Agutaynen - English


Indi maboay.der. ofmaboayIn a moment; Just a minute.
indi magtaket ong pama-dek1id. ofpa-dekDoes not measure up in one's sight (i.e. to one's standards).
indi magtaket ong pama-dek2id. ofpama-dekDoes not measure up in one's sight (i.e. to one's standards).
indi magtaket ong pama-dek3id. oftaketDoes not measure up in one's sight (i.e. to one's standards).
indi maimoadvIt's not possible; it can't be.Indi maimong india partian na tang toroblien mi.It's not possible that he will not give you a part of your inheritance.antmaimo 1ov synindi poidi
indi mapabetang tang nem1id. ofbetang2No peace of mind (lit. His/her inner being cannot be placed anywhere).; Outcome; result.
indi mapabetang tang nem2der. ofnemNo peace of mind (lit. his/her inner being cannot be placed anywhere).
indi pagpadapat ta kalimaid. ofpadapatHe doesn't lay a hand (i.e. on his wife). (This is an expression meaning a person doesn't slap another person or hit them with his fist. This is usually used in instances where a husband has never lifted his hand against his wife.)
indi poidiadvNot possible; cannot, can't.Mga malinaw ong damal, indi poiding magpakoláy.If it is calm in the morning, it won't be possible to winnow rice in the wind.Ang mga padi indi poiding mangatawa.Priests cannot marry.antpoidi 1ov synindi maimo
indiksionEng1nAn injection; a shot.anttirada2vtActor: mag-, magpa- Goal: -aniniksiyonTo be injected with a drug; to be immunized or vaccinated.Angay magpaindyiksiona? Onopay masit mo?Why are you going have yourself injected? What is your illness?anttiradaov synbakona 1
indioexprIndio!; Indio galiag.I won't do it; I don't want to; I don't like it.
inemvi., vtActor: maN- Undergoer: -eninomTo drink water, juice, etc.; to drink alcohol.Mga agkorsona, manginema ta yading wi.When you have diarrhea, drink lots of water.Onopay inemen mi mga paning amo ong bokid ang magarado?What will you drink when you go to plow the field?Maski māga pa, ang mga lali pamanginem da.Even though it is still early, the men are drinking already.irinemen1der.nkapalainemder.npalainemder.npalanginemander.n
inemem1nkamaoFist.Inledan da ong yen tang taw ang asi tenged pinayoyoano tang inemeno.That person has become afraid of me because I showed my fist to him.2viActor: maN-To make a fist.Way, pangemem da, sigoro magigsontok da ong aroman na!Look, he's making a fist, maybe he'll slug his companion!
inenlanninunanPlacenta.After a woman gives birth, a piece of the placenta is usually roasted and fed to her so that she will not have a relapse. She is usually told it is the gizzard of a chicken although she in fact knows what it really is.
inga-inga1viActor: m-For a tooth to be loose, wiggle.Poros da ginga-inga tang mga isio.My teeth are all completely loose.2vtUndergoer: -enTo wiggle a tooth and make it loose.Indi inga-ingaen mo tang isi mo, itaben mabonlok, geldano.Don't wiggle your tooth, it may pull out, I'm afraid.
ingal1nA noise.antipes 1silinsio2adjmaingalingayNoisy; loud.Si Juan yay ang kaingalan ong klasi.Juan is the noisiest one in the class.3vi., vtActor: maginingal Undergoer: -anTo be noisy; to talk loudly about something; to make a noise about something; for something to be loud or noisy.Indi amo maginingal ong teled tang simban.Don't be noisy inside the church.Onopay gingalan ni Jose don ong balay nira?What is Jose making a noise about there in their house?antipes 1silinsioov synbokatotgolo1 1mapoirsa
ingaramviActor/Undergoer: m-To become accustomed to something; to continue to do something.Indi ra oldan mo ta belat tang taw ang asia, sia gingaram da, oman indi ra magprosigir.Don't give rice anymore to that person, he's already becoming accustomed to it and then he will no longer work for himself.ov syngamen 1rel wdanad 1
ingerebvi., vtActor: m- Goal: -anTo growl, as of a dog; to growl at someone.Gingereb tang kiro, sigoro gaita ta taw ang tata-lib.The dog is growling, maybe he sees someone passing by.rel wdkayaw 1
ingganiar1vtActor: maingganiar Undergoer: ingganiaren, ingganiosonTo covet or be greedy for wealth, money, land.India maingganiar ong manggad ta domang taw.Don't covet the wealth of other people.Aggingganioson na tang belag ta tanek na.He is coveting land that is not his.2adjingganiosoA person who is covetous.ov synsablektakab
ingganiosoadjCovetous; to covet things, primarily money.Magandam amo, itaben magimo among ingganioso ta koarta. Imbis, makontinto amo lamang ong mga bagay ang onopay atan ong nindio.Take care that you don't become covetous of money. Instead, just be content with whatever you have.rel wdingganiar 1
inggitviActor/Undergoer: ma-inggitTo envy, feel envious; jealous.Gainggitong pirmi ong karomanano mga anday lambongong ba-lo.I'm always envious of my companion if I have no new clothes.antibegirakov synkimonsilosinggitirader.inggitiroder.n
inggitiroder. ofinggitAn envious, jealous person.
ingkantadavar. ofingkantadonAn invisible being, like a fairy or wizard.Some people say that these beings live in the ground, around rocks, in large trees, or in large, vacant houses. They bewitch people and make them crazy, or turn them into animals. Conversely they also have the power to heal people who have gone crazy due to curses or elves. The ill person is taken to the house of the ingkantada where she speaks to the person, but cannot be seen. Often the sick person is instructed to look for a white chicken and let it loose in the hills, or to gather certain medicinal leaves.rel wdingkanto