Agutaynen - English


intirimis1nintirimis, kaintirimisbiroJoke; something that is not true.Demdemen ming ang pagkaratawaen tatang bagay ang sagrado ig belag ta intirimis. Remember that marriage is a sacred thing and not a joke (i.e. should be taken seriously).antsonlog2vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enTo tease someone; to make fun of someone; to insult or ridicule someone; to trick or deceive someone.India magintirimis ong taw ang indi gailala mo.Don't tease a person who you don't know.ov synge-ley 1lokoodio1 1orog-orogpilio 1sonlogilintirimisender.npalaintirimisder.n
intiriornInner tube of a tire.rel wdgolong
intirisEngninteresInterest earned on money.ov syntobo3 1
intirisadoadjTo be interested in something.Tenged intirisado tang ana nirang magadal, animan maski maliwag tanira, nagprosigir tanirang magpādal.Because their child is was interested in studying, therefore even though they are hardshipped, they really tried hard to send him to school.
intiroEngadjEntire area; all inhabitants of an area.Napetek tang pabanglo, ang banglo minegem da ong intirong balay.The perfume [bottle] broke, and the fragrance spread thoroughout the entire house.Ong Dominggo ang tanan ang taw mamaglimpio ong intirong barangay.On Sunday all the people will clean up the entire barangay.
intra1<Not Sure>1.1viTo start (lit. enter) a new job.Andamal mintrao ra ang magobra ong karsada.Tomorrow I will start my new job working on the road.2vi2.1vtTo include someone, have someone join in.Paintraen ta ka si Juan ong kayam tang baskitbol.Let's also have Juan join in the basketball game.
intradanFirst day of the month.
intriga1<Not Sure>1.1vtTo entrust something to someone for safekeeping; to hand something over into someone's care or jurisdiction.Magintrigao pa ong nandia tang balay agod tanandia tang magbantay.I'll entrust my house to him so that he'll be the one to watch it.Inintriga tang priso ong polis para ekelan nira ong Manila.The prisoner was handed over to the police to be taken to Manila.2vt2.1To bring, present the items (cows, rice, etc.) which were requested by the parents of the groom for the wedding. (This is done the day before the wedding.)Magintriga ita ra tang pina-dol agod ang doma ay magsimpan da tang mga sirimpanen.We'll bring that which was asked for so that the others can get everything ready that needs to be prepared.
intrisEngvtActor: m- Undergoer: -enligawTo be interested in someone romantically; to court a woman.Sinopay gintrisen mo?Who are you interested in? rel wddiskarti2lisiktarak2
Intsikprop. nChinese.
inyangnA kind of rice that is planted in irrigated fields. (On Agutaya it is planted in Villa Fria.)rel wdpindinga
ipagbiahider. ofbiahiTime to travel.
ipagtokodder. oftokod1The time designated to put in house posts.
ipanaponder. ofaponSupper; viand used for supper.
ipang-v. affpfxInfinitive or future tense, instrument focus.Onopay ipangali mo ta agonan?What will you use to dig up the agonan root crop?
ipanolit-tolitder. oftolit-tolitThe time to gather these snails.
ipanolokder. oftolok1Time for tide pooling or fishing using lanterns.
ipano-sodder. ofso-sod2The time of day for going out with this net.
ipes1viActor: mag-hintoTo quiet down, stop laughing, talking or crying; to keep quiet about a secret.Magipesa, india maginingal tarin tenged dorong mga taw ang pamamasi.Quiet down, don't be noisy here because many people are listening.Nagipes da tang mola, indi ra pagini-yak.The child has quieted down, he is no longer crying.Magipes amo, indi amo mamalita ong doma.You keep quiet, don't tell the news to others.Ipes! Anday maginingal.Quiet! Don't anyone be noisy.antgolo1 1ingal 1ingal 3ov synpameyengpet2vtUndergoer: pa--enTo stop one's crying; to quiet someone down, like a small child.Paipesen mo kay tang pagini-yak ang asia, masit da ong kolō.Please stop that crying of yours, it hurts my head.Monopa pinaipes mo tang molang asiang sotil?How did you quiet down that child who is so naughty?
ipes-padinA type of small brown fish, triangular in shape, with a small mouth and one sharp projection behind its head. (This fish has very leathery skin which must be removed before cooking it. It is similar to the pa-nisan fish.)
ipiktoEngnepektoEffect.Ang bolong ang sindol mo, anday ipikto na, indi mamasi ong sit tang siano.That medicine you gave me, it had no effect, it didn't alleviate my the pain in my stomach.ov synbasi3 1
ipilnIpil tree or wood.This is a hardwood tree found in forests whose lumber is red in color and is used for furniture.rel wdnara
ipil-ipilnipil-ipilA type of small tree used for firewood and reforestation work.Ang daon tang ipil-ipil masinlong iporga ong mga baboy.The leaves of ipil-ipil trees are good for deworming pigs.