mga karniro ang anday pagsagod ong nira.People, when they have no resident priest, they are similar to sheep who have no one to care for them.ov synkaparioan
kalimemetviActor: maN-To cross one's arms over one's chest.Angay pangalimemeta, aglamigana?Why do you have your arms crossed, are you cold?
kalimogmogviActor: maN-mumogTo gargle.Mangalimogmoga ta wing malamig tenged ba-loang binonlokan ta isi.Gargle with some cold water because you just had a tooth pulled.
kalinias1nA small, metal bobbin used in a sewing machine; a small hollow piece of bolok bamboo, about the size and shape of a pencil, on which is wrapped the thread used in loom weaving.Ang kalinias boat ong bolok ig yay ang agporonan tang ilo.The bobbin of the shuttle is made of small-diameter bamboo and it's where the thread is wound.After it is wrapped with thread, it is inserted into the holder, called a lansadira. Together this makes up the shuttle. Smaller shuttles are used for tatting.2viActor: maN-To fill a bobbin with thread.Aggamiten nira tang berengan mga pangalinias. They use a spinning wheel when they fill a wooden bobbin.rel wdlansadiratidalkaliniasander.n
kaliniasander. ofkaliniasBobbin filled with thread.
kalintadornTea kettle.
kalintoadvi., vtActor: mag- Undergoer: ipa-For something to flip over, going head-over-heels, headfirst, or sideways; to overturn something with legs, such as a table, with a violent action.Nagkalintoad tang agtatāy ong kabayo ig nabo-log ong dalan.The person riding the horse flipped over headfirst and fell onto the road.Pinampakalintoad ni Jesus tang mga lamisan tang mamanigbailo ta koarta don ong Timplo.Jesus overturned the tables of the money changers there in the Temple.rel wdtomba1 1
kalintora1nMalaria-like fever.2vstatUndergoer: -enTo have malarial fever.Angay agkalintoraena, sigoro nagalina ong Roxas!Why do you have malarial fever, maybe you've just come from Roxas!ov synmalaria
kalioliot1npantalonLong pants; trousers.antlargo2vi., vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -onTo wear long pants.Indio maoyon ang magkalioliot ta maong mga makinit.I don't like to wear long denim pants (i.e. jeans) when it's hot out.3nkalioliot ang potolCalf-length pants (lit. cutoff pants); capri pants or pedal pushers.rel wdporontong
kalipapakalipāpa1npakpakWing of a bird, insect, airplane, angel.2adjkalipāpanTo have wings; to be affixed with wings.Teta ang palamingko kalipapan. Sometimes red ants have wings.
kalipa-patnSparrow; flycatcher. (They can be seen sitting on power lines. During rainy season, they fly in flocks, low to the ground.)rel wdamamadiangmaya
kalipay1nJoy; happiness.Dorong kalipay na ong ba-long ampo na.Her joy was great because of her new grandchild.