Agutaynen - English


ingkantoviUndergoer: ma-For a person to become bewitched, enchanted by an ingkantada, have a spell put on them.Naingkanto tang logod na asing nana-loy don ong mabael ang balay ang naboay dang anday gistar.Her sister was bewitched when she passed by the big house there that has been vacant for a long time.When this has happened to a person their behavior changes. Sometimes they act crazy. They need to be taken to a folk healer, an albolario, to be healed.anttalagbatrel wdingkantada
ingkargado1nThe person who is in charge of something, such as a large banquet, crew on a boat; a foreman.Ang ingkargado ong mga lantsa istrikto ong mga taw ang pamagbarter.The person in charge on fishing boats is strict with people who come to barter.ov synadministradordiskarti1gataligan2der. oftaligkapatas
ingkargado2der. ofkargoThe person who is in charge of something, such as a large banquet, crew on a boat, etc.
ingkargao<Not Sure>
ingkibvtActor: mag- Undergoer: -en Goal: -ankagatanTo take a bite of something hard; to bite something off something with the teeth; to gnaw on something hard.Poiding maingkib atan ong agpanganen mong bayabas?Can I take a bite of the guava you are eating there?Doli bato ta onopa tang aggingkiben tang kirong asi?What kind of a bone do you think that dog is gnawing on?Tenged indio nagekel ta ged ang gamiten para manibabaw animan ganing tang maistrao, "Ala, ingkiben mo tang ibabawen."Because I didn't bring a machete to use for weeding therefore my teacher said, "Okay, you just bite off the weeds then."Paingkiben mo kay tanandia ong bato para indi matalagbat.Have him gnaw on a rock so that he won't be bewitched.Some people say that when a person arrives in a new place, they should gnaw on a large rock by the beach so that the evil spirits will know them and not cause anything bad to happen to them.ov synlatabtangkabrel wdalat 1ki-kibiringkibander.nSia don ong balay amen may batong iringkiban. There at our house there's a rock that can be gnawed on (i.e. by a person who is going to the house for the first time).
ingkointro1ningkointroanA battle or skirmish; an encounter in a fight or war.Ong primirong ingkointroan nira, alos tanan ang sondalo nira nangapatay.In their first encounter, almost all their soldiers died.2vtActor: mag- Reduplication: mag--anTo fight against in a skirmish.Ang mga sondalo may ang mga ribildi don namagingkointroan ong kageban.The soldiers and the rebels fought each other there in the jungle.rel wdgira 1laban
ingkoynbatokThe back of the neck. (This can also refer to a hump but not to a hunchback.)ov synlonggo-longgoan
Inglisprop. nInglesThe English language.
inigoan2var. ofpinaginigoan2nAn understanding; agreement; covenant.May inigoan nira ang don magpakasal ta sikrito ong Manila.They have an understanding that they will get married secretly in Manila.Asing tokaw, ang Dios nagboat tang primirong inigoan na ong mga Israelita.Long ago, God made his first covenant with the Israelite people.Ang pinaginigoan tang mamaglogod ay mamagboat ta balay ang mabael.The agreement of all the siblings is to build a house that is very large.Asing tokaw ang mga Hebreo pamagosoy ong Katobolan ni Moises, sigon ong pinaginigoan ang bindoat tang Dios ong nira.Long ago the Hebrew people followed the Law of Moses, according to the covenant which God had made with them.antpinaginigoan3ov synpinagampanganpinangakoansipan 1rel wdampang 1oyon2 1
initvtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enTo remove lice nits or eggs from hair by sliding them off the strands of hair with one's fingernails.Initen mo kay tang liketo, oman i-det mo ong kolō.Please remove my lice eggs and then squash them on my head.ov synsiaysirakteretrel wdliket 1oto 1
inodoroniniduroToilet bowl.
inogat1nLeftover food scraped off plates, usually fed to pigs; scraps of food.Sayang da tang inogat ang kayadi, inilat da tang kiro.Too bad about all the scraps for the pig, it has been tipped over (i.e. and eaten up) by the dog.
inogat2der. ofogat3Leftover food scraped off plates, usually fed to pigs.
ino-inounspec. var. ofpaino-ino
inonounspec. var. ofondion
inosintiadjInnocent, naive, lacking knowledge. (This usually refers to small children. It does not have the meaning of being innocent of a wrongdoing.)Mga natetenged ong malain, dapat kaman ang inosinti amo pario ong molang ge-ley.With regard to evil, you indeed should be innocent, just like small children.
inosintis1<Not Sure>1.1nA cultural dance peformed by people on Diit island.2n2.1prop. nInnocents' Day.
insayoarchaicviActor: mag-To practice.Kaldaw-kaldaw ang mga iskoila pamaginsayo tang tayaw nira para ipaloa ong Palarong Bayan.Every day the pupils are practicing their folk dance to be performed during the District Sports Meet.antpraktis
insinsoninsensoIncense used by a Catholic priest.rel wdkamanggian
insolto1nInsult.2vtActor: maN- Undergoer: -oninsultoTo insult someone.Ininsolto tanandia piro indi tanandia minlet ang nanginsolto. He was insulted but he didn't retaliate by insulting them.rel wdbastos 1peka
instrominto1<Not Sure>1.1nMusical instrument.anttoro-togan2torogtogan22n2.1A person or situation which is used as an instrument for obtaining a specific goal or outcome.Ang tangayo tang nagimong instrominto animan nailalao tang katawao.My friend was the instrument by which I met my husband.Yawa tang instromintong ginamit tang Dios para mamalamado ong nandia.You are the instrument that God used so that I would wake up to him.
intabladonStage in the plaza.
intindi1<Not Sure>1.1vtTo be able to understand something or someone; for people to understand each other.Indio maintindi tang agpangadien na tenged Latin tang bitala na.I can't understand what she is praying because what she is speaking is Latin.Indi naintindiano tang inaning na ong yen.I didn't understand what he said to me.Pamagirintindian ami animan masinlo tang pamagtarabidan amen.We understand each other therefore our relationship is good.1.2vtTo explain something to someone, literally, cause to understand.Pinaintindi na ong mamola tang maliag yaning tang istoria na.He explained to the children the meaning of his story.antpabaya 12vt2.1To give or pay attention to someone, something; to be concerned about something; to see to a person's needs; to attend to something, take care of a matter; to "handle" a situation; to follow up on something.Indio ra pagintindi tang logod tang asi tenged mga tarin pirmio ka lamang agsoayen na.I don't pay attention to that brother of ours anymore because whenever he is here he fights with me.Inayat si Pedro tang kamalay na, piro indi inintindi na.Pedro's neighbor challenged him to come out and fight, but he paid no attention to it.India ra magintindi tang otang mo ong yen tenged binayadan da tang katawa mo.Don't be concerned about your debt to me because your spouse already paid it.Yading gintindieno ong balay ang obra.I have a lot of work to attend to at home.irintindien1der.n