Agutaynen - English


inabdet1der. ofabdetFetus; the child that a woman is carrying in her womb.
inabdet2nFetus; the child that a woman is carrying in her womb.Pito rang bolan ono tang inabdet na.They say her fetus is seven months along already.antaggekel-ekelan1aggekel-ekelan2 1id. ofekel
inabounspec. var.mainaboviUndergoer: ma-mangyariFor something to happen, occur.Indi ibeg mo ong doma tang nainabo ong yen.Don't tell anyone what happened to me.Onopay nainabo asing bispiras tang pista?What happened the night before the fiesta?anttabóov synmagkatinirrel wdton 1
inadian1der. ofadiKingdom.
inadian2nkaharianKingdom.Ang mo-yang adi gatakong magpasonaid ong mga taw ang nasakepan ong inadian na.A good king knows how show concern for the people who are under his kingdom. Magpasalamat ita ong Dios, tenged nabilang ita ra ong inadian na ang inding pisan mapakedeg!Let us give thanks to God, because we are counted in his kingdom which cannot indeed be shaken!
inakānder. ofakaThe age difference between an older person and a younger person.
inalian1der. ofaliA hole that's been dug in the ground, for making a septic tank, compost pit, etc.
inalian2nA hole that has been dug in the ground. (This refers to big holes for making a well, septic tank, or a large compost pit. It can also refer to small holes dug by dogs, crabs, etc.)Mga indi amo madayon ang magboat ta kasilias atan, tampekan mi kay tang inalian mi.If you aren't going to proceed with making an outhouse, please fill in the big hole that you have dug. May baka ono ang nabo-log ong inalian ang mabael, don ong aboat.They say there's a cow that fell into the big hole that had been dug there uphill.Nasipalo talabi asing napo-loto ong may inalian don ong boko-boko tang balay amen.I sprained my ankle when I accidentally stepped into a hole that had been dug at the back of our house.Yadi rang inalian ta koday don ong kanioyan, magtalaring ita.There are many holes that have been dug by crabs there in the coconut palm grove, let's go set some crab traps.rel wdgaloang 1gawang
inambligviActor: maN-For the soul or ghost of a deceased person to grieve or to have hard feelings towards the living; for a person to have hurt or bad feelings resulting in sickness.Ang motor ang agtayan tang ana na nalanggan tenged ang kalag ay nanamblig, onopa, ang ana na indi ra napasakep ong lebeng na.The boat his child was riding on had engine problems because his ghost was hurt and made himself known, because his child did not attend his burial.Manginamblig tang kalag na mga ang ana na indi ra pagdemdem.His ghost will grieve if his children don't remember him.Indi bitalan mo tang mola, panginamblig tang nem na, itaben magmasit.Don't scold the child, his feelings will be hurt, and he might get sick.The deceased causes the living to dream or think about him (or her), or he may show himself, or make himself felt in order that he is not forgotten.rel wdbolto1 1
inameynninunoAncestors.antinampoov synkalololoan2der. oflolokamepet-mepetan 1
inampang<Not Sure>
inampangan<Not Sure>antpinagampangan
inamponinapoGreat-grandchildren; great-great-grandchildren; descendants.antinameykalololoan1kalololoan2der. oflolokamepet-mepetan 2kampo-ampoanrel wdirinsia
-in--anv. affsfxPast tense, undergoer, goal or beneficiary focus.Ingkelan na tang ari na ong programa.He took along his younger sibling to the program.Sindolano tang mamola ta kindi, tag talodoa ka lamang.I gave the children some candy, just two pieces each.
inang<Not Sure>11.1nPerspiration; sweat.Angay sia ang inang mo mamaga ra kamait?Why is it that your perspiration is as large as corn kernels?1.2vstatFor a person to perspire, sweat.Ginangano mga labing gapoyato ra.I perspire if it's nighttime when I'm sleeping.1.3viFor clothes to become full of sweat, perspiration; for something such as food, to release moisture and become damp because of being placed in a container while still warm.Ang lambong ang inangen ay dapat emen ong sabon may wi.Clothes that are full of sweat should be soaked in soap and water.Palamigen kang lagi tang bandi ba-lo ilogod ong lata agod indi inangan. Cool the coconut candy first before putting it in the can so it won't release moisture and become damp. mainangder.adjmalainangender.1adj22.1nOne's own perspiration, sweat.2.2vtFor something to be acquired by one's own efforts (literally, by one's own sweat).Ang koartang indi pinainangan madaling malobot.Money which was not acquired by one's own sweat is quickly used up.
inaynavar. ofinainanhinlalakiThumb; big toe.
inayovar. ofinayo lamangexprindi ko alam; ewanI don't know.
indangannA type of black fish with two sharp spikes close to the tail and thin scales, similar to the pana-tapan fish.
indi11<Not Sure>1.1No; not.Indio ra tomabid ong nira.I will not go along with them anymore.Indi namangan tang mola.The child didn't eat.anteeantee2<Not Sure>2.1tag quesDidn't...?; Isn't it so?; So then...?Ay, para kaman may aroman na, indi namangan ami ra?So he would have a companion, we ate too, didn't we? Indi na ka, yamo tang nabagato talabi?Isn't it so, you were the one I met last night?Ganing tanira, "Magdilem ita ta baboy." Indi, panaw da tanira.They said, "Let's look for a pig." So then they walked off.3tag ques3.1exprI won't do it; I don't want to; I don't like it.3.2exprDon't!; Don't do that!Indi! Itaben mabo-loga!Don't! You might fall!4expr4.1vtTo refuse someone's request for a favor or help, literally, to say "No".Mga maimo, indi ami ka pangindian mo.If possible, please don't refuse us.Indio mapagpaindi ong tangayo.I cannot say no to my friend.
indi2<Not Sure>
Indi gatako tang pāpa na may ang kapotan na.say. ofpāpaHe/she doesn't know the beginning and the end of it.
Indi ita mapagosgar ong tatang taw tenged ang kalibotan teteyeb.say. ofosgarWe cannot judge a person because the world is spinning around. (This is a figurative expression meaning, maybe at another time we will see the person in another light, or maybe at another time we will be the ones who are being judged.)
indi maboayexprsandali langIn a moment; Just a moment.ov synba-lo kay